Mated to a Werecat
29 Maxwell“s Point of View
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Mated to a Werecat
Author :Lu_Vixen18
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29 Maxwell“s Point of View

It was a typical Saturday morning. Waking up with Iris next to me, cuddling her until she wakes and tells me to get up so I could tend to my alpha duties. My mother and the previous Luna, Sarah, are supposed to start helping her with the role of being Luna now that she can walk a bit better.

I was currently doing paperwork, mainly signing treaties and planning the next alpha meeting. The alpha meeting brings all the alphas around the world together to discuss main issues; like rogue attacks, newly guardians being born within packs, and treaties with other supernatural clans.

A knock on the door brought me out of my busy thoughts.

"Come in," I said.

My mother walks into the office. I put the letter that was in my hand down and greeted her like any son should greet their mother.

"It's a pleasure to see you, mom," I said hugging her.

"It better be. I'm your mother. Any-who, how have you and Iris been?" she said.

"We're good. I'm glad that the Moon Goddess allowed me to have her as a mate. She's my world," I told my mother with a smile on my face.

My mother smiled and stayed for a bit longer before going to find Iris and Sarah since it was time to start the lessons. I got back to my mountain of my paperwork, which were mainly bills and I mean tons of bills.

My wolf kept pacing around in my head along with whimpering. Something about how he's acting made me feel anxious.

M- 'What's wrong?"

W- 'I don't know. Something isn't right.'

Soon my mother and an omega came storming into the office. By the look of their faces, my heart had stopped with fear.

"Alpha Maxwell, Iris has gone missing," the omega said with fear laced in his voice.

I snatched the paper that was in his hand and read it.

If you want what was once yours, come find her. For she is dead.

- L

I growled loudly, having the omega bare his neck to me in submission and whimpered. Rage filled my heart as my once so-called best friend has taken my mate...once again. It's like a repeat of my first mate, Lily.


"Max, it's Lily. She has gone missing," Leeland had said.

Leeland was Lily's twin brother. They were close until we found out that we were mates. She seemed to always go missing. It wasn't until I found out the reason that day.

I walked to the waterfall that was on pack lands that she would sometimes run to when she wanted to be away from everyone. I knew where it was at since I would go there as well to think about life. What also made it special was that it was where Lily and I found out that we were mates the year before.

Getting closer to the waterfall, I could smell Lily's scent....and someone else. At first, I thought it was someone guarding her but it smelt oddly too familiar. Like I've smelled this scent on her multiple times in the past. As I got closer, I could hear faint moaning sounds and my heart dropped down to the pit of my gut.

I looked over the bushes that were in front of me. I regretted with every bit of my soul. Lily was fucking my best friend and soon-to-be alpha, Lucius.

"M-mark me Lucius," she moaned out.

Being the lustful teenager he is, he didn't stop and marked her like she asked. I felt searing pain run through my body and soul due to Lily being marked by another man. I couldn't stay any longer and left as fast and quietly as possible. But what I didn't know at the time was that they knew I was there the whole time.

Present Day

My mother came by me to make sure I wouldn't break down like I had did then. The omega, whom I realized was my cousin, Scott,'s mate, Mitch. He stayed a bit away from me just in case he had to make a run for it.

"Who seen her last?" I asked as I tried to remain calm as I spoke.

"I-I did alpha. She had thrown up and I took her to the pack doctor to get checked out. I had left her once she was in the room and told her that if she needed anything =, she could mind-link me," Mitch said as he slowly inched closer to the door.

My wolf howled in my head. He wasn't pleased to know that she was left alone. But why was she throwing up. Did she get sick?

"Where's the pack doctor?" I asked.

"She's not in her office. I went to check up on her and that's when I found the note," my mother said.

I growled loudly once again and slumped into my chair. I took a deep breath and looked Mitch and my mother before speaking.

"Get every warrior and pack member that can fight. I'll call the council and neighboring packs. We have a Luna to find and a rogue to kill."

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    《Mated to a Werecat》