Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
308 The Black Fortress
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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308 The Black Fortress

"How much longer before you can disable these barriers?"

"Don't rush me! These formations have been altered and strengthened through nefarious methods. Examining and desciphering this will take a fair bit of time. But don't you worry! With the foremost best Formation Master Qi at your side, it won't take long! I just need to deal with this one small detail."

Beneath the castle was a cave where numerous experts hid within, readying themselves to fight. Some of them were feeling antsy like Tuan, who had just asked Master Qi about the barriers.

He barked back at Tuan before focusing on the barrier. An old man wearing yellow robes and a little hat, he was a thin and gaunt man whose eyes were filled with a strange fanaticism. This self-proclaimed "Best Formation Master" held many strange tools like a Trigram Mirror and a sword wrapped in paper talismans. 

Tuan gave him a look before turning back.

"Formation Master... Acts more like a quack but eccentrics will always be eccentrics."

He merely shrugged at stood back.

As the for the others, they stood against the walls with their weapons sheathed but ready to grasp. 

They were all waiting as the storm outside intensified. Lightning cracked every second, smashing into the ground and blackening the stone. There was so much rain that it felt if it could flood cities and the wind was the worst. It was powerful, strong enough to uproot trees with ease. 

Suddenly, Grand Elder Huang's voice entered their heads. 

"The time to attack will arrive soon. Do not forget, we will separate into three groups, two groups of twenty and one group of ten. The groups of twenty will attack from th front and back while the group of ten will enter from below. I will lead the frontal assault with Elder Xiang. Elder Fang will lead the attack at the back and Elder Kan will lead the attack from below. Does everyone understand?"

Everyone gave a silent nod and no one spoke up, they knew what to do. Before, they were at a loss for words, filled with shock as this cave was where the Grand Elder divulged a secret of great magnitude. Something that could shake the continent in its entirety. 

None of them would have guessed it, the true identity of the Tao Feng's Sect Leader.

The sound of the storm filled the cave as they all centered their focus, checked their weapons, and scouted the pathing. 

The churning clouds spun faster before a bolt of lightning shot down, striking the very peak of this mountain. It was black, filled with chaotic Primodial Energy, the same energy that caused the end of an era. It was the same force that brought calamity to the world. On impact, the mountains shuddered and shook to their very core.

The endrils of energy that came off of it attacked the Tao Feng's fortress but were blocked by the barriers. But they dimmed and weakened for just a moment and that one moment was enough for Master Qi.

"Hah! I got it!" he yelled out in joy. 

The Trigram Mirror glowed as he stabbed his talisman-wrapped sword into the barrier. With the sword, he tore a hole into the barrier, ripping it open like paper. Just like that the barrier shattered and the remaining energy from that black bolt of lightning struck the fortress. 

Everyone sprung into action, dividing into their groups and moving out. 

"Let's begin"

The Grand Elder lead his group out of the cave and under the storm. They marched up the mountain, arriving at the the Tao Feng's hideout. The fortress was ominous in nature and appearance. It did not belong in such a place but it matched the gloominess of this mountain. 

It was large, built from stone and steel with a tall gate of blackened metal. A towering structure that was smaller than the Institution at Heaven's Gate but did not lack in aura. It was not a sect building and resembled more of a castle whose purpose was for battle. There were no decor or style to it. Everything was made with a purpose: to defend, to fight. There was no doubt that this place was massive and to some degree, immeasurable. It was not elegant or detailed. 

With the barriers shattered and the appearance of Grand Elder Huang's group, the gates of the castle opened and out came numerous masked figures and a cloaked man leading them. The masked figures were nearly identical to each other, wearing the same mask as Zuo Er as well as a black and purple uniform. Held within their hands were a pair of swords, the same as Zuo Er and they were just as puppet-like.

The cloaked man was only a few inches taller than the others but his presence overshadowed them all. 

The Grand Elder faced him as did his counterpart. 

"So you've finally decided to make your move, Huang Bo."

The hooded man took off his hood and revealed his face. His skin was pale white, resembling that of porcelain. His hair was of the same color and his sharp eyes revealed shining red pupils. It was Dai Mian, the Sect Leader of the Tao Feng Sect but there was so much more. 

"Teacher Dai, to think that you would stoop so low. You've come so far from being a member of the High Council, now you resort to these methods: forming the Tao Feng Sect, stealing techniques, and kidnapping others. How would your brothers and sisters of the High Council think about this?"

Grand Elder Huang eyed him, looking at this cloaked figure. His gaze was filled with pity and regret for his former teacher. 

Dai Mian merely sneered at these words. 

"What a silly question, How would they think of my actions? They can say nothing because I am not only the eldest among them but I was the founder of the High Council. I was the one who set it upon myself to save our world. The others were content with watching over the continent. Perhaps it was their youth that blinded them from the gravity of our situation. But I understood, I knew that soemthing needed to be done."

Dai Mian pointed at his chest as he spoke, his words became more impassioned as he continued. 

"There is no one else I could rely on but myself. Those I once regarded closely, I left behind for they sought to wait. They sought to wait until the last moment, until someone did the work for them, until they would breathe their last breath waiting. But something needed to be done, a solution needed to found and I took that responsibility. If you choose to stop me now, I will not stop until all of you become a part of my plan! Even if it is you, my greatest disciple."

He moved his hand away from his chest and pointed at the Grand Elder. His sneer disappeared as it had been replaced by a look of anger and hatred. Indeed, he would not spare even his own disciple.

His aura exploded, pressuring those on the Grand Elder's side.

"Agh, to think we would be pressured like this."

"He is definitely at the Heaven Realm..."

While the Grand Elder did not seem very bothered by this show of force, the others felt it grasp onto their necks. Taking another breath was taxing on their bodies. 

"To think, our several hundred year relationship as teacher and student has meant nothing to you. Perhaps, it ended when I realized what you truly were. 

The Grand Elder released his own aura, lightening the pressure and clashing against his teacher. The clash energy was powerful, creating shockwaves that seemed to overpower the lightning that fell from the skies. The combined force seemed to attract the churning clouds as lightning crashed all around them. 

"And what would I be, Huang Bo?"

Dai Mian looked at the Grand Elder, a small tinge of curiosity followed those words. 

"A deranged animal."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》