Nine Sun God King
Chapter 30 Wind Slaying Arts
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 30 Wind Slaying Arts

"Son of the Grandmaster Wei? Genius of the Martial Dao? You've completely disgraced your father! Go back and train for three more years! "

Qin Yun sneered as his flaming fist charged forward, smashing straight at Wei Xuankun!


Waves of air surged up as Wei Xuankun was sent flying and crashed into a distant wall!

"Wei... Wei Xuankong lost, Qin Yun won! " Dean Zhang was stunned for a moment before he shouted.

Cui Hui, Yan Yun and a few teachers rushed over to check on Wei Xuankun's injuries.

They hurriedly took out a few precious pills and fed them to Wei Xuankun.

Qin Yun quickly came to the fighting arena and picked up the azure sword.

Everyone was dumbstruck by what had just happened!

Qin Yun had truly won!

Moreover, he broke through at a critical moment, stepping into the fifth level of the Martial Body realm!

"Qin Yun, you are doomed. You dare to injure Brother Kun!? His father won't let you go." Wei Xuankun was supported over by a teacher, but he did not faint.

"Hmph, what right do you have to only let him injure me and not let me injure him?" Qin Yun said with a laugh, "The dueling platform is that cruel. Only cowards would make a move through their women and father after losing!"

"You …" When Yan Yun saw the sword in Qin Yun's hand, she stomped her foot in anger.

"Little Yun, quickly get the sword back!" The injured and weak Wei Xuankun anxiously whispered.

Not only had he been defeated due to his injuries but he had also given away his low grade spirit artifact. Wei Xuankun had lost a lot of face!

"Qin Yun, do you remember? When I was young, you came to attend one of my birthdays. At that time, you said that you could promise me one thing! " Yan Yun gritted her teeth and said, "You are a man, now you will fulfill the promise you made! Promise me that you will give me the Blue Sword in your hands!"

Yan Yun was Qin Yun's cousin. Back then, she had said that it was a joke but now, she had brought it up!

Everyone snickered in their hearts. Who would hand over such a precious spirit artifact just because they had been joking around in their childhood?

Qin Yun frowned. In his childhood, his relationship with Yan Yun had been pretty good. However, after losing his power, his playmates from childhood had turned hostile, leaving him feeling helpless.

"Alright, I promise you!" Everyone was surprised by Qin Yun's words.

Yang Shiyue suddenly wanted to say something but she did not speak. She thought that Qin Yun would not agree. After all, no one would laugh at him.

Wei Xuankun was the target of ridicule.

Qin Yun unsheathed the azure Sword from its scabbard. His hands felt as though they were burning red as he suddenly grabbed the blade and snapped it with force!


With a crisp sound, the blue sword broke!

Many people were stunned by this scene, and the hall once again fell into silence!

"Hehe, the things refined by a great Inscription Master are actually so fragile, it's fine if you want it!" Qin Yun smiled and threw the broken sword at Yan Yun's feet.

When he saw the spirit markings on the sword and heard the cry of the sword when it was unsheathed, he knew that it was a very poor quality spirit sword. Then he tested it and sure enough, it broke!

Wei Xuankun looked at the broken sword with a deathly pale face. He could not help but spit out a mouthful of blood as he fainted.

A low grade spirit weapon was actually broken like this!

The crowd couldn't help but wonder if this sword was crafted by a Grandmaster!

"Qin Yun, you will die a horrible death!" Cui Hui stomped her feet in anger and roared, then she hurriedly supported Wei Xuankong and left.

Yan Yun was already scared out of her wits by Qin Yun's strength. She followed behind Cui Hui and left. Wei Xuankun was incomparably powerful in her eyes but right now, he had been defeated by the person she hated the most!

Qin Yun had achieved complete victory. Furthermore, he had broken through to the fifth level of the Martial Body realm. This made the people present extremely impressed. They had witnessed how Qin Yun had obtained first place with their own eyes!

After the martial arts competition ended, the two men brought up a round table.

"This is for the lottery. If you win, you can start the lottery once. Usually, once you draw, you will need ten thousand crystal coins!" Dean Zhang smiled and said, "Turn the wheel. After you stop, you can get whatever the pointer is pointing at!"

Qin Yun looked at the reward on the turntable and cursed inwardly.

There were dozens of rewards on the turntable but they were all miscellaneous items, such as clothes, shoes, etc.

Only the cultivation method called 'Wind Slaying Arts' was good!

"The Wind Slaying Art is a top grade spirit level martial skill. It can be used directly by the hand and it can also be used in conjunction with the axe." Yang Shiyue walked over, sighed and said, "I heard that for many years, no one has been able to use the Wind Slaying Technique!"

Qin Yun only heard a bunch of curses coming from below....

"I've played with this thing before. scammed me for 20,000 crystal coins, got a broken bowl!"

"I played for 30,000 coins, I got a broken belt!"

"I've been tricked too..."


Qin Yun secretly looked down on the Hua Ling Wu Academy. They had used this turntable to swindle a lot of crystal coins!

"I'll try!" He walked over, circulated the weak inner Qi, and then gently pulled the wheel.

The needle began to spin a few times before slowly coming to a stop. It was getting closer and closer to the 'Wind Slaying Arts'!

Everyone had thought that Qin Yun would not be able to obtain anything good. However, the needle stopped at the "Wind Slaying Arts"!

Everyone was dumbfounded. Wasn't this way too lucky!

Even Yang Shiyue found it strange. Qin Yun had won the best in his first game!

Qin Yun secretly rejoiced. Actually, he had used Vibration Inner Qi to turn the disk and used Mental Energy to control the weak vibrations from the air to dissipate.

Initially, he only wanted to give it a try but he didn't expect his control to be so precise.

"This is your prize!" Dean Zhang seemed to have realized something but he did not say anything. He handed over a book.

Qin Yun rummaged through it but there were no comments. This belonged to him and there was no need to return it. He could read it slowly in the future.

"Please enter the Heavenly Lion Lake!" Dean Zhang shouted loudly, then walked towards a door in the hall.

Qin Yun handed the "Wind Slaying Arts" to Yang Shiyue and asked her to add a few additional notes before he followed behind Dean Zhang.

Yang Shiyue exhorted him a few times before seeing off Qin Yun and Dean Zhang into the Heavenly Lion Lake. She was rather happy but her heart couldn't help but feel heavy.

The main reason was because she felt that there were more and more forces that wanted to deal with Qin Yun. If Qin Yun were to leave the Hua Ling Wu Academy, he would definitely be in great danger.

Qin Yun followed behind Dean Zhang as he walked towards a golden door that led directly east of the Heavenly Lion Hall. The door was covered in the carvings of lions and it gave off an ancient and mysterious aura!

Beside these two large doors, there were two fierce golden lion statues, vivid and lifelike, mighty and powerful!

After Dean Zhang opened the door, he saw a very wide and long corridor that stretched beyond the horizon.

The walls and floor of the corridor seemed to be made of gold and were carved with the ferocious postures of lions.

On the two walls, there were two rows of golden lion heads. The lion heads were extremely large and as they opened their mouths wide in a golden flame, they illuminated the two walls of the corridor, giving it a divine feeling.

When everyone saw Qin Yun enter with Dean Zhang, they revealed looks of yearning and envy.

The Heavenly Lion Lake was incomparably mysterious. Those who came out of it would have a great future in the martial arts. They would definitely become powerful martial artists!

"Five years ago, his position of crown prince was abolished and four spirit veins were taken away. Everyone thinks that he won't live to be sixteen! But now, he has actually entered the Heavenly Lion Lake!"

"The Heavenly Lion Spring Water can only be concocted each five years. You can only yarn for it. Not everyone has the chance to enter!"

"I heard that the Heavenly Lion Spring Water is extremely violent. Level 5 Martial Body cultivators would have to crawl out of there even if they had to stay inside for a day."

"Qin Yun has just stepped into the fifth level of the Martial Body realm and has yet to produce any internal force. At most, he will only be able to cultivate for half a day, right?"

Everyone envied and sighed as they recounted the various legends of the Celestial Lion Lake.

Yang Shiyue looked at Qin Yun's back as her thoughts raced. She knew very well that Qin Yun had suffered a lot in order to enter the Heavenly Lion Lake. Qin Yun had been ridiculed for a few years. He cultivated without hindrance, even if it meant crawling on the path of martial arts. He would never give up!

Only those who possess such willpower are qualified to enter the Heavenly Lion Lake!


Closing the door meant the end of the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet and everyone leaving the hall!


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