Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
311 Chained Formations
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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311 Chained Formations

"An Immortal Severing Formation... An ancient piece of history used to kill an Immortal Cultivator", Master Qi looked at the formation, praising its power and admiring its structure. 

"Killing an Immortal? Is that even possible?"

The others looked at this terrifying formation, wondering whether it was true.

After reaching Heaven Realm, there was only one more realm beyond it, the realm of the Immortal, essentially Godhood. But very few in the entire history of this land have reached that realm and there is even less information as to how to achieve it or whether there was something beyond it. Despite it, the stories about them were plenty. If Heaven Cultivators like Grand Elder Huang and Dai Mian could destroy mountains and change the skies, Immortal Cultivators could do such things on a whim. The destruction of kingdoms and countries could be done on a simple flick of the hand, that was the best way of describing and Immortal's power. 

However, with such power, Immortal Cultivators were not unkillable. 

"Hahahaha, it really is an Immortal Severing Formation. To think that I would see one here of all places! None of you dare enter it, the pressure would kill you in an instant. If you were an Immortal then maybe you wouldn't die as quickly but still. If they enter it, the formation will force itself into the body, cutting off the meridians and destroying their cultivation. Therefore, it severs the Immortal, leaving behind a common man who will be crushed by the formation then."

Master Qi explained before immediately going on an attempt to break it. 

"Master Qi, what are you doing? This is a formation for killing Immortals and we've already covered most of the fortress." 

They looked at him with surprise and concern. Why would he do this? Was it out of curiosity? 

"There is a formation meant to kill Immortals, what do you think the Tao Feng's Sect Leader is hiding behind it?"

Master Qi smiled at them before focusing on the formation. 

What he said was true. For the formation to be this great, whatever it was protecting was be equally as great. Along with a few other Formation Masters, they took on the challenge of breaking the Immortal Severing Formation. If they succeeded, such an achievement would cause their prestige to skyrocket and the knowledge they would gain from this would be immense. 

Just as they had begun, something hummed with power before the entire floor of the hall glowed. 

"Oh no! Several formations have activated, something must have triggered it!" one of them yelled out. 

"Damn it, so they were chained! Give me time to break this formation, it should be the core so breaking this one should break the others simultaneously."

Master Qi set to work, attempting to break the Immortal Severing Formation. 

Having touched it, a chain of formations activated, one after another caused a number of events to happen. The first was the immediate pressure, then numerous shadow phantoms formed, and finally, chains shot out of the ground, wrapping themselves around the wrists and ankles of everyone. 

The situation looked grim but everyone was prepared. 

"Protect Qi Li and the other Formation Masters! If you were not caught by the formations, rush out and help the Grand Elder's group!"

Elder Kan yelled out and withdrew her weapon from her spatial ring, a massive spiked club the dwarfed her own body. She wielded it with ease, swinging it around like a stick. Those chained by the formations took out their own weapons and began to fight off these shaowy warriors.

And the few that didn't get caught rushed off to aid the battle outside. 

As for the situation, it was equally as grim. The many Sky Realm Experts were beginning to tire out as they fought and fought against the Immortal Army. There were hundreds of them and with their ability to regenerate, they might as well number in the hundreds of thousands.

"Damn it, is there no end to them? When will they stop coming back?"

"Stand your ground, with each death, it takes them longer to regenerate! There will a point where they can't regenerate anymore!"

Up in the skies, there was a dizzying color of darkness and death, the power that it emanated was enough to make people faint on the spot and even kill. Two figures flew about, shooting rays of Death Energy from their palms and fingers, one was tinted in crimson, the other sparkled like stars. 

"Hmm, so it seems that I have a few unwanted guests in my sect. How unfortunate for them."

Dai Mian spoke, confident look on his face said everything. He was prepared for anything, even something like this. In fact, it could be said that he expected this to come sooner or later. 

The Grand Elder was silent and continued to battle. 

"So Elder Kan's team entered. For him to know, they must have activated a formation and with Master Qi with them, that formation must be quite fearsome. Whatever is past that formation must be important..." he thought. 

The Grand Elder looked towards Dai Mian, who did not seem very concerned about it. It was obvious that whatever formation he placed was of an extremely high level. 

"All the more to keep him here!"

The Grand Elder suddenly stepped up his power as he pointed his hand forwards. From all of his fingers, he shot out blasts of Death Energy. It was a sudden attack containing hundreds of blasts travelling wildly towards Dai Mian, who suddenly took on a grim expression. 

He waved his hand, creating a crimson black veil that flew out. It encompassed the Grand Elder's attack and trembled as each blast exploded. But no sound came out as they burst out with Death Energy, attempting to encompass the veil. It was a struggle of who would destroy who but Dai Mian shut it down. 

"That's quite a dangerous attack. I wonder who taught you that."

Dai Mian closed his hand, controlling the veil as it condensed into a little ball before vanishing taking the Grand Elder's attack with it. 

"I have been studying myself. Did you think you were the only one?"

The Grand Elder opened his palm and formed another blast of Death Energy, readying himself. 

Each time their attacks clashed, it was a battle of whose energy would devour the other. If it were something else, their attacks would just swallow up the attack and destroy it. After all, the Dao of Death meant the end of a life, where their energy was no more and their bodies would be swallowed by the world. 

The Dao of Death is difficult to master after all, it meant understanding the concept of Death. There are endless possibilities to each Dao but the ones to the Dao of Death had a thorny path. What was it? Was it the end of all things? Was it destruction? Was it the beginning of a cycle? There are many ways to interpret Death and none of them are incorrect. But to what degree would that interpretation lead them? When would the path become unclear for them? It is difficult to say. 

But for these two, they had reached a level that was unprecendented. 

"Using the Dao of Light to balance the Dao of Death... I did not think you would actually achieve it."

Dai Mian spoke words of surprise though his face showed nothing of the sort. There was a certain confidence to it, sly as if this was all calculated. 

"It isn't anything to boast about. This is the path I took", the Grand Elder responded. 

"I see, the balance of Life and Death or Death and Destruction. Which one do you think will swallow the other?"

Dai Mian formed another Deathly Void Disk. 

"From Emptiness, Overflowing Life."

The Grand Elder's sphere of Death Energy turned into Light Energy as the two ended their short exchange. 

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》