Nine Sun God King
Chapter 5 Inner Elements
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 5 Inner Elements

Chapter 5 : Inner Elements

"You dare? He is the Queen's son! He is also my future husband! " Yuan Yanying hurriedly shouted from the side. She no longer called him "Brother Yun" like she did before.

Qin Yun said with a sneer, "In ten days, I'll be joining the army. Since I'm going to die anyway, I might as well drag you down with me!"

No one would doubt his words!

If he were forced to join the army and fight on the front lines, he would most certainly die. He would definitely be able to do anything.

"Qin …"

Yuan Yan had just said one word when Qin Yun's cold and emotionless gaze shot over. She could not help but turn pale as she took a few steps back.

She was scared speechless by Qin Yun's intense killing intent!

Qin Yun grabbed Qin Tianyi by the throat and shouted, "Give me the Spiritual Energy Pill. This is your last chance!"

Qin Tianyi's throat was firmly gripped by force. His injured face was also in great pain as he struggled bitterly.

Several head guards rushed over, but none of them dared to act rashly.

Qin Tianyi painfully nodded his head before glancing at the round faced middle-aged man in charge of distributing the spirit pellets. He shouted with difficulty, "Quick … "Give it to him."

The round-faced man trembled as he retrieved fifteen Spiritual Energy Pills and passed them to Qin Yun.

Qin Tianyi had just stepped into the fourth level of the Martial Body realm and was rewarded with fifteen Spiritual Energy Pills. However, all of them had been snatched away by Qin Yun.

After taking the pill, Qin Yun released Qin Tianyi and looked at Yuan Yanying. He said with a sneer, "You want this kind of trash? For someone as ungrateful as you, who only wants to enjoy wealth and power, it's not strange for you to sacrifice yourself and marry someone like him! "

After he finished speaking, he left without looking back.

Everyone looked at Qin Yun's proud and aloof back as they exclaimed in their hearts!

No one had expected Qin Yun, who was at the third level of the Martial Body realm, to defeat Qin Tianyi, who was at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm, in such a miserable manner!

Yuan Yanying bit her lips and blankly watched the several head guards carry Qin Tianyi away!

… ….

Qin Yun returned to the building and frowned as he looked at the fifteen Spiritual Energy Pills. He muttered to himself, "In ten days, the Hua Ling Wu Academy will come to recruit students. They are only at the fourth level of the Martial Body realm. I am only at the third level. I have to break through quickly. As long as I enter the Hua Ling Wu Academy, I will have a stable environment to train my martial arts. "

"There is a large amount of spiritual energy inside the spiritual energy pill, which can help me make a quick breakthrough."

As long as he could condense an Inner Yuan from his Dantian, he would step into the fourth level of the Martial Body Stage!

Inner Yuan was able to store a large amount of inner Qi. At the same time, it could also be used to refine inner Qi and make it purer.

In order to condense inner qi, one had to first absorb a large amount of spiritual energy into their body, then store a large amount of spiritual energy into their dantian and finally condense it into their inner qi.

It wasn't difficult to complete, but it wasn't easy to complete either. If one had a lot of spirit veins, they could easily cross this threshold.

After Qin Yun consumed a pill, he quickly sensed nine strands of spirit energy circulating in his body. It was a pleasant surprise.

The mysterious nine-Jeweled bracelet was not only able to absorb the spiritual energy of the nine suns, but it was also able to sense the nine types of spiritual energy contained within the spiritual energy pill, which meant that it was able to completely absorb them.

A person with a Six Yang Spiritual Pulse could only absorb six types of Spiritual Qi from the pill.

And Qin Yun was able to absorb nine types of spiritual energy!

This was the advantage of having more spirit veins, so the more spirit veins one had, the higher one's potential was.

In the following period of time, Qin Yun spent every day refining the Pills of Spiritual Energy. He would infuse the Origin Energy in his body into his inner Qi.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed.

The inner energy within Qin Yun's dantian was vigorous and pure. It gathered together to form a shimmering golden cyclone that bulged and inflated his dantian.

He used his will to control the whirlpool within his dantian, causing it to constantly shrink.

Not long later, Qin Yun suddenly felt that his abdomen was very hot and uncomfortable. However, he could only endure the discomfort brought by the scorching heat as he continued shrinking the cyclone.

Time passed bit by bit …

The sun was about to rise, and today was the day for the prince to join the army.

If Qin Yun could not enter the fourth level of the Martial Body realm, he would be forced to join the army.

At this moment, he was absorbing the Nine Yang Energy into his body!

Suddenly, Qin Yun's body that had been drenched in sweat began to emit a faint golden mist. It was as though it was about to condense its elemental energy …

Early in the morning, the sunlight shone through the window!

Qin Yun grunted as golden mist suddenly gushed out from his body. It stirred a stream of air, blowing at the things in the room.

"I've finally condensed my Inner Yuan, and I've stepped into the fourth level of the Martial Body realm!"

He clenched his fists in excitement. If he could break through before the ceremony, he wouldn't need to join the army.

Qin Yun was overjoyed. After packing his luggage, he carried his luggage and walked out of the building that he worked hard to grow. He headed for the imperial palace's plaza.

In the past few days, there had been heated discussions in the palace about Qin Yun stealing Qin Tianyi's Spiritual Energy Pill.

Many people found it strange because in the past ten days, the Queen had not gone to cause trouble for Qin Yun!

Therefore, everyone began guessing that it was Emperor Tianqin who had obstructed him in the dark, allowing Qin Yun to live in peace within the empire for the final ten days.

… ….

The spacious plaza of the Imperial Palace was bustling with noise and activity.

Today, the palace was open to the public. People from the outside could come in and join the army, or they could sign up for the Spiritual Martial Force. It would be very lively all day.

The Southern District of the plaza was the most lively. Because of the famous Hua Ling Wu College, many teachers were sent here to recruit students. Many people were queuing up to register.

On the east side of the plaza, it was similarly bustling with noise and excitement. Here was the ceremony for the prince to join the army, and the princes had already begun to resist.

Qin Yun rushed to the east side of the square and saw a few dejected princes standing on a big red carpet as they were watched. They were pitiful creatures who had yet to reach the fourth level of the Martial Body Stage at the age of fifteen.

The ceremony for a prince to join the army was very grand. After all, as a prince, one had to show some dignity.

However, no matter how dignified they were, they couldn't make the princes happy. Every one of them looked as if they had been castrated, and their faces were filled with grief.

"Don't be depressed. Qin Yun, the former crown prince, will go with you." Someone on the side mocked.

Qin Yun was once the crown prince. His status was so high, but because he was weak, he was forced to join the army. This was equivalent to being executed!

Everyone was filled with emotion. The most ruthless place was the Royal Family.

At that moment, Qin Yun was standing beside the red carpet. He did not stand on the red carpet in the middle.

Why didn't he go in? This made everyone puzzled!

Not long after, a large palanquin that glowed with a golden light was carried over by many people. A group of palace maids followed from the front and back. These were the empress's palanquins.

A general steward came forward and announced that the Emperor had urgent matters to attend to and could not take charge of the Prince's enlistment, so the Empress was in charge of the matter.

It had been several years since Qin Yun had seen the emperor. He had a vague feeling that the emperor was secretly helping him from time to time. He could not explain why he had such a feeling.

The luxurious palanquin arrived. From it walked down a beautiful woman wearing a dazzling phoenix robe. This was the Heavenly Qin Empress!

Her luxurious phoenix gown flickered with a faint crystal splendor, and spirit energy lingered around it. This armor had a certain level of defense, so it was priceless!

The moment the empress alighted on the palanquin, everyone immediately bowed!

"No need for formalities!"

The empress's tone was indifferent, her eyes cold and sharp as she swept her eyes over the crowd. She had a cold and arrogant air about her.

Her gaze landed on Qin Yun as her cold eyes narrowed slightly. A sinister glint flashed across her eyes.

Her youngest son, Qin Tianyi, had been injured by Qin Yun ten days ago. Fifteen Spiritual Energy Pills had been snatched away. If it were not for the emperor secretly obstructing her, she would have attacked Qin Yun a long time ago.

Now, when she saw that Qin Yun was about to die from joining the army, she felt much better.

As for Qin Yun, he wanted nothing more than to kill this sinister woman!

The fact that one of his spirit veins was taken out had a lot to do with the empress. Also, one of his spirit veins was taken out by the empress's eldest son.


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