Nine Sun God King
Chapter 253
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 253

What was funny was that within the Genius Academy, there were no students going up on stage! No matter how much Xiao Yanglong threatened or how much he cursed, none of the students came up onto the stage because they were afraid.

Very quickly, two teams were declared disqualified.

There were only eight teams left in the Genius Academy. If this were to continue, no team would be able to enter within five seconds and a single team would be eliminated.

"Qin Yun, you might not have enough time. How about this. I'll send the rest of the teams over, all at once. That way, you won't have to worry about the lack of time!"

Xiao Yanglong looked at the hourglass. He was also betting on it because no one knew whether Qin Yun would win without a battle or the Genius Academy would succeed in winning with time when the hourglass ended.

"Alright, send your eight squads over!" Qin Yun said. As long as both parties agreed, it was allowed.

The eight squads consisted of thirty or so people. There was nothing to be afraid of among these students, so they all jumped up.

Qin Yun was going to fight against eight teams by himself!

"Isn't Qin Yun being too confident? If he does not agree and no one from the Genius Academy comes up to catch up, then the team will be disqualified one by one, and they will definitely be able to win in time."

"That's right. Qin Yun is overestimating himself!"

"Not necessarily because no one can accurately grasp how many are left at the final moment."

"If Qin Yun can win, that would be too terrifying!"

"There are at least five more in the eighth level Martial Body. Although the others are all in the seventh level Martial Body realm, they will certainly be of use."

"Qin Yun should have lost. A man will not be able to withstand a pack of wolves!"

Lan Fengjin bit her lips as she looked at Qin Yun. Success or failure depended on one blow!

Yanglong felt that the outcome was already decided. In his eyes, even if it was a person at the ninth level Martial Body realm, he would still not be able to defeat so many people.

One had to know that these students were all very outstanding. Especially after special training, every aspect of them had greatly improved.

The martial arts competition began!

The students of the Genius Academy began to use their Vajra inner strength to attack Qin Yun crazily!

They were scattered across the spacious dueling platform. This prevented them from accidentally injuring their teammates, as well as preventing Qin Yun from attacking a large number of them in one fell swoop.

Qin Yun leaped into the air and dodged the numerous clumps of inner strength that had suddenly struck him!


Countless clumps of inner strength clashed against each other, creating bursts of explosions and flashes that covered the entire battling platform.

This wave of inner strength exploded crazily into the sky, enveloping the entire arena and preventing anyone from hearing what they were saying.

Such a grand scene made everyone exclaim in satisfaction!

Everyone looked at Qin Yun, who had leaped into the air. They felt that he was extremely stupid because it was very easy to be the target in the air. It was also more convenient to attack.

The students from the Genius Academy on the ground saw Qin Yun clenching his fists and wanted to attack him. However, they saw Qin Yun raise his arm and strike at the ground with a powerful hammer blow!

He used his arm as a massive hammer to attack, using the sixth move of the Forging Dragon – Heaven Smiting!

What was terrifying was that he had used his internal supreme force to execute the Tsunami Art to create shockwaves, using shockwaves to display the sixth move of the Forging Dragon skill – Heaven Smiting!

Tsunami Technique had already reached perfection. Once it was used, the earth would shake and the mountains would shake! In addition to the Forging Dragon's Heaven Smiting, the endless power contained within it was simply insane. It was like the earth was shaking and the mountains were shaking; it was like the heavens were splitting apart the earth!

The powerful strike from his Internal Supreme Force was enough to cause Qin Yun's Heavenly Lion Arm to experience intense pain. Even though he had the Vajra inner core in the arm, it was still torn apart by the power!

The force that Qin Yun had dealt with the ball of inner strength shattered as it plummeted to the ground!


The destructive force of the tsunami landed on the bronze battling platform, causing an earth-shaking explosion. The entire fighting arena was shocked!


Miserable screams sounded out. The 30 some students on the battling platform were struck by this terrifying strength. Their bodies suddenly split open and they flew out of the fighting stage, blood dripping from their wounds.

This frightening wave of air did not diminish it's aura. The violent wave of air that it created overflowed from the stage's Spirit Formation and formed an extremely fierce gale. It blew in all directions and caused many people to yell repeatedly.

And the most terrifying thing was that the Tsunami Technique's shockwaves continuously impacted the battling platform. The shockwaves from the ten successive strikes poured into the interior of the battling platform, causing cracks to appear on the surrounding ground of the battling platform.

The power of vibration had the strongest penetration. After it had poured into the ground, the shaking arena collapsed and the audience stands had been torn apart. This arena had already fallen into a dangerous situation, as if it could completely collapse at any time.

Qin Yun slowly landed on the ground and used one hand to hold onto the arm of the Heavenly Lion. He panted slightly and said, "Have we won?"

The scene was a complete mess. After the howling wind stopped, everyone looked at this massive arena and couldn't help but be filled with fear!

The people around the dueling platform were in the most sorry state. All of their hair was in a mess as they looked astonished at Qin Yun!

Xiao Yanglong was alarmed and furious. Qin Yun's strength had already made him feel a sliver of fear!

"Inner Supreme Force!! Inner Supreme Force!!! Qin Yun is at the ninth level martial body!"

"Was that Tsunami Skill just now? Legend has it that using a martial skill purely using the Internal Supreme Force is the realm of perfection and he's done it!"

"A ninth level martial body and Qin Yun has reached complete perfection in his Tsunami Technique. This power is too terrifying!"


When they found out that Qin Yun was a ninth level martial body cultivator, the arena erupted into an uproar once again!

A few vice principals and teachers who felt this, were shocked as they looked at the messy arena below!

Above the arena, there was still inner supreme force left. This meant that someone had used inner supreme force to execute a martial skill!

Lan Fengjin's eyes widened as she could not believe what was happening in front of her!

She had personally witnessed someone unleashing a Xuan Level martial art with inner supreme force. This kind of power was terrifying to the extreme!

When the elders in charge of the arena saw the arena turn into this state, they felt their heartache but were also alarmed. It was all because it was Qin Yun who had done it!

"The Heaven's Pride Academy wins!" The old referee with a head full of dust loudly shouted with a surprised expression.

After the scene was silent for a while, a burst of shouting broke out!

Amongst them, the injured students of the Heaven's Pride Academy shouted the loudest!

At the final moment, the appearance of Qin Yun had turned the tide!

As for the people from the Genius Academy, they were busy dealing with the injured students. In the end, they were the ones who suffered the heaviest injuries and were barely alive after being struck by the heaven-defying tsunami.

Xiao Yanglong's draconic eyes were filled with endless anger as he looked at Qin Yun, who was standing straight up on the stage. A terrible killing intent surged as it enveloped the arena.

Originally, their Genius Academy was going to win. At that time, not only would he, Xiao Yanglong, receive the goodwill of this group of students, he would also receive the generous rewards as a mentor!

But now, most of the students who were willing to follow him had been destroyed by Qin Yun. Furthermore, he had lost the reward!

It would be strange if Xiao Yanglong was not angry!

Previously, many people thought that Qin Yun had challenged Xiao Yanglong to an egg fight. But now, no one dared to say what the final outcome would be!

At this moment, Qin Yun was displaying a terrifying strength!

Once the Heaven's Pride Academy was victorious, the students would go to an old man to receive their prizes! Qin Yun walked down from the dueling platform and headed towards Huo Zhong and company.

"Brother Yun, well done! There are so many students in the Star Xuan Wu Academy but I only admire you!" Murong Daren said with a smile on his face as he walked over.

"Brother Yun, thanks to you, we both obtained five hundred million xuan points!" Huo Zhong was also very happy.

"Qin Yun, it's really my luck to be able to meet you!" Xue Ziye revealed a trace of a natural and beautiful smile, then softly asked: "Is your arm alright? The power that you exploded out earlier was not something that a ninth level Martial Body could withstand!"

"It's fine, I have the Heavenly Lion's Arms!" Qin Yun smiled indifferently. "I never expected that I would encounter such a good thing that can relieve my boredom the moment I came out of the dungeon. I even earned five hundred million Xuan Points along the way."

Also at that moment, many students came over to thank Qin Yun and congratulate their team.

Lan Fengjin beamed with a pleased smile as she said to Qin Yun, "My five hundred million crystal coins were not spent in vain. Since you worked so hard to get me a mentor award, let's write it off!"

"Sister Lan, what exactly is that reward?" Murong Daren asked curiously.

Qin Yun and company did the same as they looked curiously at Lan Fengjin.

"Martial spirit martial technique, a mysterious technique!" Lan Fengjin's eyes were filled with excitement.

Qin Yun and company took a deep breath!

Mysterious Technique is a Martial Spirit Martial Technique and is extremely rare. It is only recorded in books. The most amazing part was that cultivators could use their martial spirit to perform mysterious techniques and wield all kinds of strange powers through these techniques.

For example, some mysterious techniques could cause the Fire Martial Spirit to transform into various forms. According to the records, there were martial arts cultivators who could perform mysterious techniques and turn the fire martial spirit into a flame horse, allowing them to travel thousands of miles in a single day.

In short, Mysterious Techniques could be considered a kind of technique that would make the Martial Spirit become mysterious and powerful. If it was a combat type mysterious technique, it would be even more shocking. For cultivators of the same level who had mastered mysterious techniques, they would be able to fight against three opponents at once.

"No wonder Xiao Yanglong hated me so much!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"I still don't know what kind of mysterious technique it is. I'll have to collect it from Blue Spirit Star Palace first." Lan Fengjin said, "In fact, after making the Heaven's Pride Academy and the Genius Academy, the biggest loser is still the Blue Spirit Star Palace. They only thought that the final winner would be them."

Xue Ziye said, "Let's go back. This place seems like it's about to collapse. The earthquake has caused the entire arena to loosen up a lot."

Murong Daren said with a smile, "Brother Yun, you are amazing. You have made this thousand year arena into this kind of place. Those old men must hate you to death."

"Hmph, Sister Lan gave them five hundred million crystal coins but even so they locked me up for ten months. Serves them right." Qin Yun said with a look of displeasure. Then, he took out his Xuan Point Crystal Card and collected five hundred million Xuan Points along with the Earth Tier movement skill reward, "Mysterious Star Steps", before hurrying out of the arena with Huo Zhong and company.

In a small building in the Heaven's Pride Academy, Qin Yun was resting in his room. He used all of his internal energy in one breath, causing him to feel extremely exhausted. The moment he returned, he hurriedly went to sleep.


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