Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
217 Creation of Mental Force
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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217 Creation of Mental Force

Ming Yue nodded and followed the Grand Researcher to the Stellar Star Foundation, where she once again attempted to form Mental Force. This time she was much more relaxed and just as confident this time.

As the scenery changed to the same grass field, Ming Yue sat down and began under the supervision of Grand Researcher Ou.

Gathering both energies, she slowly made them touch and merge together. This time, the Soul Energy did not dissipate in an instant. It went about and intertwined with the Heart Energy. This was progress! However Ming Yue was not done yet.

She placed all of her focus into this, slowly feeding this mass of energy with more energy.

As it turned and twisted, the mass of energy had become colorless and the surface had become calm, forming a perfect sphere.

"Don't lose focus just yet. This is just the start, now you have to move it towards your mind and let it seep into it."

Grand Researcher Ou's voice was the only thing Ming Yue heard as she followed every instruction.

The Mental Force that she had created slowly moved its way through her body and into vessel that was her mind. It casually entered it and Ming Yue felt a headache coming and suddenly her head felt like splitting. She groaned under the pain as the Grand Researcher watched.

"Endure it, it will pass in a few moments", she said.

And it did pass, the pain subsided and Ming Yue opened her eyes. In those moments, she could feel the energy of the Stellar Sky Formation's illusions much more finely. Her mind showed no changes but she could feel them.

"Try it, form an illusion of your own", the Grand Researcher whispered and Ming Yue did as she said.

Activating her Mental Force, the colorless energy flowed from her mind and through the tips of her fingers. As it took control of the Stellar Sky Formation, the grass field shimmered and shined before changing scenes. Ming Yue wasn't sure what sort of illusion to make, would she try something simple or test her limits?

Since she had managed this far on her first try, the latter option seemed to fit but what sort of illusion should she try?

It had to be something she was familiar with, something very close to her heart. Then it came to her and the shimmering grass field slowly changed. It became a lush forest where a village laid within, in fact it was a very familiar one. There was a small home with racks of dried herbs, an empty field on the other side where youths came to train. This was Green Orchid Village, her home, a memory of the past.

The Mental Force drained from her mind as she continued to form this illusion. It was incredibly detailed, so much so, that it could almost be seen as real. However, unlike the home of her past, this place was empty, devoid of people except for her and Grand Researcher Ou.

Ming Yue looked around, taking in the sight of it all. She stood up, feeling a bit dazed from the budren her mind was put through. However, it wasn't enough to stop her from walking around.

Everything looked the same as it did years ago. The little wood houses and the peaceful environment. She felt reminiscent and thought about her time here.

"Is this your home?" asked Grand Researcher Ou.

Ming Yue nodded.

"It was", she said, walking towards her family home, feeling some form of anticipation.

She went past the drying racks and opened the door to find nothing but a blank space. Though she didn't show it, within her was a sense of disappointment. At the same time, she wondered to herself as to what she had expected to ee once she opened those doors.

"You have just formed Mental Force, creating high levels illusions will take a lot more power."

The Grand Researcher explained as Ming Yue relinquished control over the Stellar Star Formation, The illusion of her home was gone, replaced by the gray walls of the room.

"Congratulations, you've successfully created Mental Force and now you are capable of the unique techniques that come with it. Once we get started on that, you will find it much easier to form an illusion without the help of the Stellar Star Formation."

Ming Yue turned to her and bowed in respect and gratefulness.

"Thank you for guiding me this far, Senior Ou."

"Ah, you should thank Shen Zhong for he was the one that sent you here. In any case, is there anything else, you want to ask me about?"

"Yes actually, would it be possible for me to come onto the next expedition for the Ying Long Sea?" Ming Yue asked, hoping that the Grand Researcher would agree.

"Oh, the Ying Long Sea? Why are you interested in such a place?"

"Zhi Qing had told me of a gravesite where dragons and those that challenged them that lies at the center of the sea. I was curious and had never seen nor heard of such a thing, so I had wnated to come and see it for myself. I will not get in the way of the research that is being carried out, if that is what you are worried about."

Grand Researcher Ou pondered over Ming Yue's request.

"Well, this time, the expedition will have around twenty people. Considering your strength, adding one more shouldn't be bad. I will have to speak with a few others about this matter but expect my answer within the week."

MIng Yue thanked her and went on her way to Zhi Qing, to practice controlling her energy. In the next several days, Grand Researcher Ou did not come to the Stellar Sky Formation, leaving Ming Yue to practice on her own. Even without her instruction, Ming Yue practiced creating illusions with the help of the formation and became much more accustomed to the process.

When the Grand Researcher returned, she brought with her some good news. She had come to the Stellar Sky Formation with two others, a man and a woman.

Opening the doors, the trio entered within to find themselves standing over water where there was one island in the distance. It was the illusion that both Elder Shen and the High Researcher had set up in their quarters, the lone island within the vast sea, aodnred wiht nothing but a small hut and a ancient tree.

As for Ming Yue, she stood at the center, between the island and the Grand Researcher. Having sensed them enter, she broke the illusion returning the formation back to its original appearance.


She turned around and greeted the three.

"You've made quite a bit of progress I see."

Grand Researcher Ou was surprised by how far she had gone in a few days, what she did not know was that MIng Yue spent much of her time here, testing and refining her use of Mental Force.

"I still have much to improve on."

"Hah, you humble yourself. I'm here about your entry for the expedition of the Ying Long Sea and after some deliberation, we've agreed to put you in."

"Really?" Ming Yue felt excited, it was not an understatement to say that she had hoping for this.

"Yes, these two behind me will be in charge of the expedition and wanted to see you in person. Please introduce yourselves."

The pair walked forward in a similar fashion, wearing the same red and gold robes and moving in the same way. In fact, everything about them was the same, their posture, the round eyed glasses on their face, an ivory bracelet on their left wrists. The only difference was that one was a man and the other was a woman, even then they looked incredibly similar. Their faces had a sharp nose, a square jaw, and downturned eyes.

They even spoke together too.

"Greetings, I am Long Wei", said the man.

"Greetings, I am Long Wang", said the woman.

"We are siblings, who also lead the research on dragon energy and we also lead the expeditions. We've come here to find out who was so interested as to join us. We've also come here to determine your strength."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》