Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
People unfinished
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Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
Author :ARGAS
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People unfinished

Major Characters:

Rou Ming Yue - 16 years old, Human Realm Level 8, Bronze Bull Rank, a young girl changed by tragedy. Despite coming to terms with the horrors that she has experienced, she rarely shows much emotion to anyone but her close friends.

Yu Fengtian - member of the branch Yu Family, Yao Xian's brother, despite his cute and girlish appearance, he is an earnest young man who strives to work hard, he has feelings for Ming Yue.

Yu Yao Xian - member of the branch Yu Family, Fengtian's sister, a genius from the branch Yu Family who greatly cares for her brother.

Hua Xiong - a disciple of the Violet Sun Sect and inheritor of the Light of Fury's powers, a gentle girl whose beauty earned her the name "Fairy of Jin" but became colder and distant after passing the Light of Fury's Trial.

Xuan Yin - granddaughter of the Dancing Hunter, caged within the Stone Forest, she wanders the world every now and then to experience something new.

Di Mu, Lord of Azure Souls - thought to be a villain, he is one of the thirteen messengers of the High Council whose purpose is to protect the Human Continent from invaders.

Minor Characters:

Rou Meng - Ming Yue's late father, died giving her the Parting Sun Blade

Da Fan - teacher of Green Orchid Village

Chen Xiao - villager of Green Orchid, tried to save Da Fan from Bloodwolf but lost his life doing so

Bloodwolf - leader of Wolf Bandits, attacked the village only to be killed by a young Ming Yue

Fei Xian - disciple of the Eternal Blade Sect, saved by Ming Yue from a Jade Snake, part of hte medicinal group of the Eternal Blade Sect

Fei Yun - Fei Xian's Uncle, member of the Eternal Bade Sect

Dark Shadow Trio - attempted to take Cui Fen and have "fun" with her, killed by Ming Yue

Cui Fen - saved by Ming Yue from the Dark Shadow Trio, works at a brothel as a prostitute to pay off her debt but changed to a dancer after paying it off, in a relationship with Fei Yun

Rou Er - Cui Fen's daughter, a cheerful young girl

Old Su - shopkeeper, former commander of Luan City Army

Tie Di - blacksmith of Luan City

Ming Gang - a muscular bald man who uses an axe, a body cultivator

Shen Hou - one half of the Long Feng Brothers, uses a sword and is known for his dragon swordplay

Ling Rong - the other half who uses a spear, known for his phoenix spear play

Lan Jia - a young woman with blue hair, fights using a pair of gauntlets

Ye Jian - a warrior sent by a neighboring province to kill the Terra Wolf King

Meng Zhao - an elder of the Jade Dragon Pavilion, has been saved by Ming Yue's father multiple times, Ming Yue's foster grandfather

Sky - leader of one of the 48 Demon Brigades

Shade, Tower, Earth, Mountain, Lotus - members of Sky's demon brigade

Emperor - Emperor of Red Lotus Country

Wei Lian - leader of the Darksun Marauder's and responsible for kidnapping Yu Yao Xian

Third Young Master, Yu Ao Long - orchestrated Yao Xian's kidnappings with his siblings due to the threat of her genius, sent to the army as punishment and discipline along with his siblings

Zhi Shu - an attendant at the Jade Dragon Pavilion of Five Element City, generally takes care of any matters with Ming Yue

Elder Yin - Head of the Five Element City Branch of the Jade Dragon Pavilion

Shao Jin - Patriarch of the Shao Family and father of Shao Huang

Yu Ci Hua - wife of the Yu Patriarch, titled "Flaming Spearhead"

Bing Shan - Patriarch of the Bing Clan, titled "Bone Doctor"

Lord Tang Guang - Leader of the Jade Dragon Pavilion and the Emperor's sworn brother, an ordinary middle aged man who carries himself in a gentle manner

Bing Yun Zhi - daughter of Bing Shan and successor to the Bing Family, despite having no affinity for the element of light, her medical knowledge is more than enough to make up for it. Furthermore, her affinity for ice and skill in hand to hand combat is a force to be reckoned with

Shu Zhi - a scholarly young man placed second in the Youth Dragon Tournament, he turned out to be nothing more than a puppet for the Lord of Azure Souls

Qing Lei Jiang - the emperor's son and a genius warrior, having an affinity for lightning, he uses a pair of short halberds and his body has fused with the blood of a dragon giving him some extent of a dragon's power.

Jian Bai Hu - a farm boy who cultivates the body, he was made known for going toe to toe with Lord Tang Guang's pet, Hou Huang, a rank 4 Thunderhide Ape.

Gong Chui - member of the Gong Family and most likely the successor, his body has been tempered by the fires of the forge ans he wields a hexagonal staff.

Caretaker Jian - caretaker of the Jian Family who oversees the training of the younger generation

Yong Jing - disciple of a medicinal master, she met Ming Yue in Blu Willow Village

Pin Yao Ci - the criminal "Lone Rose" and lieutenant of the Lustful Lord, obsessed with her lover and looks, she killed a number of beautiful women who she felt threatened by and killed her own husband as well for fear of losing him to another woman. After his death, she would kill those she believed to be prettier than her believing that they were trying to take her lover away.

The Twin Moons - a violent pair of killers who murdered anyone that even slightly bothered them.

Jade Hand - a group of five famed for kidnapping the children of many influential families oftne asking for a large sum of money as ransom.

The Lifeless Lord, Huo Li - one of the lords of Redmist Sanctuary, a cultivator who strives for power by cutting off all attachments from the world, even his own family.

The Lustful Lord, Daiyu - a lord of Redmist Sanctuary, her young looks only cover her true age for she absorbs the energy of men in order to preserve her looks.

The Lord of Torment, Tong Ku - a vicious and twisted lord, he is infamous for kidnapping the unwanted and using them for his inhuman experiments.

The Bandit Lord - a lord and leader of his own bandit group, he holds a neutral position always stealing and attacking the wealthy to give to the poor.

Bai Meng - Yao Ci's attendant who took her place as the Lustful Lord's lieutenant after her death.

Zhao Liqiu - the young daughter of the Zhao Family from Maple Root City

You Qian - Liqiu's bodyguard and trusted aide

Ling Xue - servant of the horned demon soul

Zhao Chang Yu - patriarch of the Zhao Family, vessel to the horned demon soul

Yong Wu - patriarch of the Yong Family

Shi Fan - patriarch of the Shi Family

Gao Ri - Representative of the Winged Demon Race

An Ri - one of the thirteen messengers

Su Yao - one of the thirteen messengers

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    《Maiden Of The Splitting Moon》