Nine Sun God King
Chapter 225
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 225

After journeying for an entire day, Qin Yun finally saw the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Under the scorching sun, this Star Palace glowed with a blue light and the entire Star Palace seemed to be covered in a light blue Qi barrier.

Within a hundred miles of the Star Palace, it was a barren, deserted land. Many tall mountains were destroyed and boulders were everywhere.

In the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, the Blue Spirit Star Palace could easily become the target of magical beasts. Fortunately, their defense was extremely strong. The magic beasts were unable to break through the Star Palace's barrier and the powerful magic beasts near the Star Palace were also killed.

Currently, most of the magical beasts outside the Blue Spirit Star Palace were Class 8 and Class 7. Occasionally, there would be Class 9 Magical Beasts.

Magical beasts roamed the barren mountains outside the Blue Spirit Star Palace, waiting for their disciples to come out to ambush them.

In the past few days, some of their disciples had been killed by magical beasts. Blue Spirit Star Palace was the same as the other martial academies. In order to ensure that the disciples had sufficient strength to leave, they would have to pass the strict examination and obtain a pass.

In the desolate mountains surrounding the Blue Spirit Star Palace, a great number of magical beasts roamed about. As a result, they were chosen by the Heaven's Pride Academy as the place for their first trial.

Dozens of martial artists led 200 students to the entrance of the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Outside the gate of the Star Palace, there was an aura of rotting corpses. On the ground, there were many broken pieces of flesh from magical beasts, as well as huge pit's left from battle.

"In this trial, there is an extremely high chance that you will lose your life. You should make up your minds about this! First, you guys don't have any prizes, so it's best to do what you can and try to escape as far as you can when in trouble." Dean Bai said, "If you can't beat them, as long as you run to the entrance of the Star Palace, the Magical Beasts won't dare to approach."

"If there are no prizes, then there will be no motivation for the survival training." A student said in disappointment.

Their trial this time was to obtain fresh demon beast cores and then use their Xuan Beads to absorb fresh energy from the cores. The team that absorbed the most of the fresh energy would be number one.

"There aren't any prizes but there are Xuan Points. The team that receives the number one prize will each receive one hundred million Xuan Points." Principal Bai said.

One hundred million Xuan Points was a huge sum for many students.

Everyone was initially a little disappointed but after hearing the one hundred million Xuan Points reward, they were all filled with fighting spirit!

"Dean, if there is a conflict between the two squads, will fighting be permitted?" a student asked.

"This sort of conflict is unavoidable. It is permitted. If there is a death or injury, it will be a grudge between the two of you. We will not be responsible for it."Said Guo Cheng, he was the vice principal of the Tian Xuan Martial School and he also participated in the customization of rules.

The moment he said that, Qin Yun's heart jumped as he glanced at Xiao Yanglong. A cold, sinister smile appeared on his face. He could foresee that Sun Jinhao and his group, who were at the eighth level Martial Body realm, would very likely attack them.

"It's morning. You have to be back here before dark." Dean Bai said, "It's about time. You should set off now and make the best use of the time to kill a few more demon beasts."

The fifty squads immediately scattered in all directions and entered the desolate mountains.

At this moment, the door to Blue Spirit Star Palace opened and the coaches entered.

After entering through the gate, they saw a huge plaza. Around the plaza, there were four huge crystal stone walls that were over ten meters tall.

Many demonic beasts could be seen lurking in the crevices of the barren mountains or in the crevices under the boulders, waiting for their prey.

There were also many disciples wearing blue robes watching the giant crystal stone wall. After this, they would be able to see with their own eyes the battles between the various teams of the Heaven's Pride Academy and the magical beasts.

Lan Fengjin and the other instructors did not know about it, so they were all extremely shocked the moment they entered. Especially Xiao Yanglong, his expression became somewhat ugly. This was because if Sun Jinhao and company were to act against Qin Yun and company, it was extremely likely that they would be seen clearly by the people here.

"This is an object created from spatial spirit inscriptions right? They had placed many eyes that were made of spatial spirit inscriptions in various parts of the desolate mountain outside. Afterwards, they had transported everything that they had seen here." Lan Fengjin walked to Yang Shiyue's side and looked at the spirit marks on the crystal wall with great interest.

"Senior Sister, how is the overall strength of the Heaven's Pride Academy?" Xiao Yuelan walked over. She was wearing a blue suit and her entire body was drenched in sweat, as if she had just experienced an intense battle.

"I am a teacher, and your husband is my student." Lan Fengjin chuckled.

Xiao Yue Lan and Yang Shi Yue were slightly surprised before they looked expectantly at the crystal stone wall, hoping to see Qin Yun. They did not know that Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin knew each other. Otherwise, they would have definitely asked Qin Yun about his situation.

The Eastern Palace Elder, Shui YiHui and Hou XingFeng walked over. Xie Wufeng was also beside them. It was unknown how they met each other.

More and more people came to the square. They already knew about the matters of the Heaven's Pride Academy and now they also wanted to see the strength of the disciples of the Heaven's Pride Academy.

Many new disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace came from the three Xuan Level Martial Academies. They also wanted to see how good the excellent students from the three martial academies were.

Qin Yun and company did not know that there were many people who would watch their battle with the demonic beasts and even hear their voices.

Qin Yun had the ability to track and discover the traces of a demonic beast, so his team was the first to find it.

This was a very flat wasteland and there weren't any large rocks nearby, so no matter how you looked at it, there couldn't be any magical beasts hiding here.

However, Qin Yun could sense the aura of a demonic beast!

"Brother Yun, what kind of magical beast is this?" Huo Zhong asked in a low voice. He took out his long rod and looked around.

"Brother Yun, this doesn't look like a magical beast. Are you sure?" Murong Daren said but he still took out his weapon.

Qin Yun said solemnly, "There's no mistake. There really is the aura of a magical beast here. All of you must be careful!"

Xue Ziye took out the pair of black scythes and went into a state of alert. Although she didn't sense any magical beasts, she still trusted her captain a lot.

In Blue Spirit Star Palace's square, there was a crystal stone wall. Qin Yun and company appeared on it. The people in the plaza were wondering where the magical beast was. This was because there was the Eye of Space, showing no magical beast here.

Just as everyone was feeling perplexed, Qin Yun suddenly moved and hurriedly pounced away toward Murong Daren.

Murong Daren was thrown far away and at the same time, a thin shadow flew over like a sword.

"Disperse!" Qin Yun shouted, "Magical beasts hiding in the ground. There are a total of two of them!"

When Huo Zhong and Xue Ziye heard this, they hastily dispersed. They also saw what was flying towards them. It was a hook the size of a fist!

It was the stinger of a poisonous scorpion!

Since the stinger was so big, one could imagine how big the scorpion was.

With a "hua la" sound, a large mass of things suddenly emerged from the ground. It was indeed a scorpion. It's body was about three meters long, and it's tail was about three to four meters long.

The scariest thing was that the hook on it's tail could fly very far, as if it was connected to a chain. It could fly very fast for dozens of meters.

Xue Ziye's scythe could also fly out, so it was rather similar.

Two of the black scorpions drilled out from the ground and attacked Murong Daren and Huo Zhong.

"Brother Yun, how should we fight?" He waved his fan and released some of his Vajra inner strength. It landed on the scorpion's body but it did not have much effect.

Poison Scorpion's body was covered in thick black armor. It's defense was very strong and it could block strong inner strength!

Qin Yun said, "It seems like only close combat can deal damage to the scorpion. However, close combat is too dangerous. The scorpion's poison is extremely terrifying and it's tail is also very strange and difficult to deal with."

The speed of the two scorpions were also very fast as they chased after Huo Zhong and Murong Daren.

"Captain, I can fight in close quarters. Do you want me to give it a try?" Huo Zhong said.

"No, the stinger of the scorpion is very nimble. It's not easy to dodge because you have a big body." Qin Yun controlled his spirit essence saber to slash at a scorpion's upturned tail hook.

"Ziye, Murong attack the stinger of the scorpion. Don't let the stinger come out, I'll go lure it!"

Earlier, Qin Yun had sent his saber flying and struck the tail hook so that it could not move. Otherwise, from time to time, the tail hook would shoot out.

"Third Huo, prepare to attack the poisonous scorpion that is chasing you!" Qin Yun shouted.

At this moment, Murong Daren was in the distance, attacking a scorpion, aiming at it's tail.

"Alright!" After Huo Zhong was ready, he saw Qin Yun rushing over, he had the saber flying alongside and used the Six Style Wind Slayer on the scorpion's tail.

Once the six moves of the Wind Slayer Technique were used, the saber shadows immediately took their place. Saber Qi surged out like billowing waves, enveloping the big scorpion.

Swish swish! Swish swish!

The spirit essence saber slashed out, the saber light was cold. When it hit the scorpion's tail, sparks flew everywhere!

The black armor on the scorpion's body was as solid as steel. However, it was still severed by Qin Yun's Six Style Wind Slayer.

Huo Zhong also rushed over. He raised his long staff and the aura of a raging bull burst out from his body.

Bang bang bang bang …

Huo Zhong performed a set of staff techniques for more than a dozen moves. Each of his moves was extremely powerful, causing the large poisonous scorpion to sink into the ground and die.

Xue Ziye and Murong Daren were dealing with another scorpion.

That scorpion was originally going to throw the hook out but it didn't expect Xue Ziye to release a sickle the moment it wanted to throw it's hook. The poisonous hook was gone and Xue Ziye also brazenly attacked.

Her sickle looked crude but it was extremely sharp. After swinging it, she easily cut off all of the scorpion's legs, just like harvesting straw.

The scorpion had lost it's feet, so it could only lie on the ground and randomly struggle as it waved it's tail.

Qin Yun and Huo Zhong rushed over and gave the scorpion a painful thrashing. They shattered the scorpion's shell and did not move for a long period of time.

"I'm done. I'm going to get the magic cores." Qin Yun laughed and heaved a sigh of relief. It was indeed very dangerous just now.

The people in the Star Palace plaza burst into exclamations of surprise.

"That is the Iron Armor Scorpion, a rank 8 Magical Beast. It was actually killed by a Martial Body level 8 and three Martial Body level 7 youths in such a short period of time."

"Qin Yun's strength really lives up to his reputation."

"The Iron Armoured Scorpion isn't easy to deal with but they work well together and are skilled in every aspect. Only then would they be able to kill two Class 8 Magical Beasts with ease."


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