Nine Sun God King
Chapter 262
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 262

Qin Yun looked at the contents of the crystal pillar and felt an itch in his heart. However, it was not easy to take out the contents of the crystal pillar unless it was destroyed.

"If we can avoid destroying the crystal pillar, it would be best. This pillar is most likely the root of the Imperial Tomb. If it is destroyed, the powerful defensive power of the tomb will also disappear." Xiao Xuanqin also wanted to know what was inside.

Qin Yun understood what Xiao Xuanqin meant. She did not wish to destroy the Tian Xiao Imperial Tomb because she felt that it would be a good place to stay in the future.

He looked at the crystal pillar and said, "Let me think, maybe there is another way?"

He stretched out his hand and pressed it against the crystal pillar. He felt a hint of coldness and suddenly remembered that the corridor was so cold. It was very possible that the crystal pillar was releasing a very strong chill.

Qin Yun felt that the circular stone room was not cold at all. It was very likely that it had released the cold air to other places.

"I'll try it. I'll use the golden key!" Qin Yun took out the golden key and pressed it to the crystal pillar. It easily entered the crystal.

Then, his arm sank into the crystal pillar!

"Is there any danger?" Xiao Xuanqin was shocked and hurriedly asked.

"It's fine, the energy inside is very special and cannot be absorbed. Furthermore, it has no effect on me." Qin Yun never expected that the golden key would be so useful.

He quickly grabbed the thing inside the crystal pillar and took it out.

"It's a crystal ball and there's something sealed inside!" Qin Yun looked at the crystal ball he had taken out and said excitedly, "What exactly is inside?"

"The white ball like thing inside the crystal ball, is it a Martial Spirit?" Xiao XuanQin stared at the Orb with doubt: "What rank is this martial spirit? It is as exquisite as a crystal, releasing white light. Could this be a crystal martial spirit? But Martial Spirit ranking do not have a Martial Spirit of this level!"

"I don't know either. It might or might not be a Martial Spirit!" Qin Yun had the same thought as well.

Xiao Xuanqin urged: "Then hurry and take it out! And the thing beside it is also very special. It looks like a very short pen."

However, the pen was very sharp and it's overall length was rather short. It was only as long as a finger and looked like it had been carved out of white jade. It was small and exquisite.

He took out a Soul Sealing Pearl and tried to sense the ball of white light that resembled a martial spirit but the moment his mental power touched the ball of white light, a light suddenly flashed.

As the light faded away, the mass of the soul like body and the white jade pen became one!

"This seems to be a natural fusion of martial spirit and spirit artifact!" Qin Yun said in surprise.

Cracks also suddenly appeared on that crystal bead and it broke on it's own.

Finally, Qin Yun obtained the tiny white jade pen.

"This... Is this a spirit artifact? No... the inscriptions on it are very complicated!" Qin Yun only needed to touch it to confirm it. Then, he used his mind energy to carefully observe it.

In next to no time, he noticed many inscriptions within the interior of the pen. However, he was unable to determine the level of the inscriptions!

"This is at least at the level of Xuan inscription!" he exclaimed.

Having Xuan inscriptions meant that he was using a Xuan artifact!

"Quick, drip some blood!" Xiao XuanQin said.

"En!" Qin Yun produced a drop of blood and dripped it.

The fresh blood seeped into the white jade pen and quickly disappeared. Then, the white jade released a sparkling and translucent luster.

"The Mental Resonance Xuan Pen and the Inscription Spirit; Beast King..."

After Qin Yun dripped a drop of blood, he immediately knew that this was a Xuan Artifact. He also understood why the tip of the pen was hard and sharp. It was a carving knife!

However, he could also read other information from the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen, namely the "Inscription Spirit" and the "Beast King". This made him very curious.

To be able to embed the information contained within this mysterious pen, it must be very important.

"Isn't this very suitable for you?" Asked Xuanqin. Qin Yun is an Inscription Master, if he had a good carving knife that would allow him to draw the inscriptions with greater ease.

"Why was it placed inside the crystal pillar? Who put it in? This is a very good Xuan Artifact! Then what is the Inscription Spirit and the Beast King?" Qin Yun looked at the pen and exclaimed, "I wonder what grade of Xuan Artifact it is! A good Xuan Artifact requires a blueprint to be made. If it is a top quality Xuan Artifact carving knife, then the blueprint will be even more valuable."

Xiao Xuanqin said: "I also don't know what is Inscription Spirit. To be able to be placed together with such a precious Xuan artifact, it must definitely be something extraordinary."

Qin Yun nodded. "When I understand it, I will definitely tell you. Perhaps I will be able to find clues regarding this tomb."

"It's time for us to leave. This place has more or less been investigated." Xiao XuanQin looked at her surroundings and sighed softly. Even now, she still did not know the secret of the Xiao family's bloodline.

"There are many wild boars outside, it won't be easy for us to leave!" Qin Yun smiled.

Xiao Xuanqin thought of the wild boar outside the door and felt a headache. With a helpless face, she said: "We can only fight it out. If it really isn't possible, I'll go attract those wild boars and you can just run away!"

"Aunty Xiao, I just got this Xuan Pen. It's just nice to try and use it to make a talisman!" Qin Yun waved the beautiful jade pen in his hand.

It was actually a carving knife but it looked like a pen.

"What kind of talisman can you refine?" Xiao Xuanqin also knew that Qin Yun could make powerful Body Securing Talismans.

"Top grade bone talisman, the Body Securing Talisman!" Qin Yun took out some spirit beast bones.

Hearing that, Xiao XuanQin was surprised: "You can refine top quality spirit talismans now?"

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Qin Yun took out the furnace and a flat board as he said with a smile.

"This... You seem to be only a beginner Inscription Master. You should be barely making intermediate spirit talismans but now you can directly make top grade spirit talismans?" Xiao Xuanqin was puzzled.

Qin Yun took out a golden badge and said with a smile, "Aunt Xiao, I'm a high-ranked Inscription Master now!"

Of course Xiao Xuanqin recognized this badge. Even the Emperors would have to be respectful to an Inscription Master with this badge in the Empires.

She remembered that when this type of Inscription Master came to this place as a child, the Emperor would hold a grand banquet and give a grand welcome.

Qin Yun grinned as he handed the badge to Xiao Xuanqin. She was stunned for a moment before accepting it.

"This Senior Inscriptionist's badge is indeed very special. As soon as I hold it in my hand, I can feel the strong intent of the badge and it wants to return to it's owner's hand." Xiao Xuanqin tightly gripped the badge, otherwise, it would fly away on it's own.

After she released her hand, the emblem flew towards Qin Yun.

Qin Yun grabbed the badge and kept it. He said with a smile, "Aunt Xiao, you can be at ease now. I'll definitely be able to produce a top-grade Body Securing Talisman. At that time, I'll be able to freeze a Spirit Beast for a few seconds."

"You're so fierce. You're only 17 years old and you're already a high level inscription master!" Xiao XuanQin exclaimed: "Oh right, top quality spirit talismans, should only be made by a Spirit Tier Inscription Master?"

"It's fine! Talisman crafting is relatively simple and it's not as difficult as making a spirit artifact or setting up a formation. Therefore, I can create spirit talismans beyond my cultivation realm." As Qin Yun spoke, he stuffed many beast bones into the furnace, turning them into something like soft mud.

He could even refine Royal Grade Bone Steel, not to mention the bone sheets needed to refine a top-grade bone talisman.

Four hours later, even though he had refined ten bone sheets, they appeared to only be slightly thicker paper.

"Auntie Xiao, use your Martial Dao Realm Qi and pour it into these bone sheets." Qin Yun was very glad that he was surrounded by Martial Dao Realm cultivators. With the Martial Dao Realm Vajra inner force, the talismans he produced were even stronger.

Xiao Xuanqin did as Qin Yun said and released the Vajra inner strength with great seriousness. She poured it into the bone sheet until her Vajra inner strength could not be injected into it anymore, then she switched to another piece.

She found it very interesting to be able to produce the top-grade spirit bone talisman. She devoted herself to completing the task that Qin Yun had entrusted her with.

Qin Yun took out the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen and focused his blood soul power. When he injected it into the pen, he immediately had a strange feeling. It was as though the pen was a part of him and was connected to his hand.

What shocked him the most was that when he was seriously inscribing, he could see what was underneath the tip of the pen. As if he had a third eye, he could see everything clearly. This meant that he could inscribe inscriptions very meticulously.

How much power the talisman can exert depends on how fine the inscription is.

For a large number of Inscription Masters, the spirit inscriptions they inscribed could barely absorb and circulate energy. Even if they succeeded, they did not care about whether it was exquisite or not.

Generally speaking, very rough inscriptions could only release 10% of their power. The slightly better inscriptions could only release 20-30% of their power.

If one could release forty to fifty percent of the power of a spirit inscription, then they would be considered an outstanding Inscription Master. Normally, these were all famous experts. The prices of spirit artifacts and spirit talismans would be extremely high.

There were also tools to appraise the fineness of spirit inscriptions in the Divine Inscription palace. The fineness of spirit inscriptions was divided into one to ten levels. Above rank 10, there were also legends of the Grandmaster and Saint Ruler levels. That was a very difficult realm to reach.

Qin Yun had previously appraised the power of his spirit inscriptions. They were able to unleash roughly thirty percent of their power, which was around the third to fourth level.

For a young Inscription Master like him, this was an extremely amazing feat. This was one of the reasons why Zhuo Chuan valued him so much because he still had a lot of room for improvement.

"So it turns out that a good carving knife can allow people to inscribe spirit inscriptions with greater precision and proficiency." Qin Yun felt that the level of precision behind the inscriptions he was currently inscribing should be around the fourth or fifth level.

Of course, the spirit inscriptions he inscribed were all high-grade spirit inscriptions, so it was even more difficult to ensure the accuracy of the inscriptions.

This was a test of an Inscription Master's comprehension. If one had a deep understanding of the essence of an Inscription, then they would be able to engrave it with even greater precision.

Xiao Xuanqin was busy making the bone sheets, she asked Qin Yun a few questions. However, Qin Yun did not hear her. He focused all his attention on the tip of the pen. The speed at which the tip moved varied, from fast to slow.

He had never been able to use so much effort and speed to inscribe spirit inscriptions in such a minuscule manner before.

Xiao Xuanqin was also captivated by Qin Yun's concentration. It was her first time seeing such a serious man. Especially Qin Yun's resolute and handsome profile. It made her feel lost in thought.

Just like that, Qin Yun earnestly inscribed the Body Securing Talisman. He wanted to carve eight sets of Body Securing Talismans on the palm-sized bone sheets!


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