Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
331 State of War
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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331 State of War

"What do you mean?" 

Ming Yue looked at him as she looked at the war table which was so large that she could not even touch the middle of it without her sword.

While Elder Kan had given her a map of the Demon Continent, the war table had an incredibly sophisticated model of it. From its mountains to its rivers, everything had been replicated to match the real thing. On top of the map small figurines on it, shaped into different warriors and beasts. Each one represented a different unit or army with numerous ones together indicating the size of the force. 

Studying the war table, she noticed that three points were especially full of men. One was at the north, the second at the center and the third at the south. Furthermore, these locations had their own special model to show its importance. 

"A pickaxe, a fang, and an eye?"

She looked at these strange pieces, suddenly blurting out her words as they were at the center of these battles. 

Commander Bi took out a pointer and tapped each one. 

"These three are very important as they are related to special resources and groups. At the very beginning of this war several years ago, these three points were once the biggest battlefields but with Kong Zhi's disappearance, the commotions had lessened. Now that he has reappeared, these places have become the main battlefields once more."

He pointed towards the northern most one, the eye. 

"This battlefield is over two clans, the Yao and the Mu Clan. Out of the hundred demonic races, these two are said to be some of the strongest but are also hidden and nearly impossile to find or even contact. In the end, both clans were found and the Yao Clan sided with us and the Mu Clan sided with the enemy."

Ming Yue looked at the eye before gazing at the war table and asking about these clans. 

"What makes them so unique?" 

"Ah, it is their bloodlines. The Yao Clan originate from the Yao Beast, a terrifying creature that boasts incredible deadliness and power. But most of all, The Mu Clan are said to be descendants of the Deity Er-Lang Shen and have a third eye just like him. That eye has a number of powers but all of them target the mind. Without good mental fortitude, you could succumb to their techniques and end up under their control or worse, with your mind broken."

Ming Yue found this information intriguing, especially with bloodline powers. It is said that bloodlines are what separate demons from humans. It gives them abilities unique to their races such as the Mu Clan's third eye. 

"Then the other two?" she looked at the other models, the pick axe and the fang. 

"Ah, this fang represents the Boundless Beast Forest, a place which houses all sorts of creatures. After the calamity years ago, the land was drastically changed and the creatures living there adapted and changed to endure the cruel environment. Kong Zhi had begun to use that forest to find more creatures to add to his army. If he has full control over it, who knows what godly beast he could obtain."

Commander Bi then pointed at the pick axe with a complicated expression.

"This is where a massive lake resides. In the depths of it are various veins of different ores and metals but it is most abundant in Deepwater Steel, an incredibly durable metal that is also quite easy to forge. It can be used to create armor and weapons. This metal also has two unique aspects which is a mild healing ability and the ability to reflect the force of anything that strikes it. This is a wondrous metal though it is difficult to mind because of these very things. Still, the benefits outweigh the trouble."

After explaining these three things, the Camp Commander then looked Ming Yue, trying to see of she understood what he had said. 

"So these three are the main battlefields then, are there any other places to know about?"

Ming Yue continued to study the war table, pointing out the numerous clusters of figurines scattered throughout it. 

"As far as you need to know, those three are the most important. These smaller fights are skirmishes between the two forces."

The Camp Commander pointed at the many clusters, highlighting the model of a tower in each one. 

"Now that Kong Zhi has fully mobilized his army, he is looking to overtake the continent. Numerous camps and outposts had been made as they are rapidly expanding. Our Five armies have all taken over parts of the continent and are looking to push back. Several forts and strongholds have been created here and there. Once you go through the portal, you will be sent to this stronghold. 

He pointed toward the north where the model of castle stood, under it was the name "North Fort". The other ones were found on the eastern side of the continent where the Five Armies had influence. 

"North Fort, Southern Tower, Demon's Gate, Iron Citadel, and Guardian's Keep..."

Ming Yue read out their names, noting their positions. 

While the North Fort and Southern Tower's locations were easy to tell, the other three were spread out towards the center of the continent. Most noticable was the Iron Citadel which was closest to the heart of the continent, situated between the Boundless Beast Forest and the Yao and Mu Clans.

"Then this Iron Citadel, it's position seems rather dangerous", she said. 

"The Iron Citadel is headed by Commander Nie Xia who leads a force mainly comprised of heavy and light infantry. Nie Xia himself is a man whose physique is like mine or even better. He's a straightforward man whose blunt and usually acts as the vanguard. Despite what poeple may see a rough behavior, he is a caring man who values family and camaraderie. He is a good general. and a dear friend of mine."

Commander Bi had a look of respect when speaking of Nie Xia. 

"Okay then, we've covered the main points that needed to be spoken of. Is there anything else you would like to know?" he asked. 

Ming Yue nodded and began asking away. 

The day slowly turned to night befote they were done talking. By then, Hei Yue and Xiao Yin had found a spot to sleep in a corner of the tent. 

As the talking ended, Ming Yue gently shook them awake. 

"Come on, you two. It's time to get up."

Slowly, they awakened still yawning and their eyes were droopy. As the trio left the tent, Ming Yue turned and bowed, having learned a lot about the Demon Continent. 

"Thank you for your help."

Commander Bi replied in kind and watched her go. 

"To be sent to the Demon Continent at a time like this... She's simply too young to experience such a hellish place."

He spoke to himself, looking at her with a bit of pity in his heart. As someone who had experienced war, such a thing should not be experienced by someone like Ming Yue who was not yet twenty. He could tell that she has killed before but the life of a cultivator is different to that of a soldier. The scale of blood and carnage is much larger than a battle between cultivators. 

Shaking his head, Commander Bi returned to his desk and began reading the numerous documents.

As for Ming Yue, she exited the tent to find Hu Baihe waiting outside. 

"Please follow me, I will be taking you to your quarters."

She looked at Ming Yue before turning and walking off, bringing Ming Yue away. Her appearance this time was slightly different as she did not have her armor on. The lack of it revealed a muscular figure that made Ming Yue look thinner compared to her. 

The walk was silent as Ming Yue felt even more eyes on her. She quickly glanced around, finding the many soldiers giving quick looks as they continued their duties. 

"Don't mind them. It seems that news travels quite fast."

Hu Baihe turned her head slightly, studying the young girl. 

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》