Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
252 Twenty Man Squads
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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252 Twenty Man Squads

Once again the Coliseum filled up and everyone was eager to watch, especially because it was the dueling rounds. It was the best time for these cultivators to distinguish themselves and it was most exciting to watch.

Down on the arena grounds, Ming Yue stood with Anqing and Xukun, examining the ten platforms.

"What do you think the duel format will be for this round?"

"Maybe groups? Perhaps a battle until one of us stands? It could just be one agianst the other."

"There are so many of us, it has to be group battles."

The two discussed while Ming Yue listened. As the least experienced in these matters, she did not have much of an opinion for what format will be chosen.

"No matter what, we should try not to show all of our techniques."

Xue Yue's voice echoed in her mind. There was caution and seriousness in the tone she spoke with. Everyone had trump cards and hidden techniques, things that they would like to keep a secret. It would be unwise to show their entire hand in the first fight.

"I just need to end these fights as quickly as possible."

Ming Yue replied, understanding Xue Yue's thoughts. Though she could not see Xue Yue, Ming Yue could sense her agreement.

"A quick battle is for the best."

She spoke out loud to which Anqing and Xukun also agreed.

"Anything drawn out would be disadvantageous for us if we were to go into another battle", said Anqing.

While this applied to the three of them, it was especially important for Anqing. Compared to the other two, she had the least stamina, a minor limitation due to her Poison Body.

"We should check our weapons and prepare. There is no guarantee that we will all be together."

Xukun reminded them of this fact as much of these next rounds would be random. The trio did as he said, making sure that everything was in order. Anqing looked up and noticed someone familar, they were quit far away from this person but she recognized them in an instant. She poked at Ming Yue and Xukun and pointed quietly.

"Look, it's that scumbag, Li Baojun."

Ming Yue and Xukun turned and gave a quick look at him. He was dressed in different clothes, much nicer ones with a golden color scheme. A very eye-catching choice of uniform but eye-catching was something Li Baojun wanted to be. Strapped to his back was a beautiful saber, a handle accented by jade rings and a scabbard decorated with a brilliant green gems. It was the Jade Emperor Saber, he bought with the points from Diving Dragonfly, that same one he stole from them.

"Look at him standing there, so proud and arrogant. I should go over there and stick my spear at his face, give him a little gift."

Anqing's voice was filled with scorn. These were words she was willing to act upon.

"Don't, now that Li Baojun has become an elite disciple, he has access to much better resources. Just because we've gotten stronger doesn't mean that that he has not been training."

Xukun placed his hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her down.

"Hmph, you don't know that. He barely fought for the Diving Dragonfly, he just grabbed it and ran."

Despite her words as well as her fuming face, Anqing did not maker her move. Ming Yue only glanced at him before turning back.

"We should save it for the dueling rounds", she said and began inspecting her sword.

"If we meet him in battle, we will deal with him properly."

Xue Yue's voice offered a much colder tone than what Ming Yue had. Obviously, Xue Yue did not hink highly of Li Baojun, he took something that should've belonged to them.

Xukun was busy comforting Anqing, fearful that she really would attack Li Baojun right now. Fortunately, she didn't, bottling in her contempt for him and inspecting her spear. Though Li Baojun didn't know it, three people were out for him.

As they did returned to thie preparations, someone appeared above the arena. This time it was not the Grand Elder but in fact, the Sword Elder, Elder Xiang.

His appearance was the same as ever, a bit grungy but nonetheless, he had a serious expression on his face.

"Welcome to the second day of the Heavenly Gate Tournament, where we shall conduct the fourth and fifth rounds. Today, the format shall be twenty man squads with two battles per squad per round. This means that everyone will be participating in four fights today on one of these ten platforms."

He then pulled out a paper from his sleeve and began reading off of it.

"There are 2400 of you in total. That means 120 squads and 24 rotations for each platform. I will now show you your groups."*

He turned the paper around which began to glow and explode with light. It shined upon everyone before disappearing, the paper in his hands turned to dust. Suddenly, information entered everyone's mind and they made their way to their assigned groups.

"It looks like we will all be in different groups."

Unfortunately, the trio would not be in the same squads which was lamentable but something they had expected.

"Good luck, I hope that none of us will have to encounter each other."

Anqing spoke before making her way to her assigned squad. Xukun followed, moving towards a different direction than the others.

Ming Yue went to her assigned group and stood to the side. According to the information, she was given, the squads were randomly chosen but it was done so that each one would be equal in power with each other. While it was mostly ordinary disciples, there were at least a few elite or inheritor disciples.

Though Ming Yue was considered a special case, her standing was still below that of elites and inheritors.

In the group she was in, there were twelve ordinary disciples including her, seven elite disciples and only one Inheritor. In this group of twenty, there were only two that piqued her interest, one was the Inheritor and the other, an ordinary disciple.

Wenqin Yan, the Inheritor was a young man with short hair, who wore light silver plate armor and a sky blue sash around his waist. His weapon of choice, a short spear that was a bit longer than the one Anqing had. The only differences was the lack of poison vials and the wings of the spearhead, which was shaped into falcon wings.*

No doubt, he took the position as leader of the squad with his title as an Inheritor. Furthermore, he did carry such qualities to be one. A rather heroic-looking man with a stern expression but he was polite and respectful to the rest of the group.

In fact, he was currently greeting everyone and helping to consolidate the squad. Almost perfectly, he asked everyone of their strengths and weaknesses, discussing strategies with them. In an instant, the entire squad began conversing with each other.

But like her, there was another person who stood back. Another young man who was in fact, reading a book.

This was the second person that caught her eye and his name was Yin Zhu, an ordinary disciple.

Due to their lack of a presence, they were the only ones that did not really take part in the discussions. Though, they did introduce themselves to everyone else. However, while Ming Yue spoke about her general skills, Yin Zhu merely gave his name and returned to his reading.

The others merely shrugged it off. Some found it rude and disrespectful while others only chalked it up to his eccentricity. After all, everyone was checking their weapons and making necessary plans while he was casually reading.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》