Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
271 Cultivator of the Brush
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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271 Cultivator of the Brush

Those who watched from the sidelines felt a cold chill come down their backs as they were reminded of the Grand Elder's existence. Indeed, the Grand Elder's presence certainly changed everything. They had hoped that he would play a minor role but it seems that they were foolish to think that was possible.

"So the Grand Elder can take away one of your chances with just a single touch."

Ming Yue stopped by the base of the mountain and saw what had happened. While she had expected the Grand Elder to act, she did not expect him to be so straightforward. Furthermore, she did not think a single touch from him resulted in losing one of her three chances. After all, to lose one chance required a fatal strike.

As she considered her options, she noticed a few figures coming her way.

"It's the Inheritors...."

Ming Yue quickly hid among the trees, withdrawing her presence and watching the mountain closely. The Inheritors that scattered had run in different directions and a few of them moved towards her. Luckily, they did not notice her as the only thought on their mind was to escape the Grand Elder. Knowing that he would not let them reach the peak left them no other choice but to eliminate the others.

They had to find a place to lay low beore making another move.

Ming Yue watched them pass her and turned back towards the mountain.

"Should I go for it?"

She stared at the mountain peak where the Grand Elder still stood, overlooking the entire arena with a playful smile on his face. It was then that he vanished from his position, most likely looking for someone else to eliminate.

"A chance!"

She nearly jumped out but held herself back in the last moment. Unlike her, several others made their move, rushing up the mountain only to end up battling each other. But it seems that they were too hasty for the Grand Elder reappeared, almost expecting this to happen.

"Did you think I wouldn't know of you all? Watching from afar like some vultures?"

Just like that, those who ran up the mountain found themselves back in the forest. Many of them cursed their own impatience. It seemes that they were rather unlucky this time around. After that, no one dared to scale the mountain again, even after the Grand Elder left. It had become too risky to attempt. But they could not stay put for long and soon enough, multiple battles erupted through out the arena as the Inheritors began searching for disciples to eliminate.

Reminded of what happened earlier, Ming Yue was correct on staying put or she would have ended up losing one of her chances.

"Hm, someone's coming."

Xue Yue spoke as the two noticed a fight breaking out close to them. There were over twenty disciples battling it out in the forest. All of them spotted each other from a distance away, moving forward the secure the kill. Alas, they all converged on one another and running meant becoming the kill.

"Flying Phoenix Chop!"

"Eight Trigrams, The Gentle Palm!"

"Jade Dragon Twist!"

"Ink Dragon, Jiao Long!"

All at once they attacked, bringing out their greatest strength and shockwaves pulsated from the clash. The ground rumbled as trees fell down, either uprooted from the soil or cut down.

"Hmph, Ba Shou, I see that your Eight Trigrams Fist has improved but it isn't enough!"

Carrying a saber in his hand, this cultivator yelled out towards Ba Shou before charging towards him. The blade was alight with flame as he attacked.

"Let's see if your flames are strong enough first!"

Ba Shou was another young man who had a very unique appearance, resembling that of a taoist priest. Bare handed, his hands formed the shining white Bagua Circles as he readied himself for the attack.

"This isn't time for your little quarrel! Jiao Long, attack!"

As for the owner of this voice, it was a young woman holding a massive brush in her hands. Known as Guan Yan, she was a member of the group of ten from the early stages, users of strange and unique weapons that could be described as rare and powerful.

Outside of battle, she was a gifted painter and spent most of her time doing just that. Though for her, painting was her way of cultivation.

WIth the brush at hand, she commanded a ferocious black dragon. Painted with her own brush. the dragon was not large, comparable to only her body but it began to grow as it flew towards the others.

It roared loudly as it charged forward, growing to the full length of a real dragon.

Ba Shou and his opponent immediately turned silent, avoiding the ink dragon's advances. The others followed, jumping back and retreating into the trees. But the ink dragon was not going to let anyone leave without taking one of them. It charged, crashing into the trees and leaving a path of destruction and ink. Even as the sea of trees came its way, the dragon did not falter and did not slow, smashing through the trunks like air.

Even as the others attacked it, the wounds given to it would disappear as the black ink reformed itself.

"Damn it! We can't destroy this dragon! Aim for Guan Yan! Eliminate her first!"

Everyone darted away before turning back and charging towards the brush wielding woman. Some jumped through the trees while other revealed themselves and flew through the sky.

She noticed them coming and immediatelt dispelled the ink dragon. As the great beast charged forward, its body suddenly dispersed as ink splattered all over the area.

Ming Yue watched with interest, wondering what Guan Yan would do.

"Black Tortoise Shell!"

She waved her brush, painting a black sphere that surrounded her and transformed into a tortoise shell. It was visible for all to see but none of them were going ot retreat. They pushed forward and released an onslaught of attacks but this black shell did not break under all fo this pressure.

"Damn this woman! How long is she going to stay in this shell?!"

They were exasperated at this situation. It was without a doubt that she had to be eliminated first. That Ink Dragon was too fearsome of an opponent to deal with, fast and nearly invincible. If Guan Yan were to summon it again, they would have a hard time.

"If we can't crack this shell, we can launch it out of the forest."

Suddenly a lance fell from the sky as another intruded onto the fight.

"Why is it that I find trash like you ganging up on a single person? If there's someone you should gang up on, it's me."

As this figure dropped down from the sky, she grabbed the handle of the lance and took it out from the ground. With one at each hand, she looked towards this group of nearly twenty others, all of whom were shocked by her intrusion.

"Shit! It's the Bloody Lances, Tang Zhan."

They did not expect her to come. Of all the battles happening, having top Inheritor join theirs was incredibly bad luck.

"Well then, come on! Let's start this already!"

Like the battle maniac she was, Tang Zhan immediately charged forward, swinging her lances like they were nothing.

All the others could do was curse their luck and fight back. Their cultivation levels were perhaps one or two levels apart but one or two levels was a large gap. Furthermore, when comparing Inheritors and Elite Disciples or even normal ones, the gap was immense.

Tang Zhan ran forward recklessly, charging at the ten plus people in front of her.

"Surround her! We have to deal with her quickly or else her Crimson Hysteria will grow!"

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》