Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
209 Revealing a Secre
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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209 Revealing a Secre

"Would it be possible to do it inside?" she asked.

"Yes, let's head into my store, we're in front of it anyways", said Mei Zhen.

She turned round and pushed open the gates of her store, a burst of hot air came from within.

Entering the store, Ming Yue couldn't help but be enamored with the sight. The walls were filled with all sorts of weapons while glass cabinets showcased intricate pieces of armor and jewelry. In the far back was an open doorway that revealed groups of smiths and craftsmen working on their respecitve pieces. It was incredibly large but absolutely packed with items. There were customers gazing at some of the pieces, attendants walking around the floor.

Like the other stores, it had multiple floors and was rather busy.

"Let's head up."

Mei Zhen led them up to the highest level where it was quiet. There was a corridor lined with numerous doors, all of which led to appraisal rooms.

With only her and the three seniors inside the closest one, Ming Yue took out the piece of the Evergreen Heart that she kept. It was a branch the size of her arm and it looked like any other branch except for the fact that it gave off a jade-like glow. She placed it on the table allowing the others to see.

At once, the three seniors held their breaths and began examining the branch.

"What pure energy! It resembles the World's Energy but in a more concentrated form..."

"It's restorative and beneficial for cultivation! And that glow is beautiful!"

"The branch itself is springing with life, tough but supple."

They looked at her in anticipation and curiosity.

"Where did you get this? It resembles something from a journal I read."

Cheng Wei looked at the young girl, his aged face full of curiosity.

"This...I cannot explain well. I found it during my time in the Ren Huan Battlefield of Heaven's Gate. It was hidden away in an obscure place but It was due to luck that I happened upon it."

Hearing her answer, his face had a look of excitement as he approached her closely.

"I see, I think that this be a piece of the Evergreen Heart", he said.

Hearing those two words had shaken her but she did not show it on her face.

"What is the Evergreen Heart?" she asked in an innocent tone.

From what she remembered, no one should've known about this it was something meant to be locked away. She had to find out what Cheng Wei knew of it.

His eyes lit up and he began to speak of his past. At the same time, the other two seniors looked at him with some sympathetic expressions.

"When I was younger, I had come across some tattered papers detailing of the creation of a tree whose trunk was shaped like a heart and had leaves that glowed a verdant color. I had tracked it back to the Ren Huan Battlefield but found that no one had ever seen nor heard of such a thing. In my mind I had though that it was destroyed. However, I had become enamored with the idea and made it my goal to pursue."

That bright expression of his was full of energy and excitement but then his voice changed, becoming wistful as the energy was lost.

"Unfortunately after many years, I could not recreate another Evergreen Heart. I managed to make many discoveries in the path to it but I could not reach the end. I realized that it was an impossible dream to accomplish in my lifetime."

Then the other two store owners spoke up, each talking in a regretful tone.

"Both of us knew of this goal and tried to help him."

"Despite the efforts of us three, we could not come close. The methods were too complex to decipher and the materials needed were extremely rare."

Cheng Wei looked at the branch on the table behind him and turned back to Ming Yue.

"But, to have the real thing in front of me is a different story... I am willing to give anything to you for this piece, in fact I will give everything for it."


Everyone collectively said the same thing in that tone of surprise. Even Ming Yue was taken aback by his words but when she looked at him, she found that he showed no sign of wavering. She paused to think before giving an answer.

"Forgive me but I cannot accept your offer. However, I have something else that I could give. While I did find this because of luck, it was not just the branch but the Evergreen Heart itself."

Ming Yue reached into her spatial ring and took out one of the journals of the creator of the Evergreen Heart. She handed it to Cheng Wei while explaining what it was.

"This is one of many journals that speak about the Evergreen Heart. I have read them all but I do not have the skill to understand all of it. However, If you read this, I hope that you understand why no one has heard or seen it."

She understood that he would not give up even if she declined so she had done this instead. Although they had just met, Ming Yue could tell that he was not someone with evil intentions. Cheng Wei found a chance tor each his goal and was willing to risk everything for it, either he was desperate or determined. From the fire in his eyes, Ming Yue knew that he was the latter. Thought she told herself not to share this with anyone, he has known about it much longer than her.

Upon holding it, Cheng Wei flipped through the pages and read it quickly before looking up. He looked enlightened and then, his face turned solemn.

"This is... certainly a development. I suppose I understand why it has been kept hidden away. It's capabilities are truly terrifying. I had thought that it would be a source of healing but this...this is much more than I had anticipated."

He turned to the worktable and picked up the piece of the Evergreen Heart.

"Then if you had cut off this piece, what happened to the Evergreen Heart?" he asked.

"I followed the instructions of the creator."

Ming Yue answered bluntly but the others knew what she meant, expecially Cheng Wei. The Evergreen Heart was no more. The senior sighed but produced a smile nonetheless.

"A shame but a necessary action, I suppose. I doubt that it could be recreated but at the very least, these journals would help to further my knowledge."

"As for this branch, I suppose you want it turned into something?" he asked.

"Yes, something like an accessory maybe a ring."

"Hmm, I could do that but it will take some time. As for the price, you don't have to worry", Cheng Wei held onto the branch and placed it inside his emerald bangles.

As he did, Mei Zhen grinned as the muscular woman took notice of Ming Yue's sword.

"Heh, Would you mind if I take a look at your sword?"

Ming Yue did not mind and handed it to her. As for Zhi Qing, she did not expect for Ming Yue's stave to be a sword. Watching Mei Zhen unsheathe it, she could not help but be surprised as she had thought Ming Yue used a smaller weapon due to her frame.

Mei Zhen whistled as she examined the sword while Zhang Guang took a gander at it.

"Oh, there's a socket as well, near the hilt", he pointed out.

"I can see it very clearly. Heh, a peak-divine sword, I'm guessing you had this made by the Forgelord of Rong Lu City", Mei Zhen glanced at Ming Yue as the blacksmith continued looking at the Drifting Sky Sword.

Ming Yue nodded wondering what the two wanted to do.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》