Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
266 A Brief Calm
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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266 A Brief Calm

As she rested, Xukun's battle came up but ended quickly. He had been quite lucky this round as he fought an ordinary disciple. A young woman who used a rather strange weapon, a giant brush. Her focus was the Dao of Ink to which she formed from her own energy. She drew all sorts of magnificent beasts that fought for her but Xukun seemed to put her in a disadvantage.

As quick as her brush was, Xukun's swords were even faster. The white sword became three and tore apart anything she brought out. Three white flashes that flew about while Xukun dealt with her. Despite his opponent's strange techniques, he won against her with ease.

In the end, she could not keep up with Xukun's swords and forfeited.

After his victory, the remaining duels came and passed and the six hundred disciples had been determined.

With that, the Disciplinary Elder reappeared and spoke out.

"That is the end of the sixth and seventh round! Due to a few changes, the final three rounds will occur after a day. This will be due to a few preparations that the elders will need to make. Until then, I hope that all of you will take that time to rest and prepare because this time, the format will be quite vexing for you all."

After this message of hers, the Disciplinary Elder vanished and left everyone in confusion and curiosity. This year's tournament has been quite distressing for them. For those who have participated before, these sudden changes were subject to their surprise. Those who joined for the first time found this randomness to have thrown them off. Now there was this sudden break in between.

But that only made everyone curious.

What did the elders or perhaos, what did the Grand Elder have in store?

The next day proceeded in a rather quiet and tense manner for many had focused on their cultivation. Though, it was many and not everyone as Ming Yue spent the day walking around with Xiao Yin and Hei Yue.

Like her peers, she would have spent this time cultivating if not for a few words from Elder Xiang. At the end of the Disciplinary Elder's announcement, she prepared to leave when Xiao Yin and Hei Yue returned to her with a letter. But this letter only had a few words written on them.

"Sleep and go play tomorrow!"

Of the people she knew, only Elder Xiang spoke like this. His rather eccentric and playful nature was something unique to only him. Though using a letter rather than speaking seemed quite strange of him.

When she read the letter, she believed it to be some joke but nevertheless followed his words.

"I suppose it wouldn't be good for the heart and mind to obsess over this tournament", she thought.

With that said, she decided to visit to Beast Hall, a place she had not gone to in a long time.

She entered the hall and stepped into the massive world that was the Beast Hall. A space created by a Divine Realm expert for the purpose of caring and raising beasts. Compared to the rest of the Institution, this place was as lively as ever. There were a variety or creatures running about and followed by the many disciples of the Beast Hall. Considering the nature of the Beast Hall, few participated in the tournament as they had a seperate competition.

It was the same as when she first came. Though the Beast Elder, Elder Zhou, was now wrestling with a violet furred bear that was slightly larger than himself.

"Isn't that...the bear he was feeding?"

Ming Yue found this beast to be familiar, especially with its violet streaked fur. Then she remembered it to have been the cub Elder Zhou was caring for almost a year ago.

"To think it grew so fast!"

She was shocked as her knowledge of beasts were quite limited.

Ming Yue watched as Elder Zhou battled with this bear, throwing the beast down before laughing. He turned and noticed her watching before carrying the violet bear in his arms.

"Hello there young one! It has been quite a long time since you've come to the Beast Hall! With that said, is there something you need of me?"

He placed the tired bear next to him and sat down, petting the beast as it was exhausted from playing with the elder.

Ming Yue shook her head.

"No, elder, I just came to visit and to let these two run around for a bit. Considering that they've donr nothing but watch me fight ll this time, I thought that they might have become a bit restless. I hope that I am not intruding or being disrespectful by doing this."

The elder gave her a hearty laugh as he spotted the two beasts by her, looking around eagerly.

"No, it's quite alright! You can let them free as much as you like. Now then, I must go and care for this young one right here."

He lifted up the beast gently and with ease, taking the bear off to a large building of sorts.

In the meantime, Ming Yue watched as her two companions moved about and played with the other beasts. The pair moved together, going from one point to another as the many beasts seemed to greet them with cheerful noise. To them, it was nice to see some new faces apart from themselves.

Half a day later, Xiao Yin and Hei Yue seemed to have tired themselves out though it was bound to happen.

At the beginning, they played a game of chase with the other beasts in the open field before starting a game of hide and seek in a massive forest beyond. After that, they had their own little competition, pitting one against the other. By then, they were all drained and tired from the fun they had.

The pair returned to Ming Yue's side who had been watching them the entire time. Of course, there were several other disciples who took watch in many parts of this small world.

As she relaxed with both Xiao Yin and hei Yue resting on her lap, someone had entered the Beast Hall and seemed to be raring to go. He cracked his knuckles and neck as the Beast Hall disciples nodded and greeted him. As he walked through the area, he noticed Ming Yue relaxing with her beast companions.

Ming Yue turned around to find Xing Juren staring at her in surprise.

"To think we would meet so soon and here of all places" he said.

He walked up to her taking note of Xiao Yin and Hei Yue, the latter especially caught his eye.

"I did not know that you had these companions of yours."

MIng Yue looked at the two beasts before giving a polite smile to Xing Juren.

"Because of the sudden break in the tournament, I thought that I should spend some time with these two."

She replied, stroking the fur and feathers of her beasts.

"Oh yes, my fellow juniors told me about this. It does make you wonder what they have planned."

Xing Juren spoke in a friendly tone. After all, they are not in a match against each other nor do they have any grievances. However, Ming Yue did notice his eyes wander on Hei Yue's fur. In fact, Hei Yue could sense a gaze upon himself. It was not a malicious gaze but there was a sense of yearning in Xing Juren's eyes.

"You can touch him if you'd like", she said.

Xing Juren was taken aback before showing an embarrassed expression.

"Ah, was I this obvious?"

Ming Yue shook her head.

"I've heard that you come to the Beast Hall to wrestle so I believed that you might have a liking for beasts and animals alike."

Xing Juren seemed slightly restless as he walked forward and squatted down.

"Well if you don't mind this, little fox."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》