Mated to a Werecat
31 Third Person“s Point of View
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Mated to a Werecat
Author :Lu_Vixen18
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31 Third Person“s Point of View

A year has gone by. Maxwell was at the brink of insanity. Everyday was torturous for the man, feeling Iris's pain but not being able to help or find her. Not even the notorious trackers in all of history could find her. For a whole year, he never he was to a father to the most gorgeous baby boy. A fighter much like himself.

Flying over to Iris's prisoner life. Lucius was beyond pissed when he found out that Iris was expecting a child from Maxwell. At first, he tried to forcefully give her a miscarriage. From raping her multiple times himself, which he did throughout the whole pregnancy and even now, to physically abusing her.

After a month of being abused and raped, Iris figured out that Lucius was all behind this. Knowing that his cover was blown, he removed the blindfold, but only because he decided to make her of some usage. She had became his personal slave. Occasionally, which soon became more frequently, she would be sold for a day or so to other rogues to gang-bang her whenever and how long they wanted for money. Poor Iris never got proper sleep or nutritious value in her "meals", which consisted of stale bread and mucky watered down soup.

At nights when she was to be sold off, one particular rogue would take care of her. Aiden was his name, and he was Lucius right-hand man....or so Lucius thought. Aiden would secretly take food to Iris whenever he could, and had helped her deliver the baby. Even after the baby was born, he took time to help her with caring for it as if the baby was his own.

Iris wanted to leave the prison-like-place. She knew that something was up when Lucius gave her permission to keep and raise the child, even after it was born. And boy was she right. Aiden told her of Lucius's secret plan to train it to kill Maxwell and make it his own personal weapon, if it proved to be strong enough surviving with her. That same night, Iris and Aiden escaped with the baby. Lucius was beyond enraged by morning since they all left without a trace. Not even a scent to track. Absolutely nothing.

A few weeks go by before Aiden, Iris, and the baby arrive to their destination. During their trip, everything had made complete sense to her on why Aiden was so friendly. He had heard if her search, but being half caster and half vampire made it highly difficult for anyone to contact him. He was hardly ever in Earth's realm unless absolutely needed to, much like this situation, but another caster was able to reach him in time.

Now to the present setting of the story. A year and a half has came and went. Iris has fully healed, with some remaining nightmares, and resides with Aiden in his house that's well hidden in the trees of the no-mans land that's sacred to all supernatural creatures. It was surprisingly close by the Filtiran Pack territory, just roughly 2 hours, by foot, north of the territory lines. The baby was named after her father, Zephyr which meant west winds in Greek, can now walk and talk a bit and is looking much like his father.

It was late spring, almost summer, when she went to Aiden. The warm air wasn't suffocating in the early morning as she sat next to him.

"Do you think it's safe for Zephyr and I to go to the Filtiran Pack?" she asked looking at the rising sun.

"I'm not sure yet. Lucius is still on the hunt for you, and so is everyone else," he responded.

Iris sighed.

"I just want Max to meet his son. He'd not doing so well. I can feel it. All because of my pain and trauma. I...I miss him" she said with tears running down her face.

Aiden mentally decided on whether or not he should let her go. He never has company over and didn't mind them being with him. He enjoyed the little family that he became apart of, even it wasn't really his to begin with. Iris got up at the sound of Zephyr's whimpers, letting them know that he's awoken. Aiden knows how important it is for Iris to let her mate know that she's well and alive. To let him know that they have a family.

Aiden didn't let her know of his final decision until after she laid Zephyr down at the end of the night. He pulled her aside when she exited the little nursery.

"You can go, but I'm coming with. There's a councilman who's a friend of mine that's there. It would only make sense to let you come along instead of leaving you both here alone. Plus I can easily protect you guys when you're with me, rather than me being away," he said.

Iris smiled and thanked him before heading off to sleep for the long day ahead of them. He felt happy of his decision, but couldn't get rid of the gut feeling gnawing at him within. He felt as if something was going to happen, and it wasn't going to be good. Not wanting to stress out more, he shrugged off the feeling and went to bed himself. Not realizing that the real trouble is just about to begin.

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    《Mated to a Werecat》