Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
320 The Wrath of Heaven
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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320 The Wrath of Heaven

It was silent as no one could believe what they had just witnessed. 

"The storm... It's gone."

"It all disappeared into that pit he fell in."

They looked at the pit which had become a pool of clouds as it now contained the power of the Merciless Storm Peak. It contained the primordial energy that which fueled the calamity centuries ago. The same one that ended the Warlord Age and brought out the current Sovereign Age. This same power severed the connection with the three continents and fractured the lands. It was equal to, if not the embodiment of the Wrath of the Heavens. 

Now, that ancient energy was within that very pit, churning and releasing waves of power. 

And then, a black hand emerged, holding onto the edge of the pit. Slowly, Dai Mian emerged with his true body fully revealed, wreathed in multi-colored lightning. 

Markings glowed on his body like branches wrapping around his limbs. 

He looked at himself, studying the changes to his unhuman body. 

"Amazing... It truly worked."

Standing tall, his shadowy armor materialized, covering every inch of his body and its appearance was slightly different. It was more refined but there was a strange air. 

What was just tendrils of darkness had reformed in armor that was ominous, revealing visages of skulls and bones. His cape and mantle was dark as the night but sparked with an electric fury. His red gems for eyes pierced through his dark helm. Even though they were not his real eyes, you could see it, the madness within him. 

Everyone else readied their weapons at once, their blades shining under the bright sun. 

"You still plan to fight me? It's stupid to struggle now, not when I have the power of the Heavens at my grasp."

In this new form, Dai Mian casually stepped forward and erupted with energy. The cold Death Energy had been overpowered and replaced by rush of chaotic energy. It was a ferocious force that could not be controlled and the feeling one felt facing against it was unlike anything. 

"Can you feel it? The despair? I will protect the continent from its next calamity! I will lead it to an era greater than the Warlord Age!"

It was god-like and for everyone, they felt as if they were facing against the Heavens themselves. 

For Ming Yue, it was different from anything she had ever felt. Stronger than the aura of the Dragon Emperor and wilder than anything she had felt. It was as if life was being choked out of her and she could do nothing about it. Her fate was death and she could not go against such a power. 

But she had to.

"Resist it! Push back against him!"

Xue Yue urged her to stay awake, to keep fighting on. If Ming Yue died, it would be the end of her as well. Everyone else was in a similar situation, sticken with fear and the lack of strength.

"Xiao Yin... Hei Yue..."

Ming Yue looked around, searching for her companions before finding the two beasts on the ground. They trembled, struggling to get up and they could not even breathe. Everyone else was the same, even the Grand Elder, clutching their throats in a struggle. 


She looked towards Dai Mian, who merely just watched them all suffer. All of this came from his aura alone, just the thought of that gave rise to fear in their hearts. 

"Push back! Fight it! Ming Yue, fight back! Survive!"

Xue Yue's voice echoed within her. 


And through sheer willpower, she broke out of this pressure. 

Ming Yue's eyes glowed a pale blue as she activated Pale Moon. Her aura exploded with power as she unsheathed Drifting Sky and attacked. At that moment, she poured all of her energy into her blade and the gems given to her by the Dragon of the Sun, Xiu Luo Yang, glowed with a resplendent light. 

Wind and lightning merged together as the gems flowed with power, flooding her sword and body with it. The azure aura she released was enhanced even further with purple lightning and violent wind, magnifying her power by the tens. Her strength right now could perhaps topple the Grand Elder himself. 

She swung her blade and snapped her wrist, releasing a massive arc of wind and lightning. It crackled and boomed, moving at a speed faster than anyone could see. 


Dai Mian was unperturbed by this attack and flicked his hand in an attempt knock it away. But his eyes suddenly widened as the attack threw him back and smashed his body into the broken rubble.

"Geh, how did you resist me? "

Ming Yue sprung into action, attacking him violently. She did not give him even a moment to breathe. She did not know how long she could maintain this strength of hers. The gems in her blade glowed even brighter, continuing to strengthen her attacks. 

"What is she..."

The others looked at her in surprise as they recovered from the initial pressure. They were stunned, unable to believe that Ming Yue was the first to break out of Dai Mian's influence and even push him pack. 

"Can we- can we even help her?"

All of them were at a loss for words.

How was it possible for someone like Ming Yue, a cultivator realms below them, to utterly decimate Dai Mian, somone who had just absorbed the entirety of the Merciless Storm Peaks power? His armor was being ripped to shreds and each attempt to retaliate was shut down by her sword.

The Grand Elder watched and his eyes looked upon the gems on her sword. These two cores were full of wind and lightning energy, pure and powerful. Then his eyes lit up in realization as he understood their origin.

"Those gems on her sword is from the Merciless Storm Peak! A culmination of several hundred years of that same energy that brought forth the calamity!"


They were shocked to hear this.

Indeed, when Xiu Luo Yang had given it to her, he spoke of how he discovered them. Born at the very peak of the mountain, they had been absorbing the chaotic energy for years. But while she could resist him through their power, he had absorbed the storm itself. There was something else. 


Dai Mian screamed and his body burst out with an aura of obsidian colored lightning. It was uncontrollable and forced Ming Yue to back off. He screamed out as his puppet body began to crack, the energy he once contained had been fully released. 

His puppet body writhed and trembled as he tried to stay in control. 

"He hasn't fully absorbed it! We still have a chance! Attack together!"

The Grand Elder shouted out and everyone roared out, mustering all the strength they had left. With their combined might, they fought back the raging aura, moving to suppress Dai Mian. 

"Take him down! This may be our only chance!"

"You can do nothing to me!"

Dai Mian roared out in anger. His body began to disintegrate under the sheer power he contained. But he pushed himself like a madman, forcing this energy under his control. The black lightning he emitted shot everywhere, destroying everything it touched, turning it to dust. 

"Push! Resist his aura!" 

The Grand Elder and the others drove themselves into the wild energy. So long as their attacks touched him, they could interrupt him and his body would fail and crumble apart. 

Ming Yue stood back, leaning on her blade as she gasped for air. The power she revealed faltered as her body was overtaxed. She barely had the strength to stand after what she had just done. Her eyes were heavy and not a moment later, she collapsed. Her sword pierced the ground and stood straight as her body laid next to it. Her hand still gripped tightly onto the blade. 

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》