Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
255 Chaos in Battle
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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255 Chaos in Battle

Ming Yue let go of her sword and dodged the attack. The attacker's fist, red-hot and radiating with power only met empty air. From it, a massive fist-shaped fire shot out and it nearly singed her clothes.

"Zephyr Claws."

Her right hand turned into a claw of wind and she threw herself behind her opponent. Forming her hand into a knife, she stabbed his shoulder.

"So dense! A body cultivator!" she thought.

She showed surprise as her claws only penetrated the skin. They grinded into the shoulder, trying to go deeper but it seemed as if a block of raw iron was in her way. It took less than a moment for ehr to realize that he would be a tough opponent.

However, such a tough body was expected as this person had successfully destroyed an Ivory Asura Puppet. Not to mention, taking attacks from three of them could not push him back. It would take an exceptional attack from Ming Yue to injure him.

"We should avoid him for now" said Xue Yue.

Fighting him now would not be wise, especially in a setting like this where it was not one against one.

He let go of her sword and turned to grab Ming Yue's hand but she pulled her claws out and jumped back. She dived for her sword before disappearing, leaving nothing but a faint mirage.

"Damn, how quick! No, I shouldn't go after her, I need to head for the core of the battle. Once their numbers dwindle, she wouldn't be harder to catch."

Giving up on Ming Yue, he jumped into the fray of the fight, enduring the attacks of the opposing team while his comrades attacked. In fact, his presence had forced much of Ming Yue's group to deal with him.

Upon disappearing, she headed to one of the emptier corners to catch her breath before heading back in. She took a glance at counted how many people were left.

"It's even, fifteen against fifteen."

She counted before returning, brandishing her blade in the air before leaving another mirage in her steps.

Considering much of the group were fighters, she along with Yin Zhu and a few others did assassinations, quietly dispatching of the enemy team whenever they could. This was a good time for her to practice her assassination techniques as she never had much of a chance to use them.

Unfortunately, Yin Zhu seemed to have taken care of the easier targets while she had been attacked. Thus the only choices here was to deal with the other assassins of enter the chaotic battle taking place in the center of the arena. Here, she chose the former, hunting for them and countering their attacks.

In the thick of battle, an elite disiple fought intensely with several others, covering each other's blindspots. He slashed and thrusted, sending off a blade of wind with each strike.

"Unbridled Wind!"

With a shout, he thrusted his sword forward, launching a massive blast of wind that forced its way into the enemy, throwing a few off of their feet.

Then, he felt a cold blade on his neck that was about to kill him and he barely had to time to realize it was there. But as it did, the sensation disappeared as he heard someone groan in pain. He glanced behind him, watching the sight of Ming Yue with her sword piercing the heart of a girl dressed in white and holding a strangely shaped dagger in her hands.

"Damn, how did you catch me?"

She muttered those few words before the mark on her body glowed, sending her out of the arena.


He did not even have the time to process what had happened before Ming Yue disappeared once more. His confusion was then replaced with a sense of relief as he continued the fight.

"That's one more" Xue Yue counted.

Since the escape from the body cultivator, she had taken care of two of the enemy, relieving the pressure from her team. With this one, she had dealt with three in total. Of course, this had been done without them truly noticing for they were all too focused on the battle to see her.

As she scanned the arena and looked around, she found something strange.

"Where is Yin Zhu?" she thought.

Was he hiding or just waiting for an opportunity to attack?

She could not find him nor detect his presence anywhere but that should've been something she expected. After all, he had a talent for assassination, better than Ming Yue at the very least. She shook her head ansd topped thinking about him. Instead, Ming Yue moved around the arena, looking for another target.

Just as she did, Ming Yue found one of her comrades sent out after they had been struck in the back of the head with a palmstrike. Then this figure attempted to knock Wenqing Yan out only to find that he was expecting the strike. He turned around and faced this attacker, grabbing for the hand only for it to slip away. He was nothing more than mist, hard to find and even harder to capture.

"Hah, Wenqin Yan, will this be the time you defeat me?"

A sly and very mocking voice echoed as Wenqin Yan chased after.

"Yan Xian! You slippery bastard, I'm going to beat you here or in the coming rounds! You can save your arrogance for later! Grasp of the Abyssal Ocean!"

He yelled out and swung his spear, creating waves of indigo-colored water that almost encompassed the arena. Everyone within it, friend or foe, had their movement restricted even his target. Resticted by these waters, Yan Xian finally revealed himself, wearing purple robes along with a white sash wrapped around his waist.

His hair was at shoulder length and untied, freely flying in the wind. He had shrewd eyes and a mischevous smile on his face. Unarmed but not harmless, he seemed like a rogueish man who tried to become a scholar but failed.

"Come!" he called out, awaiting Wenqin Yan.

"I will take care of him! Everyone focus on the main battle!" he yelled before spinning his spear.

Wenqin Yan leaped forward with the spear in his hand striking at his opponent. Slamming onto the ground, waves formed in the indigo waters he created. He stepped forward, thrusting his spear and spinning it around his body. The spinning created wheels of water that began flying towards Yan Xian, who shattered them with his palms. Then they engaged in a fierce fight, palm against spear. Wenqing Yan's opponent was certainly a slippery one, transforming into mist to escape as he chased after. They were all over the arena, causing mayhem just by their clashes.

Unlike Wenqin Yan's rather tyrannical way of using his spear, Yan Xian was much more calmer and gentle. They were neither slow nor quick and moved with the smoothness one would find in flowing water. However, his movement was truly strange sometimes his body would just partially turn into mist which made it difficult to determine where he would strike or if he was going to slip away once again.

The chaos caused by this battle had thrown everyone off.

This was a battle between Inheritors and it was something no one could interfere in. Watching it from afar was one thing but actually being in the same arena was entirely different. The pressure caused by these two had pushed everyone even further. Worse yet, they fought wildly, throwing attacks without care for eveyone else.

With how it was Ming Yue could no longer continue moving as she once did, instead she joined the battle directly. It was very different from anything she had experienced for it was chaotic.

Jumping in, she deflected the oncoming attack of the opposing team before sending several needles in that direction. However, it met the body cultivator that attacked her before and left nothing but a scratch on him.

"If that won't work then perhaps this will, Whistle Wind."

With a thought, she summoned a knife-like wind which left nothing but a whistling sound in its wake. She targeted everyone in the opposite side and struck.

They heard nothing but a sharp whistle in the arena.

"Something is wrong!" they thought and immediately retreated.

Unfortunately, some were either too slow or didn't know what was happening and found their neck sliced clean off before they were sent out of the arena. In the chaos of this battles, they simply could not react fast enough when there was so much going on.

Those that survived were slightly dumbfounded by the sight even Ming Yue's group was a liitle shocked as they thought the whistling sound was an attack on them. Ming Yue quickly moved, striking at this golden opportunity.

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》