Mated to a Werecat
34 Iris“ Point of View
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Mated to a Werecat
Author :Lu_Vixen18
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34 Iris“ Point of View

I walked to the waterfall that Max had once told me about in the past. It was a peaceful place, secluded from the pack yet in our lands. Zephyr had woken up during the walk. He didn't fuss or make any sound, but he did stare at his father from over the shoulder. Max just looked back at the baby with curiosity even though his primal instincts was telling him to remove the child from my arms.

I sat down on the edge of the bank with Zephyr in my lap. Max laid nearby but still a far distance. I sighed and looked down at my silent child staring at his father. I wonder whether he will have a wolf or a feline. He could have both but we won't know until he's a bit older.

"His name is Zephyr, named after my father," I said breaking the silence. "He's a lot like you and is your child."

Max grunted at that, not really believing me.

"I found out the day I was kidnapped. I was going to tell you, but didn't get the chance," I said reaching into my pocket and pulled out the ultrasound picture from when I found out.

Max came closer to look at it, and Zephyr took the chance to grab his fur. Max jumped away which made Zephyr pout and whine. I rubbed his back to calm him down when he wanted to fight against it. Max laid on his stomach and crawled closer, unsure about his own actions. He nudged Zephyr's foot with his snout, making Zephyr giggle and lean forward to touch him once again, which he allowed. I set Zephyr down next to him, so they could bond. Zephyr grabbed his fur as he tried to climb up onto him. Max moved his head, having Zephyr fall onto his bum and making him squeal. Max sniffed Zephyr's scent, which smelled like freshly baked cookies and autumn leaves.

It was cute to watch them bond. A couple times I had to catch Zephyr from falling into the water. I'm glad that Max is taking it a lot better now that we're alone. Soon it was nightfall, and we headed back to the pack-house. Aiden and Liam were waiting on the back porch with a bottle and a cup of hot tea with honey. Max was still not used to Aiden, given the fact that he never really gave him a chance. Aiden came down and kneeled in front of Max.

"Forgive me alpha for my actions and words from earlier," he said.

Max grunted in response before rubbing himself against me, making sure I smelt like him. I petted him, knowing he didn't like it.

"Relax Max. Aiden knows that you're my mate. Plus you should be greatful that he's the reason I'm alive with Zephyr," I said.

Max just gave me a look and rolled his eyes as his way of blowing me off. Such a sassy wolf he is. Aiden stood up and looked over at me.

"Liam said that it'll be better if you stayed in Max's room," he said.

I nodded and walked to the backdoor of the pack-house to feed Zephyr. Max had followed me in, still in wolf form, as I wondered my way to his room. When I got to his door, I opened it to see that it's still the same as it was when I left minus the complete mess. I sat onto the unmade bed and started to feed Zephyr while Max thought he wad being slick and tried to join us in bed.

"Uh-uh. You're not getting on the bed with all that filth," I said.

Max looked at me and whimpered in a begging matter. He tried it again to be rejected.

"No Max. You're lucky I even allowed you in the house like this," I said with a more stern tone of voice.

He growled at my tone of voice and sat there glaring. Becoming a mother just changes a person. Maybe I could seduce him still...or at least compromise.

"How about a compromise?" I suggested as I burped Zephyr.

Max tilted his head to the side. In all honestly, he looked like a cute overly sized puppy like this.

"You take a shower and thoroughly scrub yourself clean, and I'll let you sleep here in bed with Zephyr and I," I said.

Max though about it before disappearing into the bathroom. It wasn't long till I heard a loud thud and a groan from inside the bathroom. I set Zephyr down in the bed and surrounded him with pillows so he wouldn't roll off the bed and get hurt before making sure everything was alright in the bathroom. Walking in, I came face to face with a well naked Max on the floor.

"Need a little help?" I asked, holding back a laugh.

"T-that'll b-b-be n-nice," he said blushing as he tried to get up on his own.

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    《Mated to a Werecat》