Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
287 Killing the Pirates
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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287 Killing the Pirates

Being leader of such a band of pirates meant that his strength was above them all. Not to mention, his movement was swift and limber. He was by no means an easy opponent. Perhaps his cultivation was not as great as herself but he more than made up for it through experience and instinct. Xing Dao used the surroundings to his benefit, swinging about as he attacked. 

He'd throw his harpoon down, using it to further increase his movement. By tugging on the rope, sharp turns and sudden changes in direction was a simple task. 

Ming Yue did not chase him and stayed close to the young girl. Whilst Xing Dao took to the air, these two had been surrounded by his men. 

"Why are you protecting her? She tried to take Hei Yue and Xiao Yin. Look where we are now! Surrounded by these fucking pirates."

Xue Yue's voice seemed quite annoyed by Ming Yue's actions. 

"You know full well, I wouldn't have left her alone."

Ming Yue took little heed to her words, responding calmy as she surveyed the men circling her. She turned to the young girl and grabbed her by the waist. 


She could barely let out a word as Ming Yue jumped, launching herself over the pirates. In one leap, they flew over them, landing in front of the two bodyguards. 

"I'll clear the way! Take her and leave!" 

Ming Yue threw her at them before creating a simple wind lance. With it, she blasted apart the pirates, creating a path for them to escape. 

"Thank you!"

"Quickly, let's go!"

The two poor guards carried their young mistress away, who glared at Ming Yue. 

"Did you have to be so rough?!" she shouted, rubbing her bruised back.

Ming Yue didn't look at her focusing on the situation. 

"I knew you couldn't help yourself."

Xue Yue spoke in a satisfied tone. So much so that Ming Yue could imagine her pleased smile.

Just as the two guards ran off, a harpoon flew down, piercing the floor in front of them. 

"I'm not going to let you go!" Xing Dao yelled out. 

Pulling on the rope, he landed in front of them and pointed his saber towards them. 

"Thunder Crashing Strike!"

His saber flashed with light as gold sparks coursed through the blade. Zuan Gan jumped forward, helding his shield to face the saber strike. It fell down as lightning crashed into the shield but this bodyguard stood firm. 

Ming Yue flew forward and attacked the pirate captain. 

"Phantasmal Wind..."

Drifitng Sky moved forward as Ming Yue aimed for his heart but Xing Dao was quick enough to deal with the strike. He kicked Zuan Gan back and pulled his harpoon out, parryng the sword strike. She pressed on, this time assaulting with with a flurry of strikes. 

"Tempestuous Storm..."

With her sword empowered, the force of each attack was several fold stronger. 

Xing Dao's arms had grown numb from the impact and each strike served to push him back another step. 

"Grah! Don't push your luck!"

He exploded with energy and distanced himself from her. He held his harpoon like a javelin that began to glow with an golden electric light. Winding his arm back, the lightning gathered and condensed itself into the javelin. 

"Lightning Bolt!"

He hurled it forward and it shot out, leaving an arc of gold light. It was quick, leaving behind the sound of a thundering crack. It was so fast that not even Ming Yue would be able to dodge this attack. Just as she prepared herself, the other bodyguard Wei La jumped in front of her. 

"Hah! Blue Dragon Burst!" 

He trusted his spear forward, letting loose another dragon of water that roared against this golden javelin. 

Not sparing a moment, Ming Yue left the javelin to him as she made her way towards Xing Dao. 

Still using Tempestuous Storm, she pushed him even further as her attacks suddenly grew in strength and speed. The explosive impact was something Xing Dao could barely endure. Furthermore, without his harpoon, he could not escape so easily. 

As much as he tried, he had lost his momentum and the rhythm of battle had been disrupted. 

Ming Yue swung upwards, blasting the pirate captain into the air. Wind gathered around her sword as it enlarged threefold. 

"Squall Strike."

She flew up and drove her sword into his body. The wind that encased her sword were like razors. If it were to cut wood, the sword could grind it away. Against flesh, the results were much more drastic. 

As Drifting Sky pierced Xing Dao, he could feel his innards being shredded apart as blood sprayed out. He barely held his consciousness but the strength in his body had left him. Ming Yue pulled her sword out of his limp body and left him to bleed out on the floor. She looked at the pirates all around her, fear and shock could be seen in their eyes. 

Their captain, the one who had led them through a decade of robbery had died to her. But who would've known? To have come across a magnificent sky ship also ran the chance of strong passengers. But to think, that their captain died to someone like Ming Yue came as a shock them.

She was no ordinary passenger after all. 

The head of the snake had been cut but there was still the body left. 

"Re-retreat! Retreat! Run away! The captain is dead! He's been killed!"

The pirates began to scatter, running back to their ship. With their captain dead, there was no one to lead them but escape was just a hopeless dream. Their withdrawal posed an opportunity for Ming Yue. 

What followed was a shock towards the crew and the passengers of the sky ship. 

A simple one-sided massacre. 

With her current cultivation, her control and use of the energies in her body was smooth and nearly perfect. From the deck of the ship, she moved incredibly fast, leaving images in her step as she wielded Drifting Sky in one hand and shot wind needles with her other hand. 

Each time she struck, a handful of bodies fell to the floor. Some had small holes in their heads and necks, others had their necks cut off, their hearts pierced. 

"Scatter! Get away, she's a monster! Steer the ships away!"

Some of them yelled out in horror and desperation as they tried their best to run. As for those safe within their pirate ships, They moved to cut the ropes from the harpoons they shot. One by one they cut away the ropes as quickly as they could, hoping that whoever was left on the sky ship could spare them more time. 

"Please what are you doing?! We're brothers!"

One of the pirates yelled out, running across the rope as quickly as possible. But the rope was a strand away from breaking and when he was halfway through, the rope broke. His expression was a mixture of fear and unwillingness, he grabbed at the rope but his hands slipped and he fell from the skies. Death had come for him but the others were not willing to accept it. 

"Quickly! Pull the ship away!"

The one who cut the ropes yelled out, watching the sky ship for any sign of Ming Yue. He searched the deck, finding the dead bodies of his comrades. The sight of it chilled him to his bones. 

"Where is she? Where did that girl go?"

He looked and looked but found her to have disappeared. 


The pirate ship began to pull away as relief began to settle in. Just as this ship let out a breath of relief, a loud crash shook them as they turned to find one of the other ships broken and falling to the depths. 

Then, he heard a loud crack on the floor as it burst apart from a Blasting Gale. Ming Yue landed with a gentle tap and looked at this deserted pirate. Her sword glinted under the sunlight as she came for his life. 

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》