Nine Sun God King
Chapter 241
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 241

Qin Yun's explosive roar caused the ears of everyone in the entire arena to hurt. They were stunned as they looked at the arena.

Lu Guang was sent flying, landing on the martial stage!

He slowly got up. He could not hear anything at all. His vision was blurry and his head was dizzy.

Just as Lu Guang was panic-stricken, he suddenly felt a gust of wind blowing towards him!

Qin Yun rushed over quickly and struck out a palm at Lu Guang, sending out a gust of gentle wind that blew down the still unsteady Lu Guang.

"Lu Guang lost! Qin Yun wins!" declared the judge. He felt that his roar was terrifying enough. Furthermore, the roar from Qin Yun earlier was even more terrifying.

Lu Guang was only stunned by the sound waves. Although his body had suffered a very strong impact, it wasn't too bad. He wasn't seriously injured.

Therefore, Qin Yun did not violate the rules. He did not violate them and successfully obtained the victory in the competition. He had obtained the reward of a million Xuan Points.

The audience immediately burst into discussion like thunder. They were discussing Qin Yun's sonic wave martial arts.

That is a martial art Qin Yun had comprehended from the Heavenly Lion totem tattoo. It is called Heavenly Lion Roar. If one did not have a good defense, he would be caught unprepared by this move.

Qin Yun had been testing it out many times to use it against others. Every time, it would have a good effect. After he won, he hurried to the counter to look for the old man.

He had defeated an intermediate warrior, so he was also an intermediate warrior. And now, because he did not have enough Xuan Points, he could not challenge a High Level warrior.

Qin Yun gave the elder another hundred thousand crystal coins to quickly arrange for the next match.

At this time, in this arena, his goal was not only to defeat Zhou Zhonghui but also to win a few Xuan Points!

When the sky turned dark, Qin Yun had another battle, which was also the final battle of the day. Originally, everyone would have dispersed but after hearing that it was Qin Yun's duel, they all stayed behind.

Tens of thousands of people in the martial arts arena were talking animatedly.

Qin Yun's spar was beyond their expectations. With a roar, he had knocked the other party senseless and won easily!

When they saw Qin Yun appear on the battling platform again, everyone's attention was piqued!

The person competing in martial arts with Qin Yun was also a middle-aged man. His name was Gao Hou and he was a burly man with a beard who came from the Lin Xuan Wu Academy.

"Gao Hu? Isn't that a young general from the Tian Ling Empire?"

"Mm. He is a student of the Ling Xuan Wu Academy but he is also a general of the Tian Ling Empire. His strength is unfathomable and I heard that he will soon step into the 9th level Martial Body."

"His martial spirit is the Gold Axe Martial Spirit. In this kind of restricted weapon competition, those with weapon martial spirits are the most terrifying and they also have a weapon martial spirit."

"Gao Hu is an intermediate warrior who has won nine consecutive rounds. If he defeats Qin Yun, he will become a high-level warrior!"

From the discussions of the crowd, Qin Yun had a rough understanding of the opponent in front of him!

The generals of the Tian Ling Empire were his enemies because he was the one who killed the crown prince of the Tian Ling Empire.

If Gao Hu were to kill Qin Yun here, he would definitely receive the Empire's reward when he returned. Therefore, he would definitely not show mercy during the martial arts competition.

"Qin Yun, others are afraid of you but I'm not afraid of you!" Gao Hu sneered: "You only relied on the Body Securing Talisman and the high grade Totem to have the strength equivalent to the ninth level Martial Body. You cannot use these things here and your strength is only at that level. You are not my match."

Qin Yun smiled. "You are really confident. You are as confident as your crown prince!"

"Qin Yun, don't be complacent! For you to be able to defeat our crown prince, with just your strength alone, that is not your true strength!" Gao Hu laughed: "I admit, you are indeed a good Inscription Master! Otherwise, with that little bit of innate talent of yours, Xiao Yuelan wouldn't even care about you! The reason why she wants to marry you is because she has her eyes on the incriptions that you grasped. In reality, she also wants to have your inscriptions and she doesn't have any sincerity in you at all."

"But you, you idiot, actually became complacent because of this. You were just a pitiful bug taken advantage of by that slut Xiao YueLan. Even I have some sympathy for you!"

Qin Yun's expression turned cold as he asked with a deep voice, "You cursed at YueLan earlier?"

Gao Hou laughed heartily: "That's right, I'm cursing Xiao Yuelan! Xiao Yuelan is a bitch, so what if I cursed at her? What can you do to me? You can't injure me on this stage, hahaha."

Qin Yun clenched his fists tightly and swallowed his saliva. Indeed, he could not injure Gao Hou on the battling platform. Therefore, he was feeling extremely aggrieved.

Gao Hu was overjoyed when he saw Qin Yun's angry expression. He said with a loud, fiendish laugh, "Qin Yun, your wife, Xiao Yuelan, is an absolute slut. Your mother is also a lowly woman from the countryside, how could she, a mere village girl, become the Tian Qin Queen? She is still an extremely lowly village slut. She died a long time ago and the only thing that can be said is that she died well and you, also have her lowly bloodline flowing in your body."

Gao Hu's scolding made the audience boil up!

"Qin Yun, you have to beat him to death for cursing your wife and your mother like that!"

"Qin Yun, stop caring so much. Just cripple him!"

"Beat him to death! Kill him! "

"Beat him to death..."

Many people felt that Gao Hu had cursed him too much. They encouraged Qin Yun as they cheered him on.

If Qin Yun were to severely injure or kill Gao Hu, he would be severely punished. This was something that many people had overlooked.

"Hahaha... You don't dare, you coward!" Gao Hu laughed out loud in a complacent manner.

Even the calm Qin Yun was angered to the point that the veins on his forehead bulged.

"The martial arts competition begins!" With an explosive shout, the old man declared the start of the fight.

Qin Yun roared angrily as soon as the match began. He used the Heavenly Lion's Roar. An extremely terrifying gale accompanied by an angry roar that shook the heavens surged towards Gao Hu like a gigantic wave.

Gao Hu was already prepared. Moreover, his own strength was not weak either. Squatting in his horse stance, his feet firmly pressed against the ground, his body covered by an air shield.

Qin Yun's sound wave did not have much of an impact on Gao Hou. It only managed to move his burly body slightly more than ten meters away.

"Humph!" Qin Yun grunted. It was as though he knew that his Heavenly Lion's Roar was useless against Gao Hou. After all, he was a few dozen meters away from him and did not approach him.

Therefore, after he shouted out Heavenly Lion's Roar, he used fire cloud step and rushed forward, instantly arriving in front of Gao Hou. Then he punched out a few times with a 'peng peng peng' sound, his fist was like thunder, striking against the air and emitting a sharp whistling sound.

Gao Hou was also secretly alarmed. Qin Yun's strength was far stronger than he had expected. However, he was not worried because Qin Yun did not dare to hit him too heavily while he could.

The corners of Gao Hou's mouth suffused a smirk as he cursed at Qin Yun. At the same time, he used a despicable method to attack Qin Yun. Upon seeing this, many people secretly frowned.

"Qin Yun, kill him! Kill him!"

"Are you going to put up with him cursing your family like that? If you're a man, then don't be a turtle hiding in its shell!"

"Qin Yun, you cowardly turtle!! A cowardly turtle!"

"Qin Yun is a coward, Qin Yun is a coward!"

"Qin Yun is a coward, a great coward!"

There was no fear in watching the commotion. Many busybodies were shouting at the sides of the arena. They were shouting at the top of their lungs to add fuel to the fire for Qin Yun.

They wanted to enrage Qin Yun and watch him finish off Gao Hu before accepting the severe punishment from the Star Xuan Wu Academy.

Lan Fengjin frowned when she saw this. She felt aggrieved for Qin Yun as well. The others could tell that Qin Yun had not done his best, much less her.

Although many people cursed Qin Yun for being a coward, they could not help but admire his steadiness. Originally, he had been extremely infuriated but the more he fought, the more he was able to keep his cool.

This was because after so long, Gao hu had been unable to touch Qin Yun at all. Furthermore, when he attacked Qin Yun, he had to use all his strength to fight, using his inner strength from time to time.

If this were to continue, he would definitely deplete his internal energy. By then, he would not have enough internal energy to defend against Qin Yun. He would be sent flying down the stage by Heavenly Lion's Roar.

"Qin Yun, hurry up and finish this fellow off. How can you tolerate him insulting your beloved wife and dead mother? The reason why people live is so that they can have a chance at survival! "

"That's right. Quickly get rid of him. If all we're doing is letting him suffer an unscathed defeat, then I've misjudged you! Wasn't it just being punished by the Star Xuan Wu Academy? At most, you'll just be locked up for eight to ten years and when you come out, you'll still be a good man!"

"Qin Yun, the hourglass will run out soon. If you don't attack soon, you won't have a chance!"

Many people felt stifled when they saw how patient Qin Yun could be. They wished to see Qin Yun finish off a destitute figure like Gao Hu!

"Qin Yun, tell Xiao Yuelan not to enter our Tian Ling Empire. Otherwise, we will definitely capture her. After that..."

Before Gao hu could finish his words, Qin Yun bellowed as his arm overflowed with purplish-gold flames. With a powerful swing, he conjured a purplish-gold flame!

Qin Yun finally struck back violently. The audience cheered excitedly. This was the moment they had been waiting for!

Lan Fengjin clenched her fists tightly. She knew that Qin Yun's target was Zhou Zhonghui. If he killed Gao Hu here, he would not be able to face Zhou Zhonghui.

On the battling platform, Gao Hu was suddenly enveloped by Qin Yun's purple-gold flames. No one could see him and they thought that he had been severely injured. At that moment, Qin Yun charged into the flames!


Within the arena, a wave of heaven-shaking and earth-shattering cheers of excitement erupted. This was because they knew that Gao Hu was completely finished!

Qin Yun charged into the flames and unleashed the Spirit Concentration Kill. He used his mind to attack Gao Hu's psyche ruthlessly, causing him to cry out miserably.

Although no one could see what was happening within the purple-golden fire, they were still extremely excited when they heard Gao Hu scream like a pig being butchered.

After Qin Yun had knocked Gao Hu out of his mind with the Spirit Concentration Kill Technique, he hurriedly took out an axe from his storage space and stuffed it into Gao Hu's hand. Then, he used Imperial Spirit Art to control Gao Hu's body and arm.

The purple gold flame suddenly vanished. Everyone saw Gao Hou raise his gigantic axe and hack down at Qin Yun!

Using weapons during a martial arts competition within arena was against the rules!


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