Nine Sun God King
Chapter 239
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 239

"Qin Yun, how is it?" Xue Ziye asked in a small voice.

Lan Fengjin was also standing by Qin Yun's side, waiting for the results of his investigations.

Qin Yun had a problem with his martial spirit and he had to resolve it himself in the end. Xue Ziye hoped that Qin Yun would be able to help her deal with her injuries quickly.

Qin Yun said with a frown, "Your martial spirit has scattered and caused you to lose track of it. It should be because the Absolute Soul Palm contains a special type of mental energy that disrupts the structure of martial spirit's will."

When Lan Fengjin heard Qin Yun's analysis, she was slightly alarmed and hurriedly said, "That's right. The injuries caused by the Absolute Soul Palm are basically the same situation! What can you do?"

"First, I need to gather you scattered Martial Spirit together! Martial spirit's will was scattered. The power of the Absolute Soul Palm entangled the martial spirit and the mind of the martial spirit is confused." Qin Yun had mastered the soul refining art, so he had a greater understanding of his martial spirit. He could observe it in more detail and discover places that many people failed to discover.

"So what do i have to do Qin Yun?" Xue Ziye asked.

Qin Yun sat down and said slowly, "Let me give it a try first. I'll let you attain the Inner Yuan Spirit Aura! After you achieve your inner yuan spirit aura, you don't need to use your Martial Spirit much. You will be able to use your spirit vein along with your inner yuan to absorb spirit energy into your body. The reason why you are so weak right now is because you cannot absorb spiritual energy into your body. Even if someone sends inner strength to you, you cannot produce your own. Once that inner strength is used up, you will become weak."

Lan Fengjin said in surprise, "You're right! However, can you really help others with their inner yuan? Is there such a thing?"

"Try it and you'll know!" Qin Yun smiled and said, "Sister Lan, use your inner force to recuperate the injuries on her body. Her body is still injured, causing her meridians to be blocked. Let's talk about the matter after it's done."

Lan Fengjin nodded and channeled her internal energy into Xue Ziye's body, helping her to heal her injuries.

More than two hours later, Lan Fengjin said, "It's about time, it's your turn!"

Xue Ziye's complexion looked much better. She was no longer as frightened as she was just a moment before.

Qin Yun placed his hands on Xue Ziye's abdomen and closed his eyes. Concentrating his mental energy, he released his nether-sun inner energy from the nether-sun inner core. It was like a line that connected with Xue Ziye's inner yuan.

Xue Ziye had a very strange feeling at that moment. She could sense Qin Yun's terrifying strength but it was extremely gentle. Furthermore, she could sense Qin Yun's heartbeat.

Qin Yun allowed his inner yuan energy to establish a relationship with Xue Ziye's inner yuan and controlled Xue Ziye's inner yuan energy to revolve.

Xue Ziye was secretly pleasantly surprised in her heart. She had unconsciously breathed in and out with the inner yuan energy within her body.

After Qin Yun retracted his mental force, Xue Ziye's dantian's inner yuan energy continued to revolve steadily. It was currently absorbing a large amount of spiritual energy into her body.

Lan Fengjin looked at Qin Yun with incomparable shock. She said softly, "She is absorbing spirit energy at a very fast rate, much faster than she used to. If her martial spirit were better, she would have absorbed even more spirit energy! Only with inner energy and mental energy can you achieve this state."

"Legend has it that some of the seniors with extremely deep martial arts attainments can also help the juniors carry out their internal energy and mental energy fusing but are only sixteen years old!"

Qin Yun smiled and asked, "Sister Lan, have you achieved inner yuan spirit aura? Do you want me to help you?"

"Of course. I am just unable to cultivate my primordial spirit, can you help me?" Lan Fengjin suddenly recalled that Qin Yun was able to release his primordial spirit and that he could do so very early on. She could not help but feel secretly astonished.

"I can give it a try when I have the chance in the future! But first heal Xue Ziye, then we can go and find that Zhou Zhonghui to settle the score." Qin Yun clenched his fist secretly as he said coldly.

Xue Ziye was much better now. She opened her eyes and said, "The Star Xuan Wu Academy's arena is open to the Blue Spirit Star Palace and other martial academies. That's why they all came here."

"Ai!" She sighed and continued, "We were originally a group of fighters. We don't know why but we met this guy. We don't know much about him either."

"I remember that in the arena we cannot injure a person. If you injure a person, you will be punished." Qin Yun's expression sunk. "Has Zhou Zhonghui been punished?"

Xue Ziye shook his head: "No, because he is not a student of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. The rules of the arena are only valid for the students of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. If you compete with him, you can't hurt him, so it's very difficult for the students of the Star Xuan Wu Academy to win!"

Qin Yun said, "Ziye, after your inner yuan energy has been replenished, try to control your inner strength and gather your scattered martial spirit together before forcing out the strength of the Absolute Soul Palm that does not belong to you. If everything goes well, your martial spirit should be able to recover within a few days."

Xue Ziye was able to absorb the spiritual energy into her body. Upon hearing Qin Yun's words, she was extremely happy and immediately felt grateful to Qin Yun.

Initially, she had thought that she was doomed. Even though Lan Fengjin had said that she could find someone to treat her, that was a matter that would happen in a few years time. She never expected Qin Yun to cure her in an instant.

"Huo Zhong and Murong Daren, both of their martial spirits are uninjured. They only suffered serious internal injuries! Zhou Zhonghui is also in the 8th level Martial Body realm. I am the biggest threat to him, so that's why he attacked me." Xue Ziye said.

Lan Fengjin patted her shoulder as he chuckled, "Ziye, go back to your room and rest! As for that Zhou Zhonghui, we will think of a way to deal with him."

"En!" Xue Ziye got up and returned to his room.

Lan Fengjin waited for Xue Ziye to return to his room before saying, "Qin Yun, what do you plan to do? Even if you go to the arena to challenge Zhou Zhonghui, you can not severely injure him. There really is something wrong with the rules of your Star Xuan Wu Academy."

Qin Yun sat on a chair with a dark expression. He said, "I need to figure out if this fellow attacked Ziye and company for me. If it was for me, I can't hide here."

"You are so famous. If he defeats you, he will gain the same fame as you. Zhou Zhonghui attacked Huo Zhong and the others so heavily, it is very possible that he is trying to force you to make a move." Lan Fengjin said, "If you really go to the arena to compete, no matter if you win or lose, you will still lose!"

If he won, he would be punished by the Star Xuan Wu Academy. As for how they be punished, there was not even a single standard. People were usually locked up for a few years or even dozens of years.

"I'm going to the arena!" Qin Yun made his decision and walked out the door.

Lan Fengjin had a certain understanding of Qin Yun. She knew that she could not persuade him, so she did not stop him. What she needed to do now was to investigate Zhou Zhonghui's situation.

The arena was located to the east of the center of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. It was a circular open-air building where many people could sit. Even if he went in to watch the competition, he would still need to pay several hundred crystal coins.

If you want to compete, you need to register. The registration fee was very expensive and he needed a million crystal coins. However, to the students of the Star Xuan Wu Academy, a million crystal coin was nothing. If he could win in the martial arts competition and win the Xuan Points, he would be able to exchange for something that he couldn't buy with crystal coins.

Many students, in order to obtain more Xuan points, had to rush into the arena to compete with others.

As long as he won, he would get Xuan Points as reward.

In the past, the Star Xuan Wu Academy had strict rules. During the competition in the arena, one could not kill or injure an opponent. Thus, when the students competed, they were very at ease.

And now, due to special circumstances, the Star Xuan Wu Academy was open to the Blue Spirit Star Palace and the other martial academies. This led to the influx of students.

As for foreign students, if they were to heavily injure others during a duel, they wouldn't be punished.

The Star Xuan Wu Academy did not have the authority to punish the students of the other martial academies. Therefore, many students of the Star Xuan Wu Academy did not dare to participate because they would lose out greatly if they participated in this sort of martial arts competition.

Although the students of the Star Xuan Wu Academy could not participate, the dojo could earn more crystal coins every day. This was also the reason why the Star Xuan Wu Academy did not want to change the rules.

If the rules were changed, the spectator nature of the martial arts competition would be greatly reduced. The number of spectators would not be so many and one would not be able to earn crystal coins.

When Qin Yun registered, he came to understand the rules. If a student of the Star Xuan Wu Academy seriously injured or killed his opponent during a martial arts competition, he would be imprisoned in the dungeon.

The shortest time would be two months, with the longest period of fifty years. If he didn't want to be locked up for too long, he could use a certain amount of crystal coins to reduce the time he spent in jail.

10 million crystal coins could save him one year!

"This Colosseum is a place where one can purely earn crystal coins. As long as you have crystal coins, you can reduce the penalty. That's not bad." Qin Yun smiled to himself before registering his name.

When he registered at the counter, the elder was extremely surprised to see Qin Yun's name.

In the Star Xuan Wu Academy, many people knew his character. However, with his character, if he were to compete in martial arts, his opponent would definitely be severely injured.

"Qin Yun, are you sure you want to register" In the past few days, there have been no students of the Star Xuan Wu Academy to attend. I presume you also know the reason." The old man said.

"Un, I'm sure I have to register!" Qin Yun nodded.

The elder could only do as he said and register Qin Yun before collecting his one million registration fee.

In the hall of the Colosseum, many people were surprised when they saw Qin Yun sign up. They began discussing the matter.

"Qin Yun, you are only a beginner warrior now. You need to win ten consecutive rounds before you can become an intermediate warrior. Then, you can win ten consecutive rounds before you can become an advanced warrior and so on. The highest level is king level warrior." The old man said, "If you pay 100,000 crystal coins, we can immediately arrange a martial arts competition for you. The timing is decided by you! Otherwise, you'll have to wait patiently for a few days."

"There seems to be a rule. As long as I challenge an intermediate warrior, I can immediately become an intermediate warrior, right?" Qin Yun asked.

"That's right but all of the intermediate warrior are outsiders. It would be very disadvantageous for you to challenge a warrior of this level from the very beginning." The old man at the counter said.

Qin Yun smiled. "It's fine. Can I specify who I want to challenge?"


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