Nine Sun God King
Chapter 169
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 169

The news of Qin Yun being sent to the forbidden zone spread very quickly.

Du Gui was extremely depressed. He had really believed that a good student had been sent into that damned forbidden area.

Xie Wufeng, Huo Zhong and Mu Rong had all come to look for Du Gui. They wanted to rescue Qin Yun and Du Gui supported their idea. However, they didn't have that kind of strength right now, so they were told to go back and train.

Even if one had the strength of a Martial Dao Realm cultivator, it was not certain that they would be able to rescue him from the Forbidden Zone.

The Heavenly Phenomenon Forbidden Area was located in a forest. At the entrance, there was a blue stone house.

After Qin Yun was blasted through the door and into the stone house, there was a deep vertical passageway that led to a depth of more than a thousand meters.

He was severely injured by the elder from the Tian Xuan Martial School, so he could not circulate his inner force. His consciousness was also very blurry, so he could only allow his body to fall down. He also believed that he would fall very miserably.

However, after he fell, he landed on a very soft object. However, he was still knocked out due to the impact.

After a few days, Qin Yun slowly opened his eyes. He saw a hazy white light on the walls and hurriedly sat up to observe his surroundings.

He was in a stone room and there were a few Night Illumination Pearls hanging on the wall.

"I remember, I was blasted into the blue brick house! Could it be that I am in the Heavenly Phenomenon Forbidden Area? " Qin Yun recalled it and was alarmed.

"Kid, you're indeed in the Heavenly Phenomenon Forbidden Area!"

Her voice was gentle like a woman's. However, the person who had walked over while speaking was an old woman with a head full of white hair who was holding a golden dragon head walking stick.

The old woman had some wrinkles on her face. She smiled kindly as she walked to the side of the bed and sat down.

Many people knew that a Soul Refiner Fiend was imprisoned in the Heavenly Phenomenon Forbidden Area.

Qin Yun had been very clear about this matter since he was a child.

However, he didn't expect that the legendary Soul Refining demon would be an old woman!

"De.... Grandma, why are you here? " Qin Yun found it unbelievable that the old woman in front of him was the infamous Demon.

"I made a mistake and was locked up here. What about you?" The old woman laughed.

Her smile made Qin Yun feel extremely uncomfortable.

"I had a conflict with someone and was sent here." Qin Yun hurriedly tried to sense the twin martial souls on his left arm. When he realized that they were still inside, he could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

He was also surprised to find that the wounds on his body had all healed. Previously, he had been severely injured by that 9th Layer Martial Body cultivator. Under the condition that he didn't circulate his energy to heal his injuries, it was impossible for him to recover so quickly.

The old lady laughed, "Your injury was healed by me! Your martial spirit is very interesting but you also encountered a big problem."

"Granny, are you the legendary Demon?" Qin Yun boldly asked when he saw the old woman's benevolence.

The old woman sighed, "Yes, yes.... I am that heinous Soul Refiner Fiend. I helped a lot of people in the Tian Qi empire to obtain powerful martial spirits but they were ungrateful and forced me to hand over the soul refining technique after my husband passed away! I wouldn't do it, so they put me in here."

Qin Yun was very clear on the character of the empire's ministers. Therefore, he believed that the old woman's words could be trusted.

"Granny, this kid's name is Qin Yun. A prince of the Tian Qin Empire. I was originally the crown prince but I was harmed by treacherous officials and my position as crown prince was abolished. Four spirit veins were extracted as well. But they're still targeting me. They're going to destroy me." Qin Yun sighed, "I have many enemies outside. It's much safer here."

After the old woman heard, she frowned and said angrily, "These fellows are truly malicious, to actually extract another person's spirit vein.... How old were you then?"

"Ten years old!" Qin Yun smiled bitterly and said, "It's all in the past. I'm still not bad now. I'm at the sixth level Martial Body realm."

"You must remember the person who took your Spirit Vein. After that, you must kill them one by one. You must not let these villains live." The old woman's expression was as hard as steel, sinister and cold. She was obviously very angry at this matter.

Qin Yun asked softly, "Old granny, I heard that you extracted another person's martial spirit. Is that true?"

The old lady shook her head, "What I extracted are ownerless Martial Spirits or beast spirits. I never draw Martial Spirits from people. Of course, if I were to face those evil people who have harmed me, I would not be merciful."

"I was one of the four concubines of the Tian Qi Empire. In the imperial harem, I was the biggest under the Empress. After the Emperor passed away, the Queen was worried that I would fight for the throne. Not only did she kill my two sons, she also wanted to force me to hand over the Soul Refining Technique. This group of idiots, if they didn't kill my sons, I might have cooperated with them."

Qin Yun lowered his head as he recalled the records he had read. He whispered, "There is indeed such a paragraph in the history of the Tian Qi Empire! One of the fourth wives, Qiao Ruiwen, was executed because she conspired with her sons to get the throne."

No one knew that the Soul Refining Demon and this concubine were actually the same person!

"At that time, only a few people knew that I knew how to refine martial spirit and they were worried that I would use the soul refining technique to win over the hearts of others, so they decisively made a move to eradicate our family and then turned the soul refiner into an unforgivable demonic technique, making it so that no one dared to find me and learn the refining technique." Qiao Ruiwen sneered.

Qin Yun said in surprise, "Grandma Qiao, you have been imprisoned here for more than two hundred years. You are so old! The Queen back then should have already died, right?"

Qiao Ruiwen laughed, "Of course, I used the Soul Refining Art to keep my soul active! As long as the martial spirit does not age, it can live for a long time!"

Following that, Qin Yun told Qiao Ruiwen everything that had happened to him. It made her feel sympathy and made her hate the Queen very much.

Qiao Ruiwen said, "Xiao Yun, the Martial Spirit in your body is very special. You should know it yourself."

"Because it was too dangerous, I moved them to my arm. I can't move it back now." Qin Yun was extremely vexed. "I wonder if it will affect me in the future!"

Qiao Ruiwen quickly said, "Of course it has an effect. If all of your Martial Spirits are concentrated in your arm, what if your arm is cut off in the future? Can you guarantee that your arm won't get hurt? "

Qin Yun's face was filled with worry as he asked, "Grandma Qiao, can you help me move my martial soul and inner yuan back into my Dantian?"

"Why move it back to your dantian? I intend to move your Vibration Martial Spirit and vibration inner yuan to your heart! Leave the sleeping Flame Martial Spirit on your left arm!"

"Why move it back to your Dantian?"....Qin Yun was extremely puzzled and secretly delighted when he heard this. It would be great if his Vibration Martial Spirit could reach his heart. The heart was a vital point. With the protection of the Vibration inner yuan, it would not be so easy to injure.

Qiao Ruiwen laughed: "If you don't want to move them back to the Dantian, then you have to keep it for your third martial spirit to rest! This is the best place to keep the third Martial Spirit."

"Is that really possible?" Qin Yun said excitedly.

"Lie down and cooperate with Grandma. In the process, you will need your own consciousness to control your Martial Spirit." said Qiao Ruiwen.

After Qin Yun laid down, Qiao Ruiwen placed her hand on his arm. She released a special mental force that locked onto the Vibration martial spirit.

Soon after, she slowly started moving the vibrationg inner yuan and whispered, "The vibration inner yuan is already inside your fire inner yuan. If I want to move it out now, it might be a little painful. Just bear with it. No matter what, you can't let the vibration inner yuan go back!"

Qin Yun hurriedly nodded before frowning. Not long after, he felt his inner energy shake. As Qiao Ruiwen's hand slowly moved, it quickly touched the inner wall of the fire inner yuan and was about to tear it and reach for the vibration inner yuan.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Qin Yun screamed in pain.

"Endure it, it'll be done soon!" Qiao Ruiwen was also sweating profusely as she shouted with a deep voice.

After a moment, the pain slowly subsided. Qin Yun panted heavily as his entire body was covered in sweat. The vibration inner yuan finally separated from the fire inner yuan. Following Qiao Ruiwen's control, it slowly moved towards his heart.

"Grandma Qiao, my fire inner yuan is asleep now. Do I need to fuse with a very strong Martial Spirit to make it wake up?" Qin Yun asked.

"Yes! This Martial Spirit must be strong. If it's not strong enough, it will destroy your Fire Martial Spirit and your fire inner yuan. It's a good thing you met me. Otherwise, if you went looking for a martial spirit, the consequences would be very serious."

Very soon, Qin Yun felt a strong energy rush into his heart. The vibration inner yuan entered his heart perfectly.

"If you didn't cultivate the Black Yellow Heart Meridian, I wouldn't dare to help you move it. Only the Black Yellow Heart Meridian can withstand the shock to your inner yuan; even if it was a normal Vajra Heart Meridian, it wouldn't be able to withstand it and would be torn apart."

The heart was the crux for the circulation of energy within the body. Now that it had been infused with the vibration energy, it meant that the vibration energy would be able to reach every part of the body in an instant to protect it!

"Thank you, Grandma Qiao!" Qin Yun chuckled.

"Why are you being polite with me? Little fellow, you've suffered so much, it's not easy for you to achieve what you've achieved today. It's a pity that I'm trapped in this damned place!" Qiao Ruiwen sighed, "Even though I have the strength of a Martial Dao Realm cultivator, I would not be able to escape."

"Grandma Qiao, what was the main thing that prevented you from leaving?" Qin Yun had mastered quite a number of spirit marks. He wanted to see if he could break the seal inside.

"There is an extremely powerful formation inside. A Spirit Formation that cover the entire underground palace. You can only enter from the outside and not exit from the inside." said Qiao Ruiwen

Qin Yun touched the walls around him. He poured some primordial spirit power into the wall to investigate but it did not succeed when the primordial spirit seeped out. This place was much tougher than the Heavenly Punisher Tower.

After inspecting his surroundings, he walked out of the room. There was a long passageway outside, and there were many forks in the passageway that connected to each other.

Qiao Ruiwen saw Qin Yun searching for something and walked over. "Xiao Yun, I have been here for more than two hundred years and know the underground palace like the back of my hand! There are a hundred and nine stone chambers below, the largest of which is an octagonal shaped room. And then, the thirty-six square stone rooms, which are also quite large and the other seventy-two stone rooms, which are round and small."


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