Nine Sun God King
Chapter 172
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 172

As long as one refined the Spirit Iron mine, they would be able to obtain the Spirit Iron. To a power, the Spirit Iron Ore Deposit was extremely important, let alone the top grade Spirit Iron Ore.

"The price of a top grade spirit iron is over ten thousand crystal coins per catty. I wonder how much top grade spirit iron can be refined from the spirit iron ore they mine."

Qin Yun pondered. From the conversation just now, he learned that the Spirit Iron mine was controlled by the Blue Spirit West Palace and they needed a large number of slaves to mine it.

"They treat slaves extremely cruelly, regardless of whether they live or die. How hateful, since I've met them, I'll conveniently save them."

The few patrolling people had a cultivation base at the fifth level Martial Body realm. Qin Yun felt that with his strength, he would be able to succeed.

After the patrolling men had left, he moved carefully and stealthily on the big tree.

Moments later, he heard all sorts of noises. There was the sound of whips lashing, the hissing of slaves, the cursing of supervisors and the cries of children!

"These beasts of the West Blue Spirit Palace actually brought the children of the slaves here. Is it to force the slaves to work hard?" Qin Yun was extremely infuriated and could not help but speed up his pace.

After a while, he stood on top of a hundred-meter-tall tree and looked at the huge pit in front of him that was hundreds of meters wide.

The crater was more than ten meters deep and there were sturdy stones beneath it. There were braziers along the walls, making the crater look red.

At the bottom of the crater, there were many strong men with their hands and feet shackled, both young and middle-aged. Their bodies were riddled with scars, all of them purple and black in color!

The most shocking thing was that there were quite a few large men holding whip and children between the ages of ten or so tied up nearby!

"Those trash from the Blue Spirit West Palace!" Qin Yun's eyes turned red when he saw this.

The slaves had to work hard to dig up those rigid rocks or else the children would be beaten up as well.

Qin Yun carefully observed the entire mine and noticed that there were three watchtowers. There were more than ten supervisors above the giant pit and they were all at the fifth level Martial Body realm.

"Only three of them are at the sixth level Martial Body realm. All of them are old men. They have three very comfortable rooms! Alright, let's start with them!"

After making his attack plan, he changed into a set of black clothes and used beast skins to quickly craft talismans.

"Since Body Securing marks can be used to create Body Securing Talismans, they are also relatively easy to create. They are more than enough to deal with supervisors. To deal with the few people on the tower, I have to use the sleeping marks to create the hypnosis rune. If one's mental strength is not strong enough and get hit by the hypnosis rune, one will instantly fall asleep."

From the thirty-six spirit marks, Qin Yun had learned many strange high-grade spirit marks!

Hypnosis talismans were more difficult to make and required a high amount of mental energy. The beast skins used to carve them also required a special amount of mental energy to make.

A few hours later, Qin Yun looked at the sky and thought to himself, "In about two hours, the sky will brighten. I have to finish them before daybreak."

He made the talismans and immediately took action.

He first quietly arrived beside a small house and used his Mental Energy to carefully open the window.

After he opened the window, he saw the martial body sixth level cultivator. He immediately used Spirit Concentrating Killing techniques to stun the old man, then he quickly entered the house and killed the old man.

"There are also two old men!" Qin Yun changed into the old man's blue robe. This would prevent him from being discovered by pretending to be a member of Blue Spirit Star Palace.

These old men were all cultivating, as if they were in a deep sleep. They didn't have any wariness about them, so he could easily kill them.

After killing the three elders who were at the sixth level Martial Body realm, Qin Yun was standing far away. He used his mental energy to send the Hypnosis Talisman to the watchtower and hypnotize the person above.

When the people on the three watchtowers were fast asleep, he released the Silver Lion and took out his spirit saber.

He first used the Body Securing Talisman to lock down the overseer beside the large mine pit, then controlled Silver Lion to search for the few patrols that had escaped.

After the overseer was locked down, Qin Yun used Divine Imperial Technique to control his spirit blade to send it flying. With a few swipes, he killed all of the fierce and brutal overseers!

After he was done, Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief. He was very satisfied with the assassination.

From afar, the sound of dogs barking could be heard. The patrolling soldiers riding big dogs didn't even have the strength to fight back against the silver lions.

When the slaves below saw the overseer killed, they couldn't help but feel fear.

Qin Yun was wearing a mask as he tossed down a bunch of keys. He said, "Unlock it yourselves and leave this place as soon as possible!"

He discovered that many of these slaves were at the third or fourth level Martial Body realm. There were even a few fifth level Martial Body realm old men.

"How did you all get caught?" Qin Yun asked.

"Blue Spirit West Palace said that they would recruit martial artists. They said that we can bring our children into the West Palace. Who would have thought that they would trick us into coming here?" An old man said angrily.

"Hero, you are going against the Blue Spirit West Palace. You have to be careful, they are very vicious."

Many people reminded Qin Yun to be careful of Blue Spirit West Palace while they were thanking him.

Qin Yun had also seen the pile of top grade spirit iron ores. After refining it, he would be able to obtain a lot of top grade spirit iron but he wasn't sure exactly how much it was.

After the slaves were rescued, they also told him that the top grade spirit iron ores here were almost all extracted. This was a very small scale mine.

"Everyone, you must be careful on the road. You better tell this to the Divine Inscription Palace!" Qin Yun said.

Here, only the Divine Inscription Palace could contend with the Blue Spirit West Palace.

Finally, the group thanked Qin Yun once again before hurriedly leaving with their children.

Qin Yun carefully inspected the mine pit and realized that there were indeed not many Spirit Iron ores left. Even if he wanted to mine more, he would not be able to mine much. Yet, he had obtained the majority of the Spirit Iron mine.

At daybreak, Qin Yun threw the corpses of the people from the Western Palace into a mine pit and burned them with a few fire talismans before continuing on his journey to the Soul Guiding Star Peak.

The news of the Tian Qi Forbidden Area being destroyed by the huge meteorite had already spread throughout the countries.

Just as everyone was discussing about this matter, another shocking matter was brought out!

At the Tian Xuan Martial School, there were seven students at the 7th level Martial Body realm. When they went out to gain experience, they were all crippled.

The person who did this was Xiao Yue Mei!

Back then, it was a teacher of the Tian Xuan Martial School who had sent Qin Yun into the forbidden zone.

Xiao Yuemei had a very good relationship with Qin Yun. After her disappearance, she began avenging Qin Yun. This was also something everyone had anticipated.

The students crippled by Xiao Yue Mei were also the students of that teacher!

When Xiao Yue Mei was at the sixth level Martial Body, her strength was already very strong. She was comparable to many seventh level Martial Body cultivators. Now that she had stepped into the seventh level Martial Body, her strength was even more frightening.

Soon after, the news of disciples being crippled came up again and it was Xiao Yue Mei again!

Ever since the Tian Qi Forbidden Area had been destroyed by the meteorite, Xiao Yue Mei had been frantically taking her revenge. Not only was she taking revenge against the teacher of the Tian Xuan Martial School, she was even taking revenge against her brother Xiao Yang Long!

In the Tian Xiao Empire, the old officials who had a good relationship with Xiao Yang Long all had strong warriors being assassinated in the mansion, causing the nobles of the Tian Xiao Empire to be on tenterhooks.

They were helpless because the person who did this to them was the princess of the Tian Xiao Empire!

Xiao Yue Mei's storage bracelet was stolen by Xiao Yanglong, so this was also the reason for her revenge.

East of Blue Spirit Star Palace, in front of the Eastern Palace.

Xiao Yanglong came to find Xiao Yuelan again and this time he even brought Xiao Xuan Qin.

"Yue Lan, this is your secret order!" When Xiao Yanglong saw that Xiao Yue Lan had come out, he hurriedly handed over a letter.

After Xiao Yuelan received it, her lily-white hands suddenly began to emit hot steam and a ball of flames emerged, burning the letter to ashes.

"Yue Lan, you..." Xiao Xuan Qin frowned and said anxiously: "You father wants you to cooperate in finding Yue Mei, this is an extremely urgent matter and it concerns the future of our Tian Xiao Empire!"

"I'm about to get engaged and marry into another country. What does the future of the Tian Xiao Empire have to do with me?" Xiao Yuelan coldly said.

She had originally hoped that Qin Yun would be able to come to the wedding and cause a ruckus before taking advantage of the chaos to escape. But now that Qin Yun was dead, she was in despair.

Anyone could tell that Xiao Yuelan was extremely dissatisfied with her marriage. If it weren't for the fact that two old women of the Martial Dao Realm were spying on her, she would have already ran away.

Xiao Yang Long clenched his fists and said angrily: "Yue Mei has already crippled more than ten of my followers, are you going to allow her to continue doing evil?"

Xiao Yue Lan sneered: "On what basis can only you guys do evil but not her? If I bring her back, she will have the same fate as me. She will sacrifice herself for your benefit and be sold as a commodity. I don't want her to be like me! She is the person closest to me and she is free and unfettered. As a big sister, I am very happy."

Xiao Xuanqin slightly clenched her teeth and said: "I promise, as long as Yue Mei is willing to stop, she won't be married off.."

She felt extremely guilty because if she had not stopped Xiao Yue Mei back then, Qin Yun might not have been sent to the Forbidden Area. There would not have been so many things that happened later on.

"Aunt, go back! Unless Qin Yun can revive, Yue Mei will not stop her hand." Xiao Yueran said.

Just as Xiao Yanglong was about to say something, a youth suddenly rushed over and said in panic: "Senior Xiao, this is bad, one of our top quality spirit mines has been destroyed, all the disciples guarding the mine have been killed and the site set ablaze."

Xiao Yanglong was the head disciple of the Western Palace and was also in charge of many things. After hearing about this, he immediately thought of Xiao Yue Mei.

Xiao Xuanqin frowned: "Did Yue Mei really do it?"

Xiao Yuelan's face was expressionless. She turned around and flew through the gate of the Eastern Palace.

Xiao Yanglong gritted his teeth and replied, "Besides this damned girl, who else is there? I must catch her!"

Xiao Xuanqin was also helpless and could only continue to search for Xiao Yue Mei.

The Blue Spirit Star Palace was like the sun at high noon. But now, a mine had actually been taken care of by someone.

It was said that Xiao Yue Mei had taken revenge on Xiao Yanglong and had started to take action against the Blue Spirit Western Palace.

Just as the Blue Spirit Western Palace was about to erupt in chaos, Zhuo Chuan from the Divine Inscription Palace arrived in front of the main entrance of the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

After the mines of the Blue Spirit West Palace were destroyed, there were also rumors about how they mistreated their slaves to dug up Spirit Iron mines. Not just that but there were also many children involved, drawing the attention of the Divine Inscription Palace. Many common martial artists were also extremely angry at this.


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