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Mumu's Legendary Quest
Author :Cristyn
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Once upon a time there was a princess in the Kingdom of Glory. Her name was Su Mucheng, but everyone called her MuMu.

The princess once heard a legend of a legendary food of the gods, this food healed all ills and bad feelings, so she studied for 50 years in search of how to find this legendary food.

Until she met up with a supreme umbrella magician named Ye Xiu.

He helped her unravel the mystery of the location of legendary food. So they created a map, and went after the legendary food.

Arriving there, they had to go through various physical and magical traps, They even had to fight monsters and bounty hunters from the Samsara guild.
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After defeating them, Princess Mumu and Mage Ye Xiu found a mysterious box sealed with enchantments never seen before. When they returned to the Palace, they devoted themselves more 12 years to the study of how to break the enchantments.

And finally after so many years, They managed to open the box, and they came across the recipe of the Batatinhas with Bacon and Cheddar Supremas, cure of all diseases and bad feelings.

But they did not expect that just by breaking the enchantments they were now young again and immortal, and now they could rule the Kingdom of Glory together for a better world.

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    《Mumu's Legendary Quest》