Nine Sun God King
Chapter 148 Tsunami Technique
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 148 Tsunami Technique

Chapter 148 - Tsunami Technique

A few days later, Qin Yun's table was covered in many pieces of paper.

These were all things that he had comprehended when he understood the Tsunami Skill. They were all rather chaotic and needed further attention to sort them out.

"As long as I have mastered the basics, I'll be satisfied. I'll definitely be able to do it!" Qin Yun was very confident in himself.

Over the next few days, he focused on cultivating his Tsunami Technique.

The other students in the valley were also earnestly cultivating their cultivation techniques. As soon as possible, they would raise their strength to enter the examination!

Only by passing the exam would one be able to leave the Three Xuan Academy and head to the Xuan Grade Martial Arts Academy. Only then would they have the chance to step into the seventh level of the Martial Body realm!

Otherwise, with his own strength, it would be difficult for him to step into the 7th level of the Martial Body in a short period of time.

Inside the room, Qin Yun struck a palm at the wall as his inner strength surged. It set off a shockwave.

He muttered to himself, "If Teacher Yang was here, I would definitely be able to grasp the Tsunami Technique in a short period of time. I've now spent an entire ten days before I managed to achieve initial rank."

"Right now, I can only create one shock wave. I will be able create at least three shock waves before I can enter the sect."

Tsunami Skill, as long as one was able to create a shock wave, even if one was just initiated in it, the second and third shock waves would still be achievable with some difficulty. And the power of the skill would be even stronger.

In the small success stage, there were fourth, fifth and sixth shock waves.

Qin Yun continued practicing the Tsunami Technique. Although it was just a shock wave, it was extremely powerful. It had to be known that it was produced from his inner strength.

Not only did he practice the Tsunami Technique, he also practiced other martial arts.

He had practiced the Flaming Light Fist and the Flaming Cloud Steps to the great perfection stage! However, it was not easy to learn to great perfection. It required not only time to comprehend but also one's physique and cultivation base to be strong enough.

The Ten Thousand Horse Palm and the Hanshan Style could continue improving, they are difficult techniques to learn and power was not small either.

Qin Yun had comprehended and learned a variety of martial arts by himself, allowing him to have a deeper understanding of cultivation techniques. It was easier to understand when he was learning other cultivation techniques in the future.

It was because Yang Shiyue frequently read all kinds of martial arts books that she had a good understanding of the difficulty of martial arts.

"I've finally reached the true entrance. The Tsunami Waves that I've displayed can carry out three shock waves." After Qin Yun released a surge of inner strength, three ripples would appear. They were like a wave as they surged forward with an even greater power.

He mocked himself, "To think that it took me half a month to master the basics!"

He felt that if Yang Shi Yue was here, it would at most take five days to reach the Triple Shock Wave.

In the past, because of Yang Shiyue's guidance, he could learn the Ten Thousand Horse Palm and the Hanshan Style very quickly.

Now, he had mastered the Thousand Horse Palm and used inner strength to attack. It was like using the power of a thousand horses but it consumed a lot of inner strength.

And the Mastery of the Hanshan Style could unleash the might of moving a mountain and could also possess very powerful strength.

"I have mastered these martial arts so well. Ordinary sixth level martial body wouldn't be a match for me. I just don't know what will happen when I fight a seventh level martial body." Qin Yun pondered to himself.

He was the most familiar with the Six Style Wind Slaying Fist and the Dragon Forging Fist. He also frequently used them, so he was able to learn them very quickly and master them all.

The cultivation technique he could learn was more or less finished. There were only ten days left before the examination!

"Ten days left! However, I still feel that it's not enough. There will definitely be someone who will deliberately target us in this exam. So, I must make myself even stronger or else I won't be able to pass the exam. "

Qin Yun was not worried. He was very certain that there would be people who would obstruct him. The people from the Tian Xuan Martial School and Blue Spirit Star Palace especially did not want to see him enter the Xuan Level Martial Academy.

He had studied martial arts for more than twenty days and had not yet relaxed. Even now, he was very nervous because if he couldn't pass this time's exam, then the next time would be in half a year.

"There are still three or four months before the betrothal ceremony begins. When the time comes, they will definitely notify me, especially that slut Empress. She will definitely want me to go to the scene and watch her son get engaged to Xiao Yue Lan."

At that moment, Qin Yun was soaking in a large bathtub. He was releasing flames and heating up the water in the bathtub. This allowed him to relax his entire body.

A proper relaxation would also be of great help to the body.

Suddenly, he looked at the Heavenly Lion totem on his arm and could not help but recall the words of the Golden Fire Lion.

"The lion said that the Heavenly Lion Totem needs to be comprehended. Can it be that I can really comprehend something?"

With a puzzled expression, he quietly looked at the Heavenly Lion totem mark on his arm, trying to figure out what it was.

Just like that, he could not help but be engrossed in the sight. The water in the large tub became ice-cold and he did not even notice.

"It's strange, I can almost see the lions moving!" Qin Yun did not know why he had such a feeling. It secretly delighted him as he continued watching with rapt attention.

Several hours later, he suddenly heard a roar!

"Lion's roar ringing in my ears!" Qin Yun was jolted awake before he closed his eyes again. In his mind, a picture of the Heavenly Lion totem was etched.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

He could clearly hear the lion's roar after he had drawn the picture of the Heavenly Lion totem in his mind. He could even see the lines and patterns of the Heavenly Lion totem, which seemed to be a way to use inner strength.

He quickly memorized the changes to the Heavenly Lion Totem when it roared.

"My arm has the blood of a Heavenly Lion. Perhaps, I can even control the cultivation technique of a Heavenly Lion!" Qin Yun opened his eyes and carefully recalled the changes that occurred to the Heavenly Lion totem in his mind.

According to his comprehension, he would then proceed according to the changes on the Heavenly Lion Totem and control a surge of Inner Qi to flow out of his throat.

In next to no time, he felt a lump in his throat and he couldn't help but shout loudly.


The roar was like the roar of a raging lion!

Qin Yun was alarmed!

He did not expect that by chance, he would learn the Lion's Roar. Moreover, this was not an ordinary roar, it could release a very strong inner force wave.

"If such a sudden roar were to be made during the martial arts competition, it would surely be very effective."

He couldn't help but get excited as he thought about it. He closed his eyes and continued to comprehend the Heavenly Lion Totem.

"If I continue to learn, I might even be able to use inner strength to roar. The power will definitely be even stronger."

Not long after, his comprehension of this technique became clearer and clearer. The name of this technique even appeared in his mind, 'Heavenly Lion's Roar through the Sky'.

"Looks like I have really obtained the inheritance of the Heavenly Lion! I need to continue comprehending and maybe master a few more moves!"

Qin Yun continued looking at the Heavenly Lion totem on his arm. He concentrated on comprehending the other Heavenly Lion martial arts.

The inheritance of totems was very mysterious. It was only a totem, but it contained such a mysterious energy that one could perceive martial arts from it.

And this kind of inheritance was not recorded in any books because there were very few opportunities for humans to obtain a beast totem's inheritance.


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