Mated to a Werecat
35 Third Person Point of View
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Mated to a Werecat
Author :Lu_Vixen18
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35 Third Person Point of View

Days gone by. Iris and Max have been re-bonding. Little Zephyr continued to be the cutest baby with the unique steel blue eyes and sandy blonde hair that anyone has ever seen. Max and his wolf have accepted Zephyr more as time went by. There was even a DNA test ran, proving Iris' claim that Zephyr is 100% Max's pup.

Lucius and his pack of rogues haven't shown any signs of attacking...or so they want people to think. Aiden has been doing a sweep every other day or so to see if he can sense anything. Most of the time, it's been dormant but he did notice that they're slowly creeping in closer by the day. Therefore, everyone who are enabled to fight in the battle have been training everyday, preparing for the destruction that's upon them.

It was morning, early morning to be exact. The sun was barely showing over the horizon as the sky presented various shades of red, orange, and yellow, much like the colors of flames. Not a sound was to be heard for miles on end. Not even a morning bird chirping or an ant crawling. Nothing, just complete silence.

Aiden stood facing the woods. He felt the pit in his stomach grow uncomfortably large. Something was bound to happen today, and it wasn't going to be small nor good. It felt like another world war was about to break out. Blood shed and lost lived will littler the ground, staining the fresh green grass an ugly crimson bloody red.

Then a sound broke the eerie silence. The sound of an alarm much resembling a war cry broke out, signaling the battle has begun. What seemed to be a perfect day, ruined with death and bloodshed.

All small kids, pregnant women and men, and elders were put in the various safe rooms the pack-house had, even Iris wasn't exempt from being in there. Iris fought and argued with Max, but he wasn't hearing it.

"Please Max. Let me fight. I've been training," Iris begged once more as Max dragged her to a safe room with Zephyr in his hands.

"No and that's final. You're to stay here with Zephyr and everyone else. I don't wanna lose you," he said reaching the safe room.

"You're not going to lose me," she said.

Max handed Zephyr to one of the elders who was making sure everyone was going in before turning to Iris.

"You don't know that, Iris! Lucius is after you. He could just kill you or take you away and I'm not risking it," he said with his voice full of worry, anger, and anxiety.

Max was terrified in all honesty. He just got his mate back, and he wasn't even about to let her leave his side again. He knew that she's been training but it was simple self-defense moves that was to help her defend herself when he wasn't around. But for a battle much like this? He wasn't risking anything. He grabbed Iris and carried her inside the safe room.

"Make sure she remains here," Max said giving her a final kiss before running out to join the battle, not knowing that it'll be their final kiss.


Hours go by and nothing seem to progress. Iris paced around the safe room. Many of the kids were asleep, including Zephyr. Some of the pack mates were huddled together murmuring among themselves or running their fingers through the sleeping kids' hair as they slept in their lap.

"Luna Iris, you should rest," one of the women said.

"I can't. I have to be out there. How can I protect a pack that's welcomed me with open arms and be stuck in a safe room?" she said.

Everyone looked at each other before an elder wolf set her hand on Iris' shoulder.

"My dear child. I know how you must be feeling. But our mates and everyone else on that battlefield are protecting and fighting for our lives as well. So please, relax and rest," the elder wolf said.

The elder wolf was wise, since he was well older than Iris and has been in pack much longer. Plus he has outlived his mate, and a couple of his children. But Iris was determined to go out there, no matter what it cost.

"I have to be out there. It's me they're fighting over," Iris said.

"And what about the child?" the elder asked referring to Zephyr.

"He'll be fine raised here with everyone. His father will need him to get through this," she said.

"Then you must know what going out there will cost," he said.

"Yes. If it costs me my life, then so be it," she said with more confidence in her voice.

"Then go my child. End this battle once and for all," the elder said before going back to the spot he was once sitting at.

Iris nodded and went over to the young teenager who was holding him.

"What's you're name?" she asked.

"Derek," he said.

Derek looked no over 12 and was an omega in the pack. He had pale skin with light brown wide eyes and black short hair. Iris placed a gentle kiss on Zephyr's head as he slept.

"Please take care of him. Guide him to be a gentle soul and to know to give everyone a chance in life," she said before going out of the secret passage way and into the battlefield.

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    《Mated to a Werecat》