Nine Sun God King
Chapter 213
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 213

Qin Yun listened with a look of surprise. To think that such a powerful object would be given to him to use.

Old Tan handed the Royal Spirit Cannon to Qin Yun and said, "Carry it on your shoulder and insert your mental force into it. Let's see if you can control it!"

Qin Yun placed the Royal Spirit Cannon on his shoulder and injected his mental force into it. The barrel began trembling slightly as he successfully established a connection with the Cannon.

His mental energy was inside the Royal Spirit Cannon and he could clearly see the things in the distance through the muzzle. As long as he aimed through the mental energy control muzzle, he would be able to hit the target.

Old Tan and Old Zhou both revealed satisfied smiles.

"Not bad, you can easily control it. It seems that your mental strength is much stronger than what we imagined." Old Tan laughed, "Because artillery shells are very expensive, we can't let you try right now. Once we find the target, it'll be time for you to show off your skills."

If not for Qin Yun, one of the four of them would have to use the Royal Spirit Cannon while hiding in the distance. As for the other three, they would either fight the magical beasts or divert the attention of the magical beasts.

Now, with Qin Yun controlling the Royal Spirit Cannon from afar, the four of them would be able to deal with the demonic beasts together.

In a critical moment, having an extra martial body ninth level would be of great use. This was also the reason why they wanted Qin Yun to join them.

Qin Yun returned the Royal Spirit Cannon to Old Tan. With such a precious item, others would not easily give it to him for safekeeping.

He couldn't wait to give it a try and smiled, "Old Tan, have you found your target yet?"

"Not yet but don't worry. We have a lot of targets in the second district!" Elder Zhou replied with a smile.

"Let's go, we're going out to search for prey right now."

When Old Tan saw that Qin Yun's mental force was very strong, he was very happy. This made his team's overall strength rise yet again.

Qin Yun followed them outside and looked up at the nine suns in the sky. He could sense an even denser amount of spirit energy.

It was the first time he had been out in broad daylight.

He carefully followed behind the seniors and asked, "Old Tan, are there a lot of people in the second district?"

"Quite a few teams are hiding. It's hard to see them normally and there are quite a few people in the second district. However, it's not easy to find a suitable teammate. After all, this is the second district, where the fish and dragons are mixed. If someone with ill intentions is added to the team, it will be a disaster for us." Old Tan said.

Qin Yun was only at the seventh level Martial Body realm. He was the only one here and he was not from the first town. Therefore, Old Tan and company were very assured.

"The magical beasts in the second district aren't that strong but the ones in the first district are scary. Each magical beast horde there have at least two spirit beasts and only a small team formed by a martial dao cultivator dares to walk there." Zhou Da sighed.

Qin Yun was curious. He asked, "Why are the demonic beasts gathered in these two places?"

Old Tan suddenly stopped and asked Elder Zhou to look at the surroundings. They were all running and stopping like this. On one hand, they could rest and adjust their condition while on the other hand, they could avoid being ambushed by magical beasts.

After Old Tan was done with his arrangements, he said, "The magic beasts killed many people in the third and fourth district. They stored a large amount of corpses and moved them to the first and second districts. In addition, there is a river in the second and first district. The source of this river is in the center of the first district."

Qin Yun asked, "In that case, a place with a river is the most dangerous?"

Old Tan nodded, "By the river, most of the magical beasts are stationed here. Of course, there are also human groups that have built some shelters like this. When martial dao cultivators and martial body ninth level experts work together, they are still very strong."

Zhou Da said, "Fortunately, the source of the river in first district is occupied by humans, otherwise the consequences would have been dire."

"Brother Zhou, have you been to the first district? The magical beasts of the first district must be very terrifying. I didn't expect that humans would be able to resist those powerful magical beasts!" Qin Yun was very surprised. He had thought that the demonic beast had dominated the first town.

Zhou Dahe laughed loudly, "I have never been there before but I have been in the First Town for many years. I know that there are many powerful warriors hiding in the First Town and the source of the river is where the warriors obtained their strength. So they will definitely protect it with their lives."

Elder Zhou returned with a trace of joy and worry on his face as he said, "There is a group of defeated magical beasts nearby! There are a total of thirty magical beasts, with five of them being Class 9 and one of them being a spirit magical beast."

"What kind of magical beasts are they?" Old Tan frowned, considering if he should make a move.

Elder Zhou said, "Horse Wolf! body is like that of a robust horse, with a large wolf head and sharp claws on four limbs."

Afterwards, he took out a piece of paper and drew out the magical beasts.

"Their eyes are especially large and their heads are sturdy. Normally, this kind of magical beast would release energy from their mouth and eyes to attack." Old Tan analyzed the magical beast.

Elder Zhou said, "Five Class 9 Magical Beasts are not easy to deal with. The other Class 7 and 8 Magical Beasts are not easy to deal with either but considering that the magical beast horde was defeated and fled, they are still injured."

Old Tan was the captain, so it was up to him to decide whether or not to make a move.

"Ah Yun, take this, attack based on the situation. We don't necessarily have to attack spirit beasts. We have to ensure our safety on the battlefield first. For example, if we make a mistake and get hit by a Class 9 Magical Beast, then you can attack it."

Old Tan took out the Royal Spirit Cannon and handed it to Qin Yun. He also handed three white beads to Qin Yun.

Qin Yun poured three cannonballs into the cannon. According to his control, he could shoot as many cannonballs as he wanted. If it were a Spirit Beast, he would need two to inflict serious injuries.

"Try to aim for it. A cannonball is worth ten million crystal coins!" Old Tan patted Qin Yun on the shoulder and said with a smile, "You must be able to use the Cannon exceptionally well if you have some confidence in yourself."

Qin Yun nodded.

If it exceeded a thousand meters, the Cannon would not be able to hit accurately.

Qin Yun followed them over. After entering the range of a kilometer, he climbed to the top of a dilapidated building and hid himself.

Carrying the Cannon on his shoulder, he let his mental energy seep into the cannon and he could very clearly see a group of horses and wolves resting on the ground about eight to nine hundred meters away from the ruins.

A few of the horses and wolves were biting at the bodies of the humans. No one knew where they managed to kill them.

Old Man Zhou was the fastest, so he was the first to reach the front. With two axes in his hands, he suddenly appeared in the middle of the pack of horse-wolves.

Zhou Dahe and Tuesday's group arrived as well. Their spirit artifacts were heavy sabers over two meters long. The sabers looked heavy and cumbersome but as they danced in their hands, they moved fluidly and killed several Class 8 Magical Beasts with a few chops.

Once the trio of father and son of the Zhou family walked over, they dealt with the stage seven and eight Horse-Wolf.

Those Stage Nine Horse Wolves were all injured. They saw humans attacking them and they started to retaliate, then Old Tan had rushed over to kill them.

The spirit weapon in Old Tan's hand is a large scimitar. He rushed towards the horde of magical beasts, aiming straight at the Class 9 Magical Beasts. He released the scimitar in his hand and swung it towards the Class 9 Magical Beasts.

Beast horde let out an angry howl. A large amount of energy surged out from their mouths as he opened up the scimitar.

By the time the scimitar returned to Old Tan's hand, the father and son of the Zhou family had already rushed over.

Suddenly, an extremely strong aura appeared, accompanied by a huge gust of wind that blew up a large amount of rubble.

It was the aura of a spirit beast!

Qin Yun shouldered the Cannon and locked onto the spirit beast through his mind.

"Watch me!" With a thought, the two artillery shells flew out. In a blink of an eye, they landed on the spirit beast nine hundred meters away.

That magical beast was also a horse wolf and it's body was even larger!


After the cannonball had passed, it accurately landed on the body of that huge wolf and sent it flying into a huge building.


After being hit by the cannon fire, the big wolf's body was blasted with a large hole and it's blood and flesh rained down.

Qin Yun was alarmed when he saw this. The might of the Royal Spirit Cannon was beyond his imagination!

Old Tan and the others were overjoyed that the leader of the pack had been killed. They didn't have to worry about the threat of a magical beast to fight it.

Qin Yun watched their battle from afar and revealed a relaxed smile.

Beast Horde fell down one by one. Their five man team had killed a magical beast horde that had a spirit beast!

Qin Yun immediately ran over and said with a smile, "The might of the Royal Spirit Cannon is truly terrifying. If two Martial Dao Realm cultivators were hit by it, they would be either dead or severely injured!"

Old Tan took the Cannon from Qin Yun and said with a hearty laugh, "Of course! This thing is my ancestral treasure. Back then, in order to protect this thing from being taken away, I offended many powers, so I had no choice but to hide in the first town."

He dared to give such an expensive item to Qin Yun to use. It was very risky. It was also because Qin Yun was only at the seventh level Martial Body realm. Even if he wanted to run, they could catch up in time.

Qin Yun did want such a spirit artifact very much. However, it was not easy to forge. For a Royal Grade spirit artifact, one needed a blueprint and the materials needed were very special.

After counting the spoils of the battle, everyone shared the spoils equally.

If Qin Yun obtained five Class 9 Monster Cores, he would be able to exchange for 25 million Xuan Points. Furthermore, the amount of cores from the horde of demonic beasts they had destroyed was more than a hundred and thirty million Xuan Points.

It was a good thing that he was able to get so many credits. After all, he hadn't put in much effort.

After a period of rest, they recovered their strength and then continued on their journey, searching for a group of magical beasts.

Within two or three days, they had encountered several magical beast packs. Because they were large magical beast packs that numbered more than a hundred, Old Tan didn't attack.

In a situation where they weren't confident, they wouldn't act.

If they couldn't take down the entire magical beast horde, it would mean failure. Even if there weren't any casualties, they would still lose their precious cannon ammo.

In the evening, Old Tan led the group into an abandoned seven-story stone tower and rested at the highest floor.

"It's not easy to find prey. We have to be patient." Old Tan said as he stood by the window and watched the sun set.

Qin Yun was rather patient. It was very safe with Old Tan and company. Once he encountered a suitable prey, he did not need to put in much effort to share the spoils.

Suddenly, Elder Zhou, who was resting with his eyes closed, stood up and spoke with a serious tone: "There is someone nearby! It should be a small team and there is a Martial Dao Realm cultivator among them!"


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