Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
206 Combining the Heart and Soul
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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206 Combining the Heart and Soul

Zhi Qing left the two alone inside the Stellar Sky Foundation.

Once again, Grand Researcher Ou and Ming Yue activated the room.

"Good, your energy is much more refined compared to before", Grand Researcher Ou's voice spoke within her head.

Their energy swirled around in a large sphere, encapsulating the two within. Under the Grand Researcher's control, the sphere began to convert their power, taking it as its own. The sphere suddenly dispersed into particles, covering every part of the Stellar Sky Foundation. It shined and shimmered, changing the surroundings and transforming it into a field of grass.

It was very calm and the weather was peaceful.

However the transition was incredibly strange, the sensation was different from that of an illusion. Ming Yue's head began to ache and her eyesight was blurred. She rubbed her temples while GRand Researcher Ou walked around.

"I assume that Zhi Qing has given you a short introduction to Mental Energy?" she asked.

Ming Yue nodded.

"Yes, Elder Shen was the one who had discovered it and created this room to make it easier to foster that energy."

"That is correct. Shen Zhong was the one who found it and researched it to its utmost capabilities. Mental Force is fundamentally different than anything else because it has no physiscal form. It is ethereal, more so than that of our Quintessence Force and the World's Energy. It deals with the matters of the mind, influencing them through illusions like this. This is also how I can speak to you directly through your mind and how I know that there is another you inside. Speaking of, you can speak now."

Grand Researcher Ou smiled as she spoke those words.

"What? How did you detect me?" Xue Yue's voice perked up.

Ming Yue was surprised but quickly understood that someone like Xue Yue could not be hidden. After all, Elder Shen was able to detect her, it was no different for Grand Researcher Ou.

She only smiled at Ming Yue while answering Xue Yue's question.

"Shen Zhong's sigil had a message hidden within it, telling me of your unique situation. I confirmed it the first time we had activated the Stellar Sky Foundation."

"I see", Xue Yue's voice turned quiet as Ming Yue asked a question.

"If the elder has told you about Xue Yue, then it must mean that you can do something about this?"

"To an extent, with the help of the Stellar Sky Foundation, I can improve the connection between your two minds. But sensing it now, merging them together is next to impossible for they have become two seperate entities."

"Oh..." said Xue Yue.

She was silent as was Ming Yue Yue. Though they did not speak, it was simple to see that such words had caused waves in their emotions. Though most of their conversations had been telling each other off and arguing, the idea of becoming one was strange. As low of a chance as there may be, there was still a chance.

"That can come later. First, we must start on unlocking your Mental Force."

Grand Researcher Ou saw the strangeness in Ming Yue's eyes and changed the topic.

"Come sit here. Close your eyes and do not use any of your Quintessence Force. Rather feel the energy that the Stellar Sky Foundation emits that is what your are looking for. That is what Mental Force feels like. Now, it is the energy of the heart and soul. Thus look inwardly, find the different powers in your body. Once you've grasp onto them, merge them together and push it into your mind. Let it expand from there."

Her voice spoke softly in Ming Yue's mind as she watched the young girl follow her instructions.

Ming Yue slowly calmed herself, Xue Yue no longer spoke. Perhaps, thinking about what the Grand Researcher said.

The Stellar Sky Foundation's illusion was strange, different from that of an illusion from formation flags or one's techniques. She couldn't quite understand it. It was such a different sensation but how was it that Zhi QIng was able control the illusion from before without Mign Yue even noticing. This was something she would ask later.

In any case, the energy she felt was strange. It was slightly disorienting, as if a veil had covered her eyes. She grasped the sensation and began searching her own body, trying to find the forces within. Outside of her Quintessence force, she found two other energies within her body. The first was vigorous and powerful, flowing through her body by way of her veins and muscles. This must have been the energy of the heart, one's lifeforce and vigor.

The second energy was strange. It encompassed only two points of her body, her core and her mind. It was a faint, difficult to take ahold of.

"Judging by how you look, it seems that you have located the two energies. Now try to merge them together and balance them. Once they are linked, cycle it between your heart and mind", Grand Researcher Ou watched over her, helping her on each step.

Unfortunately, after a full day, Ming Yue was unable to create her Mental Force. It was incredibly difficult to balance the two energies. One was much more powerful than the other. Even after hundreds of attempts, her soul energy would retreat into the depths of her mind.

"Do not worry, it has only been one day. In fact, you've made quite a bit of progress. Most would not have been able to make more than ten attempts."

Grand Reseacrher Ou sat down in front of Ming Yue, looking around at the illusion.

"These energies have long existed and are utilized in cultivation. That strong, robust energy that you feel is the source of strength for Body Cultivators as they focus on their physical prowess. As for the other, that energy resides in the artistic daos. Art, music, and more use this energy as their techniques focus on illusions and emotions. Though, they need instruments and tools to convey them."

Holding her hands out, golden energy emerged from her arms and formed three different spheres. One grew in size while the other two shrunk.

"As you know, one tends to specialize in one thing, of course there are those that try to do more than one: omni-cultivators. However, such a thing is impossible to achieve. Even something like dual-cultivation is difficult and few would find success in it. However, Shen Zhong found something akin to a shortcut."

The two smaller spheres came together, combining into a sphere comparable to the first one.

"By combining the two energies in a certain ratio, you would essentially dual-cultivate martial and mental techniques with relative ease. After making this discovery, Shen Zhong had done it to himself, quickly becoming a master in creating illusions. Unfortunately, he could not find a way to combine the two energies to create a force focused on one's physical strength rather than their mental ability."

Listening to her words, Ming Yue thought back to when she first met the elder. Realizing that in all her time there, she had never seen any formation flags set up. All of the illusions she had seen there was his doing!

The more she thought about it, the more astonished she became. What if those illusions was merely some casual creations? How far had Elder Shen gone in cultivating his Mental Force.

She wasn't sure and began asking Grand Researcher Ou many questions regarding Elder Shen and Mental Force.

"If the elder made such discoveries, why has the rest of the continent not known about this?"

Why was it like this? A way to dual-cultivate successfully would be incredibly shocking to all cultivators. Yet, it is not revealed to them. What could've happened?

Grand Researcher Ou's eyes dimmed as her face filled with sadness and disappointment.

"That stems from the early years of the Dark Water Kingdom, before our time. It was when our ancestors knew no restraint for their thirst of knowledge."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》