Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
284 Traveling Back to Red Lotus
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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284 Traveling Back to Red Lotus

Up in the sky where the clouds floated about, a massive ship floated among them. Large and daunting, it was a beautiful ship with four emerald colored cores embedded at the bottom of the hull. Both the exterior and interior were equally luxurious, varying types of marble formed patterns on the floor as the walls were built from a brilliant white stone, accented with platinum and gold.

The hull of the ship was built from a beautiful sea green metal along with polished steel. The deck was made from a dark lacquered wood accompanied by a massive cabin for those who wanted to watch the sky view inside. The crew numbered over a hundred, controlling the sky ship, maintaining it, and serving the passengers aboard.

Despite its fanciness, this ship could be boarded by anyone as this was Heaven's Gate's personal sky ship, supported by the Institution itself. From common citizens to the rich and high class, there were all sorts of people for it sailed across the continent. Of course, those who were among the ranks of the Institution could ride it as well.

On the deck of the sky ship, Ming Yue stood by the side, leaning over the railing and watching the clouds go by. With her heightened cultivation, she watched the colorful energy of the world swirl about in a strange dance. 

Wearing her Changing Clouds Armor, she was still and became a sight for those who passed by.

"A young beauty..."

"I wonder where she is headed to."

"How pretty! Where did she get such clothes?"

Those who saw her would think this but none would approach her. She felt too distant for them, not because of her appearance but something far more instinctual, like a gap in strength. 

Her armor only widened the gap. It was a hanfu in varying shades of blue and a robe of white beneath it. Along with widened sleeves and a longer dress, a thick white sash wrapped around the thinnest part of her waist. The varying blue shades of the outer robes blended with each other and created a soft color, contrasting the white sash and the white robes under it. 

It was very beautiful, giving her a elegant and graceful appearance.

But there was more to it that just some pretty clothes, it was a unique piece of equipment. Hinted by its name, this was armor and under Ming Yue's control, it would transform into one. Doing so would drain her energy but boost her defense and even strengthen her speed. She had given it a few tests before leaving, finding herself satisfied and shocked even by this.

She left the Institution and boarded the sky ship. Both Hei Yue and Xiao Yin went off on their own to explore the ship after being imprinted with a special mark on their bodies. 

While they were gone, the young cultivator was deep in thought. 

"Should I head to the Eternal Blade Sect? Hmm, I should see Cui Fen and Rou'er first, I have to make sure that they are safe. But that masked figure...perhaps I may find a clue in the Black Peak Mountains."

There was much to think about and things she needed to prepare for. It would be about a week before the ship would reach the capital city of Red Lotus. 

Until then, she could only wait. 

"Mm, I wonder where Hei Yue and Xiao Yin are. I hope they haven't caused any trouble."

Ming Yue walked off and delved into the sky ship, searching for her two companions. Despite such a grand ship, it didn't take long for her to find them along with some company. 

Down the hall, the pair seemed to be stopped by pair of men and a young girl standing behind them. 

"Wei La, Zuan Gan! Can't you get them for me? They're so cute! I have to have them, please!"

The girl was about ten years old and dressed very cutely with purple and pink robes. Her hair was tied into a bun and held in place with three gold hairpins. Her button nose and big eyes accentuated her each other as she tried her best to plead with the two men. 

"But young mistress, we cannot just take someone else's beasts. Look at the imprint, that's the one signifying a disciple of the Institution. Doing this would anger them and your father told us not to get you in trouble."

They had a rather helpless expression as they tried to reason with her. However, she did not falter as she looked at them before turning towards Hei Yue and Xiao Yin. 

"Hmph, with my father, I bet he could get it for me."

"Yes, but he isn't here and we have to keep you safe. Master Cai is busy doing business in the Demon Continent."

The young girl pouted, looking a bit angry at her two guards.

"We're going on this ship to visit him! I don't care anymore, I want that fox and owl!"

She yelled at them in a high pitch voice, pushing Wei La and Zuan Gan into a corner. Being guards they couldn't just go against her but under her father ordered them to keep her safe. While they could just pull her away, Master Cai was a doting father and any word from her could end with their heads in the floor. 

"I hope they run off or their master comes quick!"

This was what they both thought for they were stuck in this situation. 

"Xiao Yin! Hei Yue!"

Ming Yue's voice echoed down the hall, melodious and sweet. Hearing her, the two beasts immediately turned around and returned to her side.

"Let's leave quickly", she whispered.

Ming Yue knelt down and petted the two before leaving as quickly as possible. 

"Wait! Stop!"

The young girl yelled out and ran after her but the trio was nowhere to be found. She looked around and found nothing, stomping her foot in anger.

The two guards breathed out a breath of relief for they had escaped this predicament. 

Their young mistress turned around, pouting as she returned to them. 

"Hmph, wait until we reach my father, I'll tell him all about this."

She spoke angrily and walked off, leaving her two guards exasperated and following after her. Meanwhile, Ming Yue breathed out a breath of relief as the trio returned to their room. It took her not even a second to realize that this would've been a troublesome situation if she had escaped any slower. 

"Such people are too bothersome, that girl needs to be taught a lesson."

Xue Yue's voice spoke out with a tone of annoyance and contempt.

"And that would invite more trouble, no?" Ming Yue responded.

It was met with silence for Xue Yue could not refute it. 

"In any case, there's only a few more days before we reach Red Lotus. It's been a few years since I left, I wonder how everyone is doing."

She began to reminisce a little before it quickly ended from a sudden announcement from the sky ship's captain. 

"All crew members prepare for battle! I repeat, prepare for battle! It is the Gold Monkey Pirates! The Gold Monkey Pirates! Passengers, please stay in and lock your doors. We will inform you when it is safe!"

At the end of this announcement, the ship churned as multiple hatches opened up, revealing cannons. Its speed began to slow as power was diverted into the cannons and the pirates gained on them. 

A fleet of twenty ships, marked with the flag of a golden monkey, followed. They were large and ornate, carrying strange contraptions but no cannons of any sort. A total of a thousand members prepared their weapons and watched the sky ship. 

At the helm of the first ship, a rugged man stared at the ship closely. He wielded a thick and heavy saber and wore black leather armor over his clothes. 

"We have quite the prey in front of us! Let's see if we can find what we're looking for!"

His voice thundered and everyone heard it, not just the pirates but those within the sky ship as well. 

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》