Mated to a Werecat
12 Maxwell“s Point Of View
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Mated to a Werecat
Author :Lu_Vixen18
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12 Maxwell“s Point Of View

I stormed out the dungeons and ran to my room. I know what you're thinking. 'Maxwell, you're the beta of the most intimidating and scariest pack in all of history. Grow a pair of balls and man up.' But it's not easy to man up. Especially when you had lost a mate. It's painful losing a mate. It makes a wolf go mad.

When I walk into my room, I shut my door and pull a box out from underneath my bed. Opening the box, I look into it seeing pictures and things that had belonged to my mate before she passed. That even means her wedding ring. Looking at the pictures of the happy times with my mate, tears started to stream down my face. Lucius words flooded through my head. That's when I lost it.

I knocked off everything that was neatly in placed. I pushed my huge bookshelves onto the ground, breaking them into pieces. I punched holes into my wall. Then my bedroom door opens. Once it was finally opened, I flung a chair out my room. A gasp pulls me out of my trance. There stood a wide eyed Iris. She looked up at me, then to the chair that was flung out the room, and back at me. I turned my back to her, not being able to look at her.

I waited to see if she would leave. But her presence never left. In fact, Iris walked into my damaged room. She made her way to me.

"Maxwell?" she said scared.

She put her hand on my shoulder and I instantly flinched. I looked at her to see hurt and sympathy flood into her eyes.

"G-go away," I said holding back more tears.

"Maxwell, I'm not going to hurt you. It's okay to cry. I just want to soothe you," Iris said walking cautiously closer to me.

I stood there and watched as she hugged me.

Slowly, I gave in and hugged her back, bawling my eyes out. We stayed like this until my crying stopped. Once I stopped crying fully, I felt extremely tired and started falling asleep on her.

"Come on. Lets get you in bed," Iris said taking my hand and took me to her room.

"You can sleep on the bed. I'll sleep on the couch," she said as we entered her room.

I watched her as she grabbed a pillow off the bed and a blanket off a chair. She made herself a bed on the couch. I walked over to her bed and got settled in as much as possible. Iris climbed into the little bed she made.

"Goodnight Maxwell," she said with a yawn.

"Goodnight Iris," I said letting sleep take over.

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    《Mated to a Werecat》