Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
325 Meeting With the Experts
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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325 Meeting With the Experts

Ming Yue could not believe it, why would Hua Xiong save her? Of all the possibilities, this one was not what she had wanted. 

"Close the doors, hurry!"

Elder Kan pulled her in and closed the door. But Ming Yue did not move from her spot, she was stunned by what had happened. It was too quick, far too quick. All that remained in her mind was the Hua Xiong disappearing into bits of light. 

"You need to rest first. This... What happened... We can discuss it later" said the Disciplinary Elder.

Elder Kan was closest to them but was too far away to help. However, she had seen what had happened but that did not help. In the end, she did not know what to say.

The Disciplinary Elder brought Ming Yue to a room and left her alone for a bit.

Time passed as Elder Xiang watched over Ming Yue before he finally entered to speak. He entered into the room finding it darkened and noticing Ming Yue hugging Hei Yue tightly. Xiao Yin was perched above the bed, watching over them. 

"...Ming Yue, get up and come with me. We have some things to discuss."

He spoke in a different tone, much gentler and calm. Seated in a wheelchair, he made his way to her bed just as Ming Yue rose up. Where one of his arms and legs used to be was now a bandaged stump.


She spoke quietly, releasing Hei Yue from her embrace who merely just wrapped himself around her. 

The Blade Elder's expression was soft as he looked at her. His eyes carried a rare bit of sadness.

"I am sure that your friend's actions still bother you. Perhaps, you blame yourself for their sacrifice."

She looked down before speaking. 

"We weren't very close friends. In fact, we've only known each other for a week or two. Despite that, for her to take attack for me and forfeit her life. Something about that does not seem right."

Certainly, they've had a few connections and understood each other well but they were not close friends. It bothered her greatly, to have someone she's barely known throw their life for her. But Ming Yue had an inkling in her mind as to why she would do this, it was grief.

"Her entire sect has been killed, she saw her own seniors and juniors dead. Perhaps, she could not bear to live knowing she was the only one left."

Elder Xiang paused before sighing. 

"It could be so, we all saw it, how he had killed her senior brother. Something like that can't be brushed off so easily."

Then he looked up and rested his only arm onto her shoulder. 

"But chances are, she is not dead."

Ming Yue suddenly looked up at him, her eyes slightly widened as she heard his words. 

"What? What do you mean? She vanished into thin air right in front of me-"

"-along with Dai Mian and nearly everything on that broken mountain. Chances are, that was a teleportation formation. As for where it sent them, that is why I need you to come with me. Along with the Grand Elder, we'll be discussing out next moves. We cannot leave such a dangerous person alive."

As he spoke, his tone grew denser and encouraging. Looking into his eyes, Ming Yue found them to be clear and unwavering. Even after losing some of his limbs, he was not ready to give up. 

"Come on then girl, let's go."

She stood up and straightened herself, regaining her previous composure and grabbing her sword. 

Xiao Yin flapped her wings and perched onto Ming Yue's shoulders. But for Hei Yue, the dark silver fox circled around Elder Xiang before climbing onto his lap. 

"Heh, little fox. Are you really that interested in my wheelchair? You know, it cost me an arm and a leg to get this! Gahahaha!"*

He chuckled in laughter before leading Ming Yue to a large room at the center of the ship. He didn't even have to use his hands to move it, only powering it with his energy and driving it with his mind. 

They stood in front of two large doors protected by two members of the ship crew. Upon seeing the elder and Ming Yue, they opened the doors, allowing them in before closing it behind their back. 

Just stepping in had put her under pressure but it was not on purpose. Seated in front of her was the Grand Elder along with all of the Sky Realm Experts, that pressure came from only their presence. All of these experts in one room caused to air to grow heavy, as spacious as it was, the pressure could not be so easily dispersed.

The young cultivator beared the pressure and kept her calm, bowing and cupping her fists.

"Greetings seniors, I am Ming Yue, a young cultivator from a Heaven's Gate."

Her entrance had caused them all to look in her way, it was just a glance but they seemed to see through much of Ming Yue. 

The Grand Elder looked at her warmly before speaking. 

"Hello there Ming Yue, I'm sure you're wondering why we called you here. It is just that, your appearance at the Merciless Storm peak was surprising. We did not expect to see others in what we considered a clandestine operation. Do tell us why you and your friend was there."

"Yes, Grand Elder."

MIng Yue nodded and began to explain how she had come across Zuo Er several times especially with the latest being the Eternal Sword Sect. From there, she spoke of meeting Hua Xiong and her connection with Zuo Er, how the Violet Sun Sect had been drugged and captured for sacrifice. Then she moved onto deterining the location of the Tao Feng Sect and getting there. 

Throughout the story, many of the experts had a various number of faces before ending in an expression of shock. 

"To think that this was how he gathered more people. How despicable!"

"We must chase after him, he's weakened!"

Several began to speak out, breaking into conversation before the Grand Elder raised his hand up. 

"While we can go after him, we must first focus on our lands. None of us know to what extent this calamity has hurt the continent. Most likely it is weakened fom Dai Mian siphoning its power but the damage is there."

Everyone turned silent. Even after speaking of Dai Mian, many of them still worried for their homes. 

"It is obvious that Dai Mian had teleported somewhere else, taking along her comrade", said the Grand Elder. 

He looked at all of them before continuing, watching their reactions. 

"Of all the places he could turn to, it is without a doubt that he has gone to the Demon Continent."

Everyone looked at him incredulously. 

"How can you be so sure?" one of them asked, "He could have gone to some other mountain to hide."

"That is because of the formation used, it is similar to the ones that connect the continents together both in power and design. Furthermore, I am his former student, he's always had an interest in the Demon Continent", the Grand Elder answered. 

"This leads us our next topic, the Demon Continent", he said. 

Everyone went into thought, furrowing their brows and rubbing their chins. 

"With the situation now, we cannot immediately charge into the Demon Continent."

"Indeed, recovery is important. Furthermore, with the destruction there is bound to be chaos."

"It is a time for lesser evils to rise up. The wicked and corrupt could take this opportunity."

That was the general consensus, it was simply to rash to go after Dai Mian and ignore these problems. 

The Grand Elder smiled before looking at Ming Yue. 

"That is why we can ask Ming Yue to help us."

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》