Nine Sun God King
Chapter 240
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 240

The old man seemed to recall the matter of Huo Zhong and the others being injured. He immediately understood that Qin Yun had come here to avenge his friend.

"Of course you can but you have to pay five hundred thousand crystal coins! Who are you challenging? Only for the intermediate stage!" the old man asked.

"Zhou Zhonghui!" Qin Yun said.

"Sorry, Zhou Zhonghui is a High Level warrior, you can't challenge him yet! Therefore, you should start by challenging an intermediate warrior. As long as you can defeat an intermediate warrior, you will immediately be promoted to an intermediate warrior."

Qin Yun could only agree and ask, "How is the cultivation of the intermediate warrior that you arrange for me? are they on par with me?"

The old man laughed and said, "Intermediate warrior, they all have the cultivation of the eighth level Martial Body realm. Seventh level Martial body fighters have already been beaten down! So, those people that I give you are all martial artists at the eighth level Martial Body realm."

"If I win, how many Xuan Points can I get?" Qin Yun was also more concerned about this. It was mainly because he had no other way to earn more Xuan Points.

"A million Xuan Points each. If you lose, I will need to deduct one million Xuan Points from you! If you are a high-level warrior, you will receive ten million Xuan Points just by fighting one match. if you lose, you will receive a deduction of ten million Xuan Points."

Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. This reward was extremely impressive. If he were to win ten high grade matches consecutively, it would be a hundred million Xuan Points.

He asked, "What about the spirit grade field and king grade field?"

"The Spirit arena is filled with martial artists at the ninth level Martial Body. If you win one battle, you will have fifty million Xuan points. if you lose, you will lose fifty million! It is like a bet! As for the king level arena, that is something that only martial dao realm can fight in. All king level warriors are teachers, if they can win one match, they can obtain 200 million Xuan Points and if they lose they will have to lose 200 million Xuan Points."

Winning a match in the king level arena to get so many Xuan Points was incomparably tempting! However, the king level field was filled with martial dao realm teachers. It was difficult for a student to win.

Even if it was Yang Shiyue or Xiao Yanglong who were young and at the Martial Dao Realm, they might not even be able to win in the king level competition!

However, Qin Yun felt that he could win in the spirit level arena!

He was nearly at the 9th level Martial Body realm. He had an inner yuan transformed into an inner core and had the strength comparable to the 9th level Martial Body realm.

"Senior, if I enter the Spirit Stage, do I have to fight often?" Qin Yun asked, "If we can't fight, even if we get a lot of Xuan Points, it would just be for show!"

"If you are a Spirit Level warrior, as long as you give us 10 million crystal coins, we can arrange a martial arts competition for you! Of course, if the other party wants to refuse, they will have to give us ten million crystal coins. Then, it is a battle of riches between you two. If you pay more, then he has to fight and if he pays more, then he won't fight."

When Qin Yun heard such a rule, he cursed loudly in his heart. He could not help but admire the battle arena's good methods of fishing for crystal coins.

"This is 100,000 crystal coins. Arrange a person for me!" Qin Yun took out his crystal card and passed a hundred thousand crystal coins to the elder's crystal card.

"Alright, I'll arrange it now!" The old man chuckled and then took out a glowing crystal board, looking at the words and numbers on it.

After he operated the crystal board, he said, "Today's competition is held in the evening, your opponent is a middle-aged man from the Tian Xuan Martial School. His name is Lu Guang and his cultivation is at the 8th level Martial Body. Prepare yourself!"

Qin Yun came into the arena and sat down in a very high seat. The arena's audience seating consisted of many stages. There were many students watching from their seats as they watched the round dueling platform that was about a hundred meters wide.

That enormous battling platform looked as if it was made of bronze. There were many spirit inscriptions that absorbed energy and there was even a huge formation that released a barrier that enveloped the entire battling platform.

"This battling platform is so amazing and it has been here for many years! The spirit inscriptions carved on it are all of the highest level and there might be Xuan inscriptions within them!" Although Qin Yun was at a height, he could observe the deep and profound mysterious isncriptions on the stage.

It was rumored that even if multiple Martial Dao cultivators competed on the stage, it would not affect the audience. He did not know if it was true or not.

In every match, there was a time limit. They would use an hourglass to measure the time. If the match ended evenly, neither side would receive a reward.

Qin Yun estimated that the hourglass only lasted an hour.

"As long as I can knock the other party off the dueling platform, it would be considered as my victory!" Qin Yun looked at the martial arts duels below. They were two youths at the seventh level martial body. They were beginner warrior.

During the martial arts competition, their attacks were extremely vicious. They wanted nothing more than to kill their opponent, which was why they didn't think of forcing their opponent off the stage.

"I understand now. The reason why the arena has yet to issue a new rule is to watch the other disciples of the Martial Arts Academy and Blue Spirit Star Palace fight to the death. However, the students of the Star Xuan Wu Academy will be fine."

Qin Yun came to a realization. When he was registering, the elder was still persuading him not to sign up. It was because he was a student of the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

The arena only provided venues and then acted as an intermediary, allowing the opponent to bet Xuan Points. From that, the academy would also collect the registration fee, viewing fee, challenge fee and so on, easily earning a large amount of crystal coins.

It was not easy to obtain Xuan Points and many warriors who were confident in their own strength all rushed here to participate in the gambling match.

Qin Yun calculated and realized that he did not have many Xuan Points. He only had a little more than a million Xuan Points left. If he wanted to challenge the advanced stage, he would need to have tens of millions of Xuan Points to do so.

"It looks like I have to fight in a dozen intermediate stages no matter what!" Qin Yun sighed inwardly. This way, he could not immediately challenge Zhou Zhonghui.

"A million Xuan Points. This is equivalent to several Class 8 Magic Core. If I use my low rank Magic Cores to exchange, I can easily exchange it. In this way, as long as I agree with them and give them a low rank Magic Core, I'll make them admit defeat."

Qin Yun was only thinking about it.

After a few battles, it was already evening.

Qin Yun, who was sitting in the audience stands, was secretly anticipating his arrival.

"Next match. Beginner warrior, Qin Yun and Intermediate warrior, Lu Guang. Please come onstage!"

Qin Yun!

When they heard this name, the entire arena immediately let out a wave of exclamations!

"Am I hearing things? Qin Yun is a student of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. During the martial arts competition, he could not injure anyone heavily. Wouldn't it be very aggrieved for him to be here?"

"Is that Qin Yun, who has just stepped into the eighth level martial body? This fellow also came to join in the fun! It is said that he has more than three hundred million Xuan Points but they have all been used up!"

"He came here to earn Xuan Points?"

"There's something to see! Qin Yun's martial arts matches must be very exciting! This fellow had been the target of several princes and empires. None of the geniuses who competed against him had a good ending! Furthermore, he actually challenged the Martial Dao Realm Xiao Yanglong. What an arrogant fellow."

"He's only sixteen, why is he so arrogant?"

As these people discussed amongst themselves, they suddenly saw a handsome youth in black clothes standing up. His skin was dark. The youth had a tall stature and a deep gaze. The calmness on his face didn't match with the youth's appearance.

This was Qin Yun. He looked at the few youths who had spoken just now. The might reflected in his eyes made them afraid to breathe out.

Qin Yun sat in the upper section of the audience seating and slowly walked down. The audience around him immediately quieted down as well. Their gazes gathered on him.

As he was being watched by countless pairs of eyes, Qin Yun remained extremely calm. He walked unhurriedly towards the dueling platform.

Many people had only heard of Qin Yun's name but had never seen him before. Many girls' eyes couldn't help but light up when they saw his resolute and handsome face.

Qin Yun's demeanor was indeed extraordinary. He was a crown prince and an absolute genius but he did not look pampered or arrogant. Unlike the other young masters from influential clans who were arrogant and overbearing, who were always acting high and mighty.

Especially Qin Yun's calm demeanor and his reserved bearing, it made people secretly sigh in admiration.

A sixteen year old youth, after going through all sorts of trials and tribulations, his heart was calm and unflustered. This was something that many noble clan juniors couldn't compare with.

Qin Yun stood on top of the battling platform and sized up Lu Guang.

Lu Guang was a middle-aged man. He had a long face but was short and fat. He had a beard on his chin and wore a black suit of armor. He was an old student of the Tian Xuan Martial School.

He was very calm when facing Qin Yun. He did not feel any fear because Qin Yun possessed the title of 'Killer of Genius'.

Lu Guang coldly smiled and said, "Young man, I admire you! This kind of martial arts competition would only be difficult for you but you still came to participate and with such confidence. Do you really think that you can defeat me without harming me?"

When competing in combat, one was not allowed to use weapons.

Qin Yun's Giant King Spirit Hammer is terrifying. Now, he could not use it, so no one could guess whether he would win or lose.

Lan Fengjin was also watching from high up in the audience stands. She did not know how Qin Yun was going to defeat his opponent.

Under the circumstances of not injuring the opponent, it would not be easy to defeat them. Many martial artists at the eighth level Martial Body realm thought that they would not be able to do so.

"Begin!" The referee who presided over the martial arts match suddenly let out a loud shout that shook the entire martial arena.

Lu Guang also roared. His heavy and violent steps were like a raging beast galloping forward. Stepping onto the bronze battling platform, his steps emitted a "dong dong dong" sound. His momentum was extremely astonishing.

Eighth level Martial Body realm, if one could reach the realm of condensing supreme inner force, their physical body would become even stronger. The Golden Bone Qi they released greatly surpassed those who had just entered the eighth level Martial Body.

As for Lu Guang, he was at the eighth level Martial Body that could condense supreme inner force. The inner strength exuded from his body was overbearing and seemed to be able to destroy everything.

Qin Yun stood firmly in his original spot, separated from Lu Guang by dozens of meters!

Even though Lu Guang's momentum was quite fierce, his speed wasn't very fast. After sprinting for dozens of meters in just three seconds, he was able to gather a lot of powerful inner strength.

He rushed in front of Qin Yun and was about to release his inner strength when Qin Yun suddenly roared. A sound wave that resembled the roar of a lion stirred a violent wind. Accompanied by a sonic boom, Lu Guang, who was charging, was sent flying!


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