Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
250 Irrational Fear
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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250 Irrational Fear

Ming Yue opened her eyes and found herself outside of the arena. As she looked around, she found that there were still people in it though their faces were dejected. The seal on their bodies disappeared as they stood up with their slumped shoulders.

"I made it..."

She was astounded by the fact that she managed to advance. Standing up, Ming Yue felt slightly dizzy and leaned against the side of the arena. Anqing and Xukun soon found her and ran up with a relieved expression on their faces.

"I thought you weren't going to make it! That was really too close. What you did was risky! What if you had failed in your breakthough?"

Anqing pretty much scolded Ming Yue for attempting something as wild as that but she did have a a smile on her face. She was happy that Ming Yue was able to make it. Xukun walked up, helping Ming Yue stand and supporting her.

"One more second and you might not have advanced to the third round", he said.

With the arena now empty, those that passed the second round returned to the arena floor. There were over several thousand when the tournament began. The first round had disqualified several hundred while the second round had disqualified over a thousand. This left about two thousand disciples left and in the massive arena, the difference was easy to spot.

"I'm surprised myself but this is not the time to celebrate. The third round will begin once that incese stick burns up. We should recover as much as possible and prepare."

Although Ming Yue was happy that she managed to breakthrough and make it to the second round, she now had to worry about the next event. It could be anything, perhaps even another binding.

The trio understood that time was of the essence and they sat back down on the stone floor. Of the three, Ming Yue was the most exhausted. She meditated and began to solidify her cultivation realm, spending the entirety of this rest period in familiarizing herself with the Perception Stage. While her mind was not fully refreshed, she no longer felt dizzy nor did she have a headache.

She decided to take a quick moment to attempt natural flight. According to what she learned, flying required a thought and circulating her energy, which now naturally flowed through her acupoints.

"Let's try, floating above the ground" she thought.

In moments, her body lifted up just an inch above the floor before dropping back down. She slightly wobbled about before steadying herself.

"That was much more difficult than I thought, it's like trying to walk again."

Though Ming Yue expected flight to be difficult at first, she was not prepared for the amount of control it needed. However, after several more attempts, she adjusted quickly and was able to sustain herself for more than a few minutes.

As the incense burned down to it last ember, the Grand Elder stood up, showing a little smile on his face as he revealed himself floating above the arena.

"The incense stick has burned out! I hope that all of you are prepared for the third round because this time, I will be participating."

Suddenly, he vanished and reappeared, standing on the stone floor. This young-looking man held his hands behind his back and began strolling around.

His words were quite shocking for everyone to hear.

"He's part of the third event? What is the Grand Elder planning?"

"Whatever it is, it will definitely be entertaining!"

Those in the special seating looked both surprised and curious as to what the Grand Elder was planning. Though those standing on the arena were bewildered, not knowing what to expect. All that they saw was the Grand Elder walking around carefreely. With his hands behind his back and a relaxed smile on his face, he simply wandered the arena.

After doing nothing, a few relaxed perhaps thinking that the third round was not actually fighting. Some were still wary but the Grand Elder just strolled around.

Ming Yue, Xukun, and Anqing were still guarded, watching closely.

Moments passed and then he reached the center of the arena, looked around, and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes for a second and opened them but this time, his eyes were not calm or happy.

No, they were murderous and wild. Just as he revealed those eyes, his body burst out with a bloodthirsty and battle-hungry intent. It was an aura of crimson and violet, covering the entire arena.

It was heavy and suffocating. It did not matter if you stood next to him or you stood at the edge of the arena, it was all the same. A suffocating aura that brought nothing but fear in everyone.

"What-what is this?!"

"I can't beat this thing!"

"I don't want to die here!"

Some were blinded by the fear, the cruel and violent aura reminded them of a wild beast. If they stayed any longer, they would die. Seconds later, a hundred fled the arena in fear, some with their trousers soiled. Others with their faces white and showing nothing but sheer dread and horror. Several have even fainted where they stood, falling to the ground.

As for the onlookers, they were stunned by the scene. The Grand Elder released his killing intent and though he restrained it to only the arena, even their hearts wavered from the pure ferociousness. They could not speak, only watching as they were captivated and shaken by the sudden developments.

Those that sat closer to the arena, the nobles and elders, were just as surprised but quickly returned to their calm expressions.

"So he is testing their mentality, a rough method but effective."

"Perhaps the Grand Elder wanted to have a little fun. Still, this seems more like bullying."

"I just hope my son did not run like those other cowards."

"Hah, this sort of killing intent could be found in battle. How many of them have experienced a life threatening battle before?"

Quietly, they discussed with each other, commenting on the Grand Elder and showing their amusement from his actions. Some even took the opportunity to boast their own children or take a few jabs at the others.

On the arena, the Grand Elder started strolling around the arena once again. He looked around, perhaps seeing if there were any potential disciples here. There were a few that caught his eye. They were the least affected by his killing intent, some even had a unyielding gaze as they looked at him.

"Hmm, not bad. Some of them are new as well."

There was a young man, a member of the group of ten that used strange weapons. His was silver disks that seemed to be forged with a mixture of rare metals. They floated behind his back, lightning seemed to arc between each disk. On one hand was a hammer and the other had a mallet, he resembled the God of Thunder, Lei Gong.*

Another was short and muscular, he wielded massive gauntlets on his arms and had a ribbon tied aorund his bicep. A body cultivator by the looks of it, he had a sleeveless uniform that was green and white. Unlike those that cowered around him, this one faced the Grand Elder was a confident face.

There were several others, one of which was Ming Yue.

While Xukun and Anqing were certainly affected by the killing intent, she was mostly fine. Xukun's face was white as a sheet while Anqing trembled, her hands gripped tightly onto her spear. However, Ming Yue faced the Grand Elder with unclouded eyes, this sort of killing intent was not much in her eyes.

The amount of people that which Ming Yue has killed numbered in the hundreds. She had seen her fair share of death and close encounters. Furthermore, she had Xue Yue within her mind, awakened by the killing intent.

"This is certainly an interesting situation."

Her voice echoed in Ming Yue's mind.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》