Mated to a Werecat
25 Iris“s Point of View
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Mated to a Werecat
Author :Lu_Vixen18
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25 Iris“s Point of View

Lucius was Elder Marcus's nephew all along? Did he know? Couldn't have, he was calling him father before being banished. I sat there taking in everything. So much information and Marcus is the good guy of it all. Marcus sighed and sat down.

"Does he know?" I asked.

"No he doesn't. He thinks I'm his father. He probably hates me now since I banished," Marcus said.

"Everything will get better," I said in a reassuring tone.

Marcus slightly smiled and I smiled back. We sat in comfortable silence in the office reading when a pack member came running in.

"Elder Marcus, we're under attack by rogues. They're coming from the Southern Boarder," the pack member said.

"What's your name son?" Marcus said.

"Leo, sir," he said.

"Take me where this is at Leo," Marcus said.

"Should I come with?" I asked.

"No. Stay here and hide. There should be a safe room where all the children and women go. Find Josephine and she'll take you there," Marcus said before running behind Leo to where the fight is.

I watched Leo and Marcus shift into their wolves and run to the southern boarder. I walked out the room and hurriedly tried to find my way to the safe room. As I was wondering around the halls, I started to feel really hot. And this weird pain came, making it hard to breathe. I kept on trying to find my way and ignored the pain until I ran into something hard, making me land on the floor. I looked up to see two guys. They stared back at me. They looked at each other and nodded before coming towards me. I scooted myself as fast as I could. But they were a lot faster than I thought. One grabbed my legs and pulled me to them as the other went to grab me by my hands. I thrashed around and started screaming from both fear and pain.

"Fuck. She's in heat. Master won't be happy about this," the guy holding my legs said.

"Hurry. Lets get her to master before someone comes and fins us," the other guy said.

I continued to thrash around trying to break free, but the pain kept getting worse. Through my screams of fear and pain, I heard a deadly growl. We all stopped and looked in the direction where the growl came from. The wolf shifted into Maxwell ,and he went after the guy who were trying to kidnap me. Max didn't give them enough time to react because soon they were on the ground with broken necks. Then he stalked towards me and I whimpered.

"M-max?" I said.

"You're in heat Iris. I can't be near you," Maxwell said.

"But you're my mate," I said.

"I know I am. But I don't want to do something we'll both regret," he said.

"But I need you," I said and moaned in pain.

That triggered him to lose control of his wolf, making his golden hazel eyes darken with lust. He picked me up off the floor, wrapping my legs around his waist and takes me to the closest room, which surprisingly was his. He shuts and locks the door and doesn't waste a second and kisses me with my back pressed against the door. The kiss was filled with passion, love, and lust. The heat making my core throb as I feel an already formed bulge in his pants. I moaned as he pressed us together more and bites my lip. I wrap my arms around arms around his neck, pulling his hair as we make out. He growls from it and I could feel his pants tighten more around his mini him.

From there he carries me to the bed and undresses me. Everything is off except the thin black thong that I'm wearing. His eyes darken more and he licks his lips, making me squirm under his gaze. He strips off all his clothes, leaving only his boxers on. He kissed me on my lips, then my jawline. He made his way trail of kisses down my body. My back arched as he made contact with my sensitive buds. Maxwell sucked, licked, and bit them. This made me moan loudly. As quickly he attacked them, he continued to leave love bites down the rest of my body. Once he got to my special area, I was a moaning mess. My hands clenched the bed sheets ass he continued to tease me with his mouth. My hips bucked as he sucked and teased me, making me whimper and moan in pleasure. Then he stopped. I didn't even realize that he took off our remaining clothes until I could feel his mini him at my entrance. He came up to me and kissed my lips.

"Are you sure you really want this?" he asked.

"Yes," I said breathing heavily from the teasing.

He was hesitant at first, and I was becoming impatient. So I bucked my hips against his and bit his lip. He growled and slammed his mini him into me. I closed my eyes from the sudden intrusion and nodded for him to continue once the pain started to go away. He started off slow, but sped up after each thrust. We went faster and harder as time passed by. I clawed down his back making him groan. Max kissed my neck and trailed down to where the shoulder and neck meet, making me whimper in pleasure. He smirked and kept nipping and sucking on that spot.

"Just mark me already," I moaned.

He didn't waste another second and bit into my neck, marking me as his. I moaned and bit into him, marking him as mine. He thrusted a couple more times before releasing everything in me. I took my teeth off him and licked the bleeding mark. He did the same before kissing me.

Out of breath, I looked into those bright golden eyes that Maxwell possessed. He was soon off me, gathering our clothes. Such a dick move, I know. But we are under attack and got carried away with our needs and wants that was filled with love and lust. After putting on our clothes and checking that the cost was clear, we started heading towards the safe room.

"Maxwell, you better come back to me," I said.

"I will. Also, your heat has calmed down...for now. You should be fine for another few hours," Maxwell said.

"Alright," I said.

We made it to the safe room where all the pups and women were at. Josephine took me and Maxwell explained to her that I'm in heat. Though, I believe everyone could tell anyways since I smell like heat and sex. Josephine nodded and Maxwell took off back into the fight. Goddess, I hope he comes back in one piece, alive and well.

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    《Mated to a Werecat》