Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
221 Spirits of the Dead
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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221 Spirits of the Dead

"It's quick!"

The Electric Dragon Eel seemed to fly in the air as it flew above the ship. However, it could not enter it for the barriers stood in its way. Instead, its body slammed into them before falling into the shallow sea. The impact was incredibly loud and shook the waters but the ship was steadfast and did not waver. If it were any other ship, they would've been smashed to pieces.

The cannons turned to face the Electric Dragon Eel before sending off another barrage of lightning.

The eel roared like a dragon, angry and defiant as it tried to evade them but was struck on its tail.

It did not retreat, like its predecessor, the Electric Dragon Eel was proud and aggressive. Its injury only spurned it on to attack.

"Hide behind the shields! Its going to attack!" Long Wei yelled out.

Everyone took cover behind those shields as the beast slammed into the hull of the ship. Clinging tight to it, the eel's body glowed before releasing another shockwave, much greater than the first one. The electric discharge was so great that the barriers had cracked just a bit and the ship's armor had been bent.

The ship rocked as creaks could be heard in the depths of the ship. Everyone scrambled for the cannons, trying to get the eel off of them. As they aimed and shot at the massive eel, Ming Yue did not just stand by and watch.

For such a large beast, she had the perfect technique, Blasting Gale.

Four spinning lances formed above her head: two meters long, a two inch diameter, and a hollow core. Under her control, she sent them out of the ship, chasing after the Electric Eel.

Everyone who saw her, had to take a moment to watch.

"That girl..." Tian Zhui looked at her, his eyes revealed surprise before showing hostility towards her.

He as did the others were surprised by her physical capabilities. Certainly, the heads of the department, Long Wang and Long Wei had told them of her, speaking of how she managed to last up until the seventh level. However, seeing it in person was different. It didn't help that Drifting SKy remembled a walking staff more than a sword, an appearance that made her look like a observer.

But she wasn't using her sword, she was launching off lance after lance, controlling them with her hands. One by one, those lances shot into the sea, causing the water to erupt in succession. But the an eel is still an eel, slipping past those lances and skirting by the explosions.

Unlike the attacks from the Roaring Thunder Cannons, these lances were not as quick but with Ming Yue's control, she could alter their path. Better than that, with the Eternal Heart Ring, she could create hundreds of them without breaking much of a sweat.

Explosions and shockwaves came in the dozens as Ming Yue attacked the eel with fervor and control. She gave no chance for the beast to attack, not even an inch to move freely. It thrashed about rushing towards the ship only to be knocked back by one of the lances.

Once that momentum was lost, the eel's fate was sealed.

It wasn't long until the beast died, skewered by Ming Yue's lances and burnt from the cannonshots. Even then, it took quite a lot to kill it, taking on a multitude of injuries before ultimately dying. Perhaps if it was not so aggressive, it might have been able to escape.

With her lances still piercing the body, she brought it onto the ship for the others to store.

Many of them were still shocked by what they had just seen. However, the Long siblings showed little interest and continued moving the ship. It wasn't that they weren't surprised but now was not the time to lose focus.

"We'll be reaching next region soon", they announced.

Several kilometers away, there were small shadows beneath the sea. It resembled nothing like a beast, rather they were skeletons, human skeletons. Furthermore, there was ancient ship wreckage scattered everywhere, some larger than their own ship. Broken pieces of once great vessels that held hundreds, perhaps thousands of men.

According to Grand Researcher Ou, there had been many before them that sought the gravesite for treasure and renown. However, this was at a time where dragons still lived and defended this place. Some of these ships had famed warriors who went into combat against them. However, fromt he looks of it, few have managed to get past this point.

Of course, there was no need to worry now as dragons have become legendary creatures. The last known sighting of a true dragon was hundreds of years ago. Now only those descendant races dwell here.

Strangely enough, the ship passed by with ease and without interruption. Perhaps it was the amount of destruction or death in this area but no creature could be seen for as far as the eye could see.

During that entire time, Ming Yue surveyed the area. Sometimes, she could see a shine or glint of treasure but some instinct told her that it was a bad idea.

"Ming Yue, you should activate those bangles now."

Xin Kuo advised her as everyone did the same. In fact, Ming Yue spotted Senior Bei carrying her umbrella. The tool pulsated with power, letting off a white ghostly glow.

Suddenly, a cold feeling washed over her body and Ming Yue whipped her head around, staring at the skeletons.

Wisps of white energy flowed from their bones, manifesting into frightful specters. The apparitions resembled an amalgamation of bone and flesh. Parts of their ghostly bodies seemed to have transformed, their skin turned to scales, one or two of their limbs looked like that of a dragon's.

They were frightening sights and the aura they gave off was like nothing Ming Yue had ever felt. Resentful, evil, chaotic, everything about them was a mess, they were like bombs ready to explode at any moment.

There were dozens of them, all around the ship, staring at the empty space in front of them. Some looked at the ship but did nothing.

Even as it seemed that they would not do a thing, everyone was quiet and extremely tense. They're eyes wandered through all of these spirits, watching for any movements.

Ming Yue couldn't help but be slightly frightened by this. For such a thing to happen, the energy outside of the barriers must have been extremely dense and chaotic. The aura of death and resentment and the dragon energy formed together to create this ghastly spirits. These dead men were unable to get past this point, defiant to the end and bitter even past death.

She could see it in their eyes. Even as these spirits looked into nothingness, their eyes were angry, impatient, indignant. Even in this state, they did not seem to give up, they stared towards the deeper regions of the gravesite but did not move. Though it was not by choice, but that they could not move. They could not venture furthermore, they given not even a glimpse and that left them nothing but bitterness.

The ship moved passed these still figures, slowly trudging through the wreckage.

No one spoke but on the back of their minds, they felt that something was amiss. The closer they came to the end of this place, the worse that feeling became. But none of them knew it, perhaps it was a premonition of something bad to come. Perhaps it would come now, maybe in a few minutes or much later, what they knew was this this expeditions was different from the last.

This time, there were too many of these spirits around. Had the energy been gathering for too long? They were not sure.

Senior Bei held her umbrella tightly, she looked around and stared behind the ship. All of these apparitions stared towards the front, not even paying attention to the ship or her eyes.

Her eyes looked from one to the next.

As she looked over to another, its eyes looked back.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》