Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
233 Thunderous Assault of Lightning
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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233 Thunderous Assault of Lightning

The pair readied another attack but the hydra retaliated. In an attempt to stall for time and allow the severed leg to reconnect, balls of black fire shot from its five heads. A wild attack that rained down on their enemy, they exploded on contact, spreading black flames everywhere.

Unlike the hydra, Xiu Luo Yang was agile and aimed once more, this time for one of the heads. One the other hand, Ming Yue sought to destroy that already broken limb. She would not let it heal so easily.

As he shot another fiery arrow, the hydra attacked it,one of the heads breathed out a breath of flame which weakened the attack. Two others let loose more flames at Xiu Luo Yang. The remaining two heads sought to protect its severed leg, shielding it while watching for any oncoming attacks.

With those two in her way, Ming Yue opted for multiple lances. They might be able to block a few of them but not all. A barrage of lances hailed on them, though they lacked power it was enough to distract them and slow down the healing.

As all of this happened, the ship was idle as everyone watched the fight. It was certainly intense as Xiu Luo Yang flew about, dodging the many flames while attacking. Though they could not see Ming Yue well, they certainly saw the flurry of wind lances, battering down the hydra. A monstrous creature, an unholy aura that plagued everything it touched.

Long Wang moved for one of the cannons, turning it to aim at the hydra.

"We must help. We cannot just stand here and do nothing."

One by one the others joined her. They could not just watch this and not help. They were not fighters but they had their own pride as researchers and as people. As little help as they may give, every little bit counted. Manning the cannons, they aimed for the hydra, careful not to hit the others.

"On my mark, aim for the left-most head!"

Long Wang shouted out as every cannon began to charge their shot. The one they aimed for was stationary, shielding its divided limb, enduring the assault of wind lances. A total of eight cannons hummed with power, sparks of electricity gathered at the barrel. Blue lightning cores shined as everyone watched and waited.


In the thick of the fight, eight rays of lightning surged through the sky. Thundering roars echoed throughout the gravesite as these lightning bolts merged together in the final moment before hitting the hydra head.

Unprepared for this sudden strike, the hydra head yelped in pain before twitching from the coursing electricity. The other four heads felt it and began looking around for the source of that attack. This moment of disregard gave a chance for Xiu Luo Yang to fly towards that twitching head and grabbed it.

With only two more of his arrows, he grabbed one of them from behind and stabbed it right into the hydra's eye. The second arrow, he pierced the flesh neck and pushed the arrow until it the tip emerged on the other side.

He opened his mouth and a breath of red fire came from within, burning the head.

The other heads turned back towards him to retaliate but another wave of lightning struck their bodies. If not for the fact that the hydra had put most of its focus onto reclaiming its lost leg, the Roaring Thunder Cannons would have had little effect.

The hydra was outnumbered and it was angry, furious even. In a moment of rage, one of heads pushed through the pain to look at the little ship, still floating in front of the white dragon corpse.

Black fire flew from its mouth in a wild fashion, spraying all around the ship. It was wide and reached far, nearly covering bot the ship and the white dragon corpse.

"No!" Xiu Luo Yang's eyes followed the flames and found that it would touch his beloved's corpse.

But he could not retreat, even if he did, he would not make it. He did not want her body to be tainted like this and watched as the wave of corrupting flames loom over.

"Barriers, quick!" Long Wang yelled out as she aimed her cannon at the flames.

Xin Kuo quickly activated her barrier, shielding the entire ship. But they knew that it would not hold against this many attacks.

Senior Bei grabbed ahold of her spinning umbrella, opening it. Taking off her three swords, she laid them atop the umbrella, causing them to spin in the opposite direction. The umbrella glowed as a silver colored barrier emerged to which she aimed it at the incoming attacks.

They charged the cannons and quickly as possible, focusing the shots at the spray of fire. They not only had to protect themselves but protect the white dragon corpse as well. After all, this was the corpse of Xiu Luo Yang's partner as the dragon entrusted her protection to them. They would not fail him.

Before it reached them, the cannons shot once more, cutting through the wave of flames and weakening it. But it did not stop it and the black wave fell upon the first barrier. The ship had taken on all of the flames, not even letting a wisp touch the dragon corpse.

"Department Head, the Dynamic Dragon Harnessing Formation! I'm going to activate it" Xin Kuo told Long Wang before descending down the ship to activate it.

"Long Wei! Open the boat!" Long Wang shouted towards her brother as she continued to shoot the cannon at the flames.

Within the captain's cabin, Long Wei quickly pulled down two levers and boat began to creak. The side split open, revealing a grand formation that had been modified with the Dragoon Ballista. Flags and empty white cores were embedded into the ballista, connecting it with the Dynamic Dragon Harnessing Formation.

Placing her hands onto it, Xin Kuo activated the formation and a sucking force formed, inhaling and gathering the black flames. It twirled about as if struggling to escape but the formation ultimately absorbed it. The cores embedded on the ballista slowly darkened and small wisps of fire slipped from the crystalline cores. The black flames dissipated as the formation continued to pull them in and make it their own.

The flames slowly infused with the loaded bolt, turning jet back and emitting an evil aura.

"Turn the ship, turn left!" Xin Kuo shouted from below to which Long Wei heard and steered the ship around.

Xin Kuo stepped forward, grasping the lever at the front.

Ming Yue turned around and saw the ship open, revealing the formation and the ballista.

"Xiu Luo Yang, step back! The ship is shooting their ballista."

She warned the dragon who wrestled against the same hydra head, still stabbed with the two arrows.

The Dragon Emperor did not speak and pulled at the hydra head. The arrow still embedded into the neck had detonated, blasting the flesh and bone and turning it to ash. He yanked hard and ripped the hydra head off before backing away.

The other four heads let out a ear-piercing scream out of pain as it lost one of its heads.

Xiu Luo Yang made a move for the leg, flying towards the limb that had only just begun merging with the hydra. Like the head he held, he ripped off the leg and retreated.

Its eyes red with pain and anger, the hydra glared at Xiu Luo Yang, who held the severed parts of its body.

Standing before the hydra, this great dragon seemed to taunt it, tossing both the head and the leg int he air before burning it to ashes. It was a clear sign of arrogance and a signal to attack. The hydra stumbled forward, walking with only three of its legs. Hatred blinded it as the remaining four head opened their mouths to tear the dragon apart.

Hiding behind Xiu Luo Yang, the ship sent off the shot as Xin Kuo pulled the lever down.

Then it tripped forward, as a black bolt shot through the air and impaled the other front leg. THe size and force of the bolt had pushed the leg back, causing the hydra to fall.

For such a fearsome enemy, it was clumsy and simple. With it on the ground, it was an easy target for Xiu Luo Yang.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》