Mated to a Werecat
4 Iris“s Point of View
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Mated to a Werecat
Author :Lu_Vixen18
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4 Iris“s Point of View

Everything was dark and quiet. You could hear a pin drop. I roamed in the darkness for what seem like forever until I heard something. What, no. Someone. It sounded like someone was calling my name.

"Iris," the mysterious voice said.

"Hello? Anyone out there?" I said back.

I waited for a reply but never got one. I shrugged and walked some more. Then I felt someone touch me. It was cold too. I screamed in fear.

"Hello? Someone there? There has to be. I heard and felt you. So whoever you are, show yourself," I said.

That's when I saw them. My parents.

"Mama? Papa?" I asked in disbelief.

"Iris, baby," my mother said.

"Is that really you?" I asked.

It can't be them. Unless.... Unless I'm dead. Am I dead? I finally see my mate and then I die. Wow. That's the end of my story.

"Baby girl. You've grown up so much," my dad says.

"Am I dead?" I asked.

"No. You're not dead honey," my mother says.

"You're in a coma. But Iris, you have to listen. You're in grave danger. If you leave your mate, life won't go so well as fate wants it to be," my father says sternly.

A tear started to stream down my face. I couldn't believe that my parents who've been dead for about 10 years were standing right in front of me. I walked closer to them. They haven't changed much from when I seen them before they died. My mom opened her arms and I ran into them like I used to. My father wrapped his arms around both me and my mom. It felt like how it used to.

"Baby. Iris. It's time for you to go back to your mate. Wish we could meet him in person, but we'll watch over you guys," my mom said.

"No. I'm not ready to leave you guys." I said holding onto them tightly.

"I'm sorry love, but we have to go. Always remember that we're in your heart and always with you. I love you," my father said.

"I love you too. I love you both," I said back still crying.

Then they left me alone in the darkness. Alone once again. That was until I saw the light as it swallowed me.

"NO! MAMA! PAPA! COME BACK!" I screamed out not opening my eyes.

I felt someone touch me. Then there was a bright light in my dilating eyes. I felt something prick me and everything went calm.

I couldn't move but I sure could still hear, So I did what I could do best, I listened to the conversation.

"Doc, what was the cause of this?" said the person that sounded like my mate, but I wasn't sure.

"She went into shock. Whatever went on that we don't know caused her to go into it. But she's not in a coma," said I'm guessing the doctor.

"So what did you inject her with to calm her down?" my mate asked.

"A home remedy that soothes stress. If she goes in shock again, tell me," the doctor said.

"I will. Thank you for coming," my mate said.

"Anything for you and the Luna, alpha," the doctor replied.

I heard the door close and my mate sigh. I felt the bed dip as he sits on the opposite side of the bed. I tried opening my eyes. It took a few moments to adjust. I slowly tried to sit up and move a little. The few moments of being awake and moving, my head hurts a whole lot.

I looked over to where my mate sat. He's shirtless and is built. I fight the urge to run my finger down his back. I sighed not knowing what to say. Hell, I don't even know if I can talk after screaming.

"You must be confused on where you're at," my mate said.

I jumped at the sound of his voice. I looked up to see him standing next to me. How long has he been here? But I nodded on replying to what he said.

"I'm Lucius Lyons, the alpha of the Filtrian Pack. And I'm your mate. And what's your name mate?" Lucius, my mate, said.

I stared at him getting a glimpse of him with out being scared.

"Iris," I said very quietly like a whisper hard for anyone to hear.

"Iris. That's a beautiful name. Well, I'm going to go get the pack doctor so he can check up on you. I'll be right back," Lucius said as he walked out.

I sat in this room that I'm guessing is his, since his scent is everywhere. It was very spacious. A huge bed with navy blue bedding that I'm sitting in. A desk off to one side and a TV with a game set off on the other side. Two nightstands were next to the bed, one on each side of it. There was an attached bathroom and I'm guessing a closet where all his clothes are at.

The sound of my mate's and someone else's voice came from the open doorway. They walked into the room and Lucius sat next to me.

"Dr. O'Reilly, this is my mate, Iris," he says to Dr. O'Reilly.

Then he looks back at me.

"Iris, this is the pack doctor, Dr. O'Reilly. He's going to do simple check-ups. Dr. O'Reilly, she's all yours," he says as he moved out the way for the pack doctor.

"Hello Iris. As the alpha has said, I'm Dr. O'Reilly, the pack doctor. I'll take care of any of your wounds and illnesses like I do with the rest of the pack. Now stay calm and everything will go by quick," he told me.

As Dr. O'Reilly did my little check-up, he made me laugh and smile while he did what he needed to do.

"Alpha, do you have a weight scale and a yard stick?" Dr. O'Reilly asked.

"Yes doctor. I'll go get them," Lucius said and left to go fetch the doctor a weight scale and a yardstick.

"So Iris, do you remember where you came from? And how you stumbled onto the pack grounds?" Dr. O'Reilly asked me.

I told him everything that I remembered. He listened and took a few notes on what I said.

"I'm sorry for your loss Iris. And you're a werecat, is that correct?" Dr. O'Reilly said.

"Yes," I replied.

"And you said you were from where exactly?" he asked.

"I'm from Sweden. Ritsem, Sweden to be exact," I said in return.

The sound of a yardstick falling onto the floor startles me. I jumped and see Lucius at the door paler than deathly white. He put the weight scale down and ran out the pack house. I run to the window in time to see him shift and run into the woods.

I look back at the pack doctor.

"What's wrong with him?" I asked worriedly.

"Iris, I don't have the place to say. Your mate does," Dr. O'Reilly said.

"As your alpha's mate, I demand to know. As you seen, your alpha ran into the woods because I said I'm from Ritsem. So if I were you, I would tell me why he ran off," I demanded.

"Well, our pack is the pack that attacked a werecat clan in Ritsem 10 years ago," he said.

"What was the clan's name?" I asked.

The pack doctor gulped and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"Well?!" I demanded.

"Mineneki," he said nervously.

Everything went black again after he told me the werecat clan name was.

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    《Mated to a Werecat》