Nine Sun God King
Chapter 246
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 246

If the three brothers had not been defeated by Qin Yun, they would still be very strong in the arena. Now, they wanted to follow Qin Yun. It was completely unexpected to Lan Fengjin.

"You all... You're not here to play around, are you?" Qin Yun was taken aback before he asked.

"No! We follow you with all our hearts and souls, my lord please accept us." Da Yao and his two younger brothers had sincere looks on their faces.

Lan Fengjin, who was beside them, said with a frown, "Have the three of you been beaten silly by Qin Yun?" You are the disciples of the Eastern Palace, with a bright future ahead of you, yet you follow a little kid like this? "

"Senior Master Lan, please understand. You should know that our future in the Eastern Palace is limited! We all train in mental power but there aren't many masters in the East Palace in that aspect." Da Yao replied, "And even though Qin Yun is so young, his mental force cultivation is very strong. If we follow him, there will only be benefits. There's no harm in following him."

Lan Fengjin said, "Do whatever you want. Now let's see if this brat is willing to accept you!"

Da Yao looked at Qin Yun and waited for his answer.

Qin Yun's eyes widened and he did not know how to respond.

"This... I'm very busy, I don't have time to guide your cultivation." Qin Yun said, "Furthermore, I don't like trouble. I like being alone and free. It's best if you put aside this decision of yours."

"We won't trouble you. You just need to let us follow you. Even if you don't guide us, we won't have any complaints! When you need us, we'll serve you as soon as we hear from you." Da Yao quickly said.

Lan Fengjin patted Qin Yun's shoulder and said with a smile, "Did you hear that? This is very cheap. Don't you want it?"

"This... You may look sincere but sincerity has to be shown through action." Qin Yun was feeling somewhat troubled. He wanted to think of a way to reject their following. He truly did not need any servants at the moment.

Da Yao quickly said, "My lord, we have made up our minds. Tomorrow morning, we will challenge you by name and let you win in the competition. We will let you obtain Xuan points!"

Qin Yun was stunned as he was slightly tempted when he heard that.

"Each of us has fifty million Xuan Points and if you need them, we will continuously challenge you and lose to you until our Xuan Points reach zero."

Qin Yun felt that this was pretty good. He nodded and said, "I temporarily do not need that many Xuan Points. How about this, you challenge me tomorrow and let me earn three million Xuan Points. At that time, I'll agree to have you follow me."

When the three brothers heard this, they were overjoyed. Then, they knelt on one knee and clasped their fists at Qin Yun. They shouted, "Greetings, my lord!"

"Enough, enough... Don't call me that in front of other people! Oh right, help me check out Zhou Zhonghui's situation. It would be best if you guys were more detailed." Qin Yun said. Suddenly, he felt that the three brothers were very useful.

"Alright, let's go now!" After they stood up, they hurriedly left the building.

Lan Fengjin teased, "My lord, you are so impressive!"

Qin Yun said with a laugh, "ok then come on, kiss me!"

"Scram!" Lan Fengjin laughed and scolded, before returning to her room to rest.

Qin Yun was not tired. After he returned to his room, he took out the Star Guiding Spirit Mark that Lan Fengjin had given him and carefully studied it.

He spread out the Nine yang Spirit Convergence Array on the ground and sat in the middle. As he absorbed the nine suns' spirit energy, he looked at the spirit inscriptions.

At the same time, he also channeled his inner strength to stimulate the Vajra bone marrow, nurturing the internal energy within it and then caused the heart to vibrate as he absorbed the internal energy.

It required a large amount of vajra energy to create a Vajra inner core. If there was no pill to eat, it would take a very long time to succeed.

Qin Yun spent the entire night looking at the Star Guiding Spirit Mark. In the morning of the next day, he was still brimming with energy.

Just as he arrived at the arena hall, he received a notice, informing him that Triple Radiants had challenged him and told him to be prepared!

This news had also spread throughout the entire arena!

Just like yesterday, the audience in the arena was filled with anticipation and excitement. They all believed that Triple Radiants challenging Qin Yun was to avenge yesterday.

Qin Yun still suspected Triple Radiants. However, even if the other party was up to mischief, he had nothing to worry about. That was because he could use his powerful mind energy to defeat the three brothers.

Lan Fengjin knew that Qin Yun would definitely win, so she placed a lot of crystal coins on him. If Qin Yun could win, she could make a huge profit.

"Sister Lan, how much did you bet on Qin Yun?" Xue Ziye had returned to her room early yesterday and did not come to look for Qin Yun at all.

"I bet three hundred million crystal coins. If Qin Yun wins, the arena will give me back six hundred million crystal coins." Lan Fengjin said with a smile. "Qin Yun had previously borrowed three hundred million from me. Now, I've won it back from him."

"I bet fifty million crystal coins. If I really win, I would have one hundred million crystal coins." Although there was no smile on Xue Ziye's face, her beautiful eyes were bright and filled with joy.

This time, the vast majority of people believed that Triple radiants would definitely win. This was because they felt that they would definitely not fall in the same spot twice. Furthermore, they had challenged Qin Yun by name. It meant that they were filled with confidence.

Qin Yun's duel with the three brothers was scheduled to be held at noon. It was the same as yesterday.

Everyone was looking forward to Qin Yun's battle, so they could not muster any energy during the morning matches. When Qin Yun entered the arena, the entire arena was filled with liveliness as all sorts of cheers filled the air.

The Triple Radiants also went up on stage.

Qin Yun did not speak to them. Instead, he used his mental force to communicate with them!

"Master, Zhou Zhonghui's martial spirit is very mysterious but we still found some clues. He was originally imprisoned in the underground dungeon of Blue Spirit Star Palace for many years but now he has been released many years in advance because his martial spirit is so special." Da Yao used his mental energy to send a voice transmission to Qin Yun. Only people with an excellent cultivation in mental energy were able to communicate in such a manner.

If a sound transmission entered one's ears, it was extremely likely that it would be intercepted by an expert.

"What's so special about his martial spirit?" Qin Yun was even more curious.

"I don't know! However, I suspect that his martial spirit is a totem martial spirit, which means that his martial spirit has awakened. Because, I heard that Zhou Zhonghui practiced a very terrifying totem martial art while in prison."

Qin Yun was astounded. A Totem Martial Spirit was something akin to a heaven-sent Martial Spirit. It could be said to be extremely rare.

At this moment, he had a deeper understanding of Zhou Zhonghui's strength. It wasn't as simple as he had imagined.

"My lord, there are also rumors saying that Zhou Zhonghui came to the arena for you! He is going to defeat you and destroy you so that he can take possession of the Lord's wife."

Qin Yun frowned as his expression turned gloomy.

Xiao YueLan's martial soul was also a martial spirit bestowed by the heavens and she also had Seven Spirit Veins. Many geniuses were envious of her in the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

However, everyone knew that Xiao Yuelan only had Qin Yun in her heart. Only if Qin Yun died would they be able to catch up to her.

When the audience saw that Qin Yun and Triple Radiants remained silent on the dueling platform, they felt that they had a deep grudge against each other. This made them even more agitated.

"They are infuriated. Qin Yun is in danger. Haha!"

"This time, Triple Radiants will definitely win!"

"I lost yesterday, I must earn it back today."

Everyone was overjoyed, looking forward to the match.

After the preparation time was over, the old referee loudly announced the start of the match!

Just like yesterday, the moment the match began, the Triple Radiants dispersed to surround Qin Yun before launching a violent attack at him.

Of course, it only seemed to be very violent but in reality, they had already discussed this matter.

This time's martial competition had taken much longer than yesterday's. Moreover, the way they came and went seemed to be very intense. Just as time was about to end, Qin Yun had used the Heavenly Lion's Roar and knocked the three lights off the battling platform!

Triple Radiants had lost to Qin Yun once again!

The audience immediately began cursing loudly because they had lost a lot of crystal coins!

Qin Yun had won the match and obtained three million Xuan Points, making a total of ten million.

He rushed to the arena hall and took out 500,000 crystal coins to challenge Zhou Zhonghui!

"If you want to challenge Zhou Zhonghui, you'll need to wait for three days. This is the high level arena because high-level fighters are usually busy, so they can't arrive that quickly." The old man said.

"Alright, three days is three days!" This time, Qin Yun did not speak much with the elder and left the arena. He returned to the building by the river where the prodigies resided.

And in the arena, the news of Qin Yun challenging Zhou Zhonghui quickly spread!

Zhou Zhonghui was a terrifying high-level warrior. His appearance caused the high-level warrior to form groups one after another. Because if they faced Zhou Zhonghui alone, they had no chance of winning.

Even in a team, those who were too weak would be defeated. For example, Xue Ziye and the other two had been defeated by Zhou Zhonghui.

Qin Yun sat in the hall and waited for Lan Fengjin and Xue Ziye to return.

An hour later, Lan Fengjin, who was in an extremely good mood, hummed a tune as she entered the hall with Xue Ziye. The moment she entered, she saw Qin Yun's expression turn serious.

"Damn brat, what happened to you? I, your Sister Lan, have won three hundred million crystal coins!" Lan Fengjin was extremely happy as she laughed, "Rest assured that you can kill Zhou Zhonghui. When the time comes, I will redeem you."

Xue Ziye was looking forward to the match between Qin Yun and Zhou Zhonghui. She was not too worried for Qin Yun because if Qin Yun could heal her Martial Spirit, he would definitely not be afraid of Zhou Zhonghui's Absolute Soul Palm.

"Sister Lan, Da Yao told me that Zhou Zhonghui might have a totem martial spirit." Qin Yun's tone was somewhat serious.

When Lan Fengjin heard this, she also withdrew the smile on her face and said, "I haven't been back to the Blue Spirit Star Palace for this period of time, so I don't know anything. If that's really the case, you'd better be careful! He possesses a totem martial spirit and has obviously mastered a totem martial art."

"I'll be careful. I'm just worried that if we kill him, it will lead to a lot of consequences. After all, he has a totem martial spirit." Qin Yun sighed and said, "It might even implicate you!"

Lan Fengjin stroked Qin Yun's head and said with a chuckle, "Rest assured, go and fight. I, Sister Lan, am very powerful. I won't be implicated."


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