Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
295 One Against Five
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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295 One Against Five

Within the crowd was Fei Xian, Rou'er, and Qi Yao, the former two were intrigued by Elder Jia's words while Qi Yao fidgeted around. Her eyes kept darting between the elder and the doors leading out to the sect grounds. The three of them sat in the back, closest to the doors.

"Qi Yao, is there something wrong? You don't look very well." 

Fei Xian noticed her nervousness.

"No, it's nothing. I'm just feeling a bit tired today. Let's just finish listening to the elder."

She reassured up, keeping up a smile but it was not enough to convince him. 

"Are you sure? I think that It would be better to leave and I'm sure Ming Yue could help look after you."

Just as he was about to stand, Qi Yao grabbed his sleeve, keeping him seated. 

"When the time comes, I need you to help me lead the disciples away."

Her face was serious and her tone quiet but urgent. 

"Wha-what do you mean? Is there something happening?"

From above they heard a clattering noise as something fell from one of the nooks of the pillars. The sound wasn't very loud but it disrupted Elder Jia's speech and silenced the entire hall. It landed right next to Fei Xian, who picked it up and inspected it. 

"This...this is an incense burner but... what is it doing here?"

It was a brass piece of a snake emerging from a sphere, from its pursed mouth was a white smoke that smelled sweet. It was most similar to honey and citrus and it seemed to overpower his nose and begin the cloud his mind. 

Elder Jia's eyes closed in on the burner, as surprise filled his mind. 

"The Valerian Serpent Incense, no!"

He suddenly spoke without thinking as Qi Yao smacked it away from Fei Xian. Descending from above, Ming Yue flew down and drew her sword. She threw out several wind needles at Elder Jia before turning back to Qi Yao. 

"Take everyone away from here!" she yelled out. 

Qi Yao nodded and with everyone in confusion, she began to direct them out of here.

Elder Jia dodged the needles before whipping out his own sword, pointing it and Ming Yue. 

"You there, who are you?! Why did you disrupt my plans?!" he yelled out. 

Ming Yue did not bother answering him and swiftly attacked, using Phantasmal Wind.

Earlier, she had noticed the Valerian Snake Incense begin to suffuse with smoke, realizing that it was what he used to hynotise the elders. She attempted to disarm it quietly but the contraption was too intricate for her to deal with in a quick manner. On that note, she merely caused it to fall, serving as a signal for Qi Yao to move. 

"Hah, you think you will be enough? Elders! Sect Leader! Surround them!" 

As he called out, five sources of energy rose up as five figures emerged from the shadows of the halls. Each one of them covered a different section, blocking the doors and windows. With them in the way, there was no place to escape to.

"Elder Jia, what's going on? Why are the other Elders here? Even the Sect Leader is here..."

"Hm? There's something strange about them."

"Don't their eyes look empty? Elder Kong? Elder Ci? Sect Leader?"

"They're not responding. What's going on, Elder Jia?"

Soon, the many disciples began to notice that something was wrong. All of the of elders had blank looks on their faces. Even as their own students called out to them, their faces emained unchanged. 

"Qi Yao, what's happening? Why does Elder Dai look like this? What is Ming Yue doing here?"

Fei Xian looked at his loved one, confused and in shock. There were too many things happening at once and there was not enough time to digest everything. 

"Help me clear the way! We have to take everyone out of here. Elder Jia is trying to kill us!"

She tried to speak as concisely as possible but what she spoke of was easier said than done. WIth the elders blocking their way, the only option was to fight them. 

"Elders, save me!"

Elder Jia cried out in fear as Ming Yue pushed him to a corner. An elder of the Eternal Sword Sect would be skilled with the blade but it seemed that Elder Jia was lacking. His opponent was quick and fearsome, taking him off-guard as she fought with a certain ferocity. 

He was at least able to defend against her wind needles and Phantasmal Wind. However, she cloaked her hand in wind, transforming it into a claw. Try as he might, he was barely able to match her speed. 

"Damn this girl, when did she come here? How did she know about my plan? No matter, so long as I can detain her with the elders, I can still succeed."

Elder Jia was at his limits with her and so he called the elders to help him.

On his command, the five figures left their positions to intercept Ming Yue, who had already noticed their approach. 

"Go now!" 

She shouted towards Qi Yao. 

"We're under attack! Run! Follow me to the Medicinal Hall! The elders will take care of it!"

Qi Yao called out, pulling Fei Xian away and led the disciples away. However, Fei Xian resisted, staring at Ming Yue who had begun to fight with the the upper echelon of the Eternal Blade Sect. He turned back to Qi Yao, looking at her in confusion and anger. 

"Tell me, Qi Yao. What is going on exactly?"

She looked at him desperately before speaking.

"If you want her to save Elder Fei and then follow me and help me get them out of here."

She did not want to reveal everything nor would time permit her. Even if they was able to do so, she did not know what Fei Xian would do. If anything, he may join the fight and this was not something he could enter so easily. He looked into her eyes, finding she did not lie but there was something else thst she did not tell him. If it was to save his uncle, then he would listen to her. 

"Fine, but you have to tell me everything."

With her, they rallied the disciples and brought them out, all but one remained. Rou'er clutched her sword tightly as she watched Ming Yue fight.

"Ming Yue, what are you doing?! Why are you attacking the elders? Stop fighting!" she yelled out.

Fei Xian quickly went over to her, grabbing the young girl and taking her away. But it was not without her shouting at Ming Yue, pleading with both sides to stop fighting.

Ming Yue did not hear her pleas for she was too occupied with the fight. Her armor had already transformed and she was contemplating using Pale Moon. She was beginning to lose control of the fight. 

"Damn it, I need to do something. Going against five of them was too much."

Against five seasoned experts, Ming Yue could only go on the defensive. Each one had their own style of fighting which made it difficult for her to anticipate their moves. Even if their minds were clouded and their senses dulled, their skills were mostly there. Even worse was the Sect Leader, Fu Men, a sky realm expert and the one that posed the most danger. Furthermore, she could not kill them, they were not her true enemies, merely puppets used by another. 

"At least, they can't execute their techniques in this state" she thought. 

Hypnotised by the incense, they could not muster the focus to do so. If they could, the battle would've ended in her loss. 

Their swords clashed as Ming Yue moved from one spot to another, trying to find a way to lessen the pressure. Sparks flew as their blades crossed each other. They were everywhere, damaging and destroying through the support beams and the furniture. The ground was already a mess from the impacts of Ming Yue's strikes. 

Of the five, the Sect Elder was closest to her, his Sky Realm Cultivation revealed itself in this fight. His sword was swift and true and with each strike able to overpower hers. The gap was simply too wide and she need to do something. 

"I have to incapacitate the weakest one." 

She flew up, landing in one of the upper corners of the walls before turning back. Thowing her hand out, a powerful blast of wind charged forth and slowed her pursuers. In that moment, the young cultivator shot towards the elders, smashing the flat of her blade into two of them. 

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》