Nine Sun God King
Chapter 117 Light Pattern Equipmen
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 117 Light Pattern Equipmen

Chapter 117 - Light Pattern Equipment

The cave was very deep, and there was a large stone room inside.

The stone room had been meticulously arranged so that not even the slightest sound could be heard from inside. As a result, it was impossible to know what was going on inside.

People began to climb out of the other caves.

Everyone was badly mutilated!

This caused the people lining up outside the cave to feel a deep sense of fear.

The timid ones, upon seeing the miserable state of these students, started to retreat. They all left the group and gave up on challenging the powerful iron men!

"Ironman is too strong!" To be able to beat up someone like that, our strength is pretty much the same as the ones injured here. If they can't hold on for long, then we definitely can't hold on for too long either. "

"Let's quit! If you get hurt or something like that, then you'll be crippled for life.

"Qin Yun and company are over there as well. Let's see how long they can last. If they are crippled as well, it would be hilarious."

Trying to endure for two hours wasn't as easy as everyone thought.

Of the first batch of people that went in, only Huo Zhong had yet to come out.

Xie Wufeng said, "Old Huo San is very strong, we don't need to worry. If he really couldn't take it, he would have come out long ago."

Qin Yun looked at the other teams. Although they did not have any spirit artifacts, they were all wearing steel armor that could enhance their defenses.

He walked up to Xie Wufeng and asked in a low voice, "Boss Xie, can you wear the refined defensive gear?"

Xie Wufeng nodded and said, "We can wear armor! If it's not a good defensive equipment, then it's not very useful. "

"Everyone wants to obtain Xuan Points because they want to exchange for the Gold Vein Spirit Pill and the Gold Origin Spirit Pill. Each pellet costs three million Xuan Points!"

"The Gold Vein Spirit Pill can refine three great scriptures, the Gold Origin Spirit Pill can refine Vajra Inner Qi, these are all very expensive top quality Spirit Pills. Elder Xu has four of each, their quantity is limited, everyone wants to get them as soon as possible."

Next, Qin Yun needed to refine two pills to form the Three Vajra Scripture and the Vajra inner elemental energy.

As for Huo Zhong and Mu Rong Jun, they needed to refine one pellet each.

They needed a total of four pills!

Mu Rong Jun said, "Let's concentrate our efforts and get three million Xuan Points. We will let Brother Yun forge the three great scriptures of King Kong."

Qin Yun thanked them from the bottom of his heart as he lowered his voice and said, "If we can put on any armor, I can make special clothes, such as clothes with light engravings, and quickly recover from my injuries. "

When Xie Wufeng and Mu Rong Chen heard this, they were shocked.

Xie Wufeng said in a low voice, "Alright, let's go refine it now! Do you need help? "

"No need, I can finish it myself. You guys wait here for Ol 'Three." Qin Yun smiled before he turned and ran back.

… ….

Qin Yun was in a secret chamber, rapidly forging various protective gear with light patterns on it.

"Clothes, two bracers, two leggings, and a belt. There are two sets of light engravings on them. This way, they can be recovered multiple times." Qin Yun chuckled and began inscribing.

He also had a lot of animal skins that had undergone special treatment, and he had used his spiritual energy to accumulate internal energy engravings. This was all done for him by Yang Shiyue.

Looking at the beast skins, Qin Yun suddenly thought of Yang Shiyue and could only sigh inwardly. He was even more eager to become strong and help her escape the shackles of fate.

The bracers, legguards, and belts were forged using the fused beast bones. These materials weren't too good, as long as he could store enough inner strength and urge the glowing patterns to heal his wounds.

If it was carved on good material, it would take longer.

The more spirit inscriptions one carved, the more proficient one would be.

Qin Yun had become very proficient at carving light runes. He was able to carve very quickly as well.

He had only used half a day to customize Huo Zhong's light engravings equipment.

Two days later, he made another three sets and hastily ran out of his room. He wanted to quickly hand over the Light Pattern Equipment to Xie Wufeng and the other two.

When he arrived at the hall outside, he saw Huo Zhong lying on a chair. He did not look to be in good spirits. There were many bruises on his face and his eyes were bloodshot. With one look, he knew that he had been severely injured.

When Huo Zhong saw Qin Yun's arrival, he smiled slightly. "Brother Yun, I will be able to hold on for two hours and obtain a hundred thousand Xuan Points!"

Qin Yun walked over and carefully examined Huo Zhong's injuries. He exclaimed, "Number three, are the iron men inside hard to deal with?"

Even a big fat guy like Huo Zhong was hurt so badly, not to mention the others.

Huo Zhong nodded and sighed, "It's really very scary. There's no chance of winning at all. I don't even know how I made it."

Qin Yun took out the light pattern equipment he had forged for Huo Zhong and said with a smile, "Third Brother, wear the equipment I forged for you and activate the light patterns. Your injuries will soon recover."

Light inscriptions were one of the rare spirit inscriptions, let alone high-grade spirit inscriptions!

Huo Zhong also knew that Qin Yun was preparing to forge a light rune. He hurriedly wore a pair of bracers and did as Qin Yun said. He activated the light rune on the wrist and it emitted a pale white glow.

"I feel very comfortable!" Huo Zhong said with a face full of surprise.

Qin Yun smiled. "You will recover soon. I'll go find Boss Xie and company!"

He quickly left the stone house and walked to the east side of the valley.

He only saw that Mu Rong Jun was there, and he also had quite a few wounds on his body. Since he could still stand, it meant that his injuries weren't too severe.

Qin Yun remembered that the last time he came here, the other caves were filled with people. However, there were only the two of them here!

He looked around at the other caves. There were many dried up blood stains, and those who came out of them were severely injured.

"Boss Xie is out!" Just two hours ago! " Mu Rong Jun shouted happily when he saw Xie Wufeng walking out of the cave.

Qin Yun walked over and supported Xie Wufeng.

"I'm fine, let's go back first!" Xie Wufeng did not appear to be injured on the surface, but his expression was ugly, he definitely suffered from internal injuries.

After returning, Qin Yun took out two sets of light pattern equipment and handed them to Xie Wufeng and Murong Datong.

Huo Zhong, who had just put on his light pattern equipment, had also pretty much recovered.

"Boss Xie is truly amazing. He was able to stand up three times when he went in. The first time I was able to come out, the second time he wasn't able to hold on for more than two hours." After putting on his equipment, he walked out of the room and said with a smile, "I'm not afraid now. With equipment that can heal us multiple times, we can hold on for a long time."

Xie Wufeng and Murong Datong, who had been healed by the light patterns, recovered quickly. He smiled and said, "I'll go and fight with the iron man and see how powerful he is."

Xie Wufeng reminded him, "If you can't hold on, then hurry up and come out. If you damage your foundation, then it will be detrimental to your tempering of the three great scriptures."

"Alright, wait for me here. I'll go alone!" Qin Yun smiled slightly as he walked out of the stone house and headed for cave number 10 alone.

There was a ten-meter-wide stone room surrounded by torches inside the cave.

There was a two-meter-tall black iron man in the middle that was illuminated by the torches, making it look like a burly man in armor.

At the corner of the stone room, there was a white-haired old man sitting on a chair, controlling the iron men.

When the elder saw Qin Yun enter, he opened his eyes slightly and flipped an hourglass. He began counting!

Suddenly, the iron man who was standing in the middle of the room began to run. His footsteps made the ground tremble.


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