Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
302 Returning a Favor
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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302 Returning a Favor

After half a day, a city appeared in front of her. It wasn't big compared to something like Five Element City but there were a few aspects that separated it from the other cities. 

As Ming Yue came closer to the city, she descended and entered through the gates. 

"So this is Earthfire City...

Walking through the bustling streets, there was plenty of stalls selling food and other wares. However, she found that many of the stores sold nothing but earthenware. There were hundreds if not thousands of different items all on display: elegant vases, plates, tea sets, and much more. Outside of those mundane things, they also created medicinal pots and cauldrons here, ranging from clay to metal.

As she looked around, she found many workshops with large ovens built for the purpose of creating those very things. But there were other surprises to this city, the energy here was different than she had thought. 

"Earth and Fire energy, there's so much of it here."

She was surprised from when she first entered. The dense energy of the Earth Dao and Fire Dao was everywhere, making it a haven for those cultivating one of these daos. Perhaps, it was a byproduct of all this focus on earthenware or there was more to this city than she thought. 

"I need to find the Violet Sun Sect."

As curious as she was, she put it aside and searched for the Violet Sun Sect, asking a few of the locals here. 

"They're not very hard to find, just follow this road until you see a massive building that smells of medicinal herbs. But I suggest turning back, if you are here to look for the Second Fury, don't bother. She will not take anymore requests, no matter who you are or what you offer."

"Yes! Even the city lord has come several times but he too has been rejected. Rich merchants and other nobles would be met with the same result. They've all been pushed away."

Ming Yue looked towards them and bowed in gratitude.

"I understand your worries but I must try."

As she turned and left, the locals she had asked gave her a look of pity.

They sighed, lamenting her situation without knowing everything. But they were all normal folk after all, none of them would have believed that she was a powerful cultivator.

"Such a young girl, she must have come from outside. What a harsh journey it must have been for a girl like her" one of them said.

"What do you think will happen?"

"Probably another rejection..."

She quickly made her way and soon the scent of fragrant medicine wafted in the air. Not far from her was a grand building with the words "Violet Sun" engraved at the gates. 

"That must be it, the Violet Sun Sect!"

Standing in front of the gates, she knocked on them several times and waited patiently. Seconds later, a cold young woman's voice answered out from above.

"If you are here to ask for my services, I decline. Please leave, this is your only warning."

It was a blunt and quick response that surprised Ming Yue.

"Was that her? Hua Xiong? It must be..." She thought.

From the tone of her voice, she realized that Hua Xiong was adamant on refusing her request. The rumors were indeed true that she no longer used her skills to heal. However, Ming Yue still had to try and she had something those before her did not. 

"I do not know if you are the same one or even part of the same group. But back in the Firelight Ruins, there was a group of young disciples from this sect who had found themselves surrounded by numerous men and a White Star Dragon. One of them carried a Starlight Flower and was about to attempt her escape. I was there when this happened and I was also the one who-"

"Get to the point."

In her mind, Ming Yue could feel Xue Yue's growing annoyance at Hua Xing's tone. 

"...I saved your life and I ask that you return the favor."

There was a silence in the air as Ming Yue waited for a response. This was the only thing she had to convince Hua Xiong but it was no minor thing. Still, with this continuing silence, she had begun to lose faith in this attempt. She began to think of other methods though they were less than satisfactory. 

"Either I find someone else or I force my way through."

Light Dao Cultivators were hard to come by so the chances of finding another was low. Forcing her way in was easier said than done. Ming Yue was not yet fully recovered and she was tired from the contant traveling. Though even if she was at her top state, storming a sect was difficult to pull off and dangerous. 

Pondering her options, the gates slowly opened, beckoning her in. 

As she walked in, the gates closed behind her back and a ray of light shot down from the sky.


She dodged it, jumping to the side as the white beam pierced the gorund she had stood on.

"What is the meaning of this?" she called out loud, feeling dismayed by this development. 

A figure descended from the top of the sect, landing in front of her. She had very delicate features which made her seem quite soft and warm. Her black hair had a streak of white and it was braided back into a simple bun. Pinks lips and a small nose had been grouped with a pair of eyes that stood out and did not fit the rest of her face. The irises were of different colors, one was pure white and the other was a deep brown color. 

Furthermore, they showed a calm and rather apathetic emotion. Her expression was stone cold. 

Hua Xiong looked at Ming Yue, sizing her up as did her counterpart.

"This is Hua Xiong?" Ming Yue thought, "She's so different from before."

Through her faint memories, she recognized Hua Xiong, remembering her to be a very shy and dainty. But this was a drastic change, almost too drastic. She was like a flower that had been frozen solid by the harsh winter snow. 

"How do I know that you are not lying?"

Hua Xiong questioned, her hands were glowing faintly, ready to attack at any moment. It was strange that someone like Ming Yue knew of such details. 

The events she spoke of seemed so long ago and yet, Hua Xiong did not forget it. If not for the death of those evil cultivators, she would have died. Furthermore, she would not have been able to obtain the power she now had. The scene of all those heads falling off for no rhyme or reason was ingrained in her mind. 

"How do you know such things?" she asked, "Who are you?"

"I know because I was the one who saved you. Why else would I know all of these details?"

Ming Yue quickly answered, introducing herself and telling Hua Xiong that she was the one who saved them. Hua Xiong's eyes narrowed as she looked at Ming Yue. 

"She is certainly quite strong but it can't be her..."

Hua Xiong had thought that some expert had taken pity upon them, not a girl who seemed to be at the same age as her. Not to mention, this had happened several years ago. At that time, Ming Yue would have been much younger back then. 

Ming Yue could see the doubt in her eyes and retrieved her sword from her spatial ring. She unsheathed it, pointing the blade at the ground. The best way to remove that doubt was to show her. 

"Reaping Blade."

Hua Xiong saw the sword come out and immediately attacked. She jumped back, shooting rays of light from her hands. But those attacks hit the empty space and Ming Yue vanished. The feeling of danger surrounded her even as she tried to escape it and the next moment, Hua Xiong felt a blade upon her neck. 

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》