Mated to a Werecat
17 Iris“s Point of View
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Mated to a Werecat
Author :Lu_Vixen18
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17 Iris“s Point of View

Time flew by and I sat alone and kept quiet at the table. People that walked by would give me weird side glances and giggle to themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if a rumor about me is going around. Maxwell and the two other males came back to the table. The former alpha and beta looked at me confusingly.

"Have you seen our mates?" the former beta, Liam, asked.

"Yeah. They were here a couple hours ago. I watched them disappear in the crowd where all the parents are," I said.

Liam nodded and went to where I said, Maxwell and Marcus sat down at the table, Max sat next to me while Marcus sat across from me.

"So...what did you girls talk about?" Maxwell asked.

"Michelle and Ilene were curious of what I thought about the pack. The they left, so I sat with Sarah and Josephine. Sarah asked me who my mate was. So I told her about Lucius. Josephine felt bad about what happened and Sarah left. I hope I didn't start anything," I said back.

We sat in silence for a little bit. Max and Marcus talked to each other silently. And I mean silently. They stared at each other, not even blinking. Marcus nodded and they snapped out of whatever trance they were in.

"What was that all about?" I asked curiously.

"We were mind linking," Maxwell said.

"Would I be able to do it?" I asked. Max shrugged and mumbled I don't know.

"It's unheard of for a cat shifter to mind link with wolves. But I'm not saying it's impossible. I'll look into it and see what I can find," Marcus said.

"Okay. So what were you mind linking about?" I asked.

"What we're going to do with Lucius," Maxwell said.

"And that would be?" I asked.

Maxwell sighed but didn't say a word.

"Well?!?" I asked again getting impatient.

"We're going to see if he accepts you as his mate," Maxwell said.

"If he does?" I asked nervously.

"Nothing. You'll get the role of Luna," Marcus said.

"And if he doesn't?" I asked.

"Then he's stripped from his alpha title," Maxwell said.

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    《Mated to a Werecat》