Nine Sun God King
Chapter 263
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 263

It is very difficult to inscribe a Royal Grade spirit inscription but Qin Yun had the experience of inscribing top grade spirit inscriptions. Therefore, it was not too difficult for him to create a top grade Body Securing Talisman.

Moreover, the Spirit Inscriptions he inscribed were also Body Securing Inscriptions that he is very familiar with. The only difficulty was that when he inscribed multiple sets of Spirit Inscriptions, he wanted them to coexist perfectly together.

Xiao Xuanqin stood by the side as she watched Qin Yun seriously inscribe spirit inscriptions.

She did not speak to Qin Yun. It was mainly because Qin Yun was extremely engrossed. It was as though he had infused all of his concentration into the carving knife, unaware of his surroundings.

This was the first time Qin Yun was so engrossed. It was mainly because of the mysterious Mental Resonance Xuan Pen.

This pen would allow him to be extremely focused. Otherwise, he would definitely be distracted from time to time when he was inscribing spirit inscriptions.

Two days and two nights had passed, he had always been focused as he continued to inscribe spirit inscriptions.

Xiao Xuanqin, who was beside him, was once again alarmed by Qin Yun's ability. She could tell that Qin Yun was extremely tired but he was able to maintain his concentration while constantly inscribing spirit inscriptions.

When a person was tired, it was the easiest time for them to distract themselves. Especially when doing something extremely boring continuously, it was even harder for them to concentrate.

Xiao Xuanqin believed that she did not have this kind of patience, so she was impressed by Qin Yun.

What she did not know was that when Qin Yun was carving the spirit inscriptions, not only did he not feel bored, he was even filled with passion.

It was also because of his passion that he was able to maintain a very focused state.

"I'm finally done. How tiring!" Qin Yun finally looked up and revealed a very satisfied smile. It was the joy that came from the bottom of his heart.

"The Inscription Master is really amazing!" Xiao XuanQin looked at the bone talisman and said with incomparable admiration: "At the very least, I can't act like this for two days straight."

"Two days have passed?" Qin Yun was somewhat surprised. This was the first time he was so focused on creating talismans, so he did not know how time had passed.

Xiao Xuanqin took out the high quality Body Securing Talisman and exclaimed once again: "This is a top quality Spirit Bone Talisman, you only took two days to create it, it is truly unbelievable. As far as I know, even many famous people would need at least ten days to make top quality talismans!"

"It's all thanks to this exponentially mysterious Pen. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been so fast!" Qin Yun chuckled as he raised the pen in his hand. He said, "It's all thanks to Aunty Xiao for bringing me here. That's why I obtained such a good item."

Xiao XuanQin laughed gently: "This is also due to the affinity between you and the Mysterious pen, you are a very outstanding Inscription Master, only you can use this pen well."

"Aunty Xiao, do you think that the top quality Body Securing Bone Talisman can deal with a Spirit Beast?" Qin Yun asked, "If you can freeze the spirit beast for a few seconds, you should be able to kill it, right?"

Xiao XuanQin fell into deep thought, gently frowning as she said: "I don't know either! There are two spirit beasts outside. If it's just one, there might be no problem."

"How about this, each of us will deal with one of them!" Qin Yun said with a smile. His eyes were filled with anticipation.

After he had cultivated the three vajra inner cores, he had not fought properly. Now that he had a rare opportunity to battle with spirit beasts, he wanted to see how strong he was.

"Can you really?" Xiao Xuanqin knew that Qin Yun was very strong but she still doubted him.

"I'm not sure either. I have to give it a try to know! Even if I can't beat a Spirit Beast, I won't be killed. I'll be able to stall the Spirit Beast for a while." Qin Yun said with a smile, "I just want to see how far the gap is between a spirit beast and me."

The wild boar spirit beasts outside were quite powerful as well, with rough skin and thick flesh. Their defenses were very powerful as well.

"Alright! At that time, each of us will have to fight against a Spirit Beast. However, you have to refine more of these Body Securing Talismans so even if we cannot beat them, we will be able to escape the pursuit of the beasts." Xiao XuanQin also nodded in agreement, it did not matter if he could not win, as long as he was not killed by the spirit beasts.

Qin Yun continued refining the Body Securing Talismans while Xiao Xuanqin infuses the power of her cultivation base into it.

In the following few days, Qin Yun was getting more and more familiar with crafting top quality Body Securing Talismans. His mastery of the mental resonance xuan pen was especially smooth, much smoother than when he had first found it.

"The Mental Resonance Xuan Pen is truly a good item. Not only will it help me increase the precision of the inscriptions, it will also help me more smoothly inscribe them! Who was the one who made this?" After Qin Yun familiarized himself with the usage of the pen, he began to feel it's might more and more.

Strangely, when he held the pen in his Heavenly Lion's arm, it felt the best. If he were to use his other arm to hold the pen, the inscriptions would not be as smooth.

"What kind of Inscription Spirit is inside this mysterious pen? It's even called the Beast King! Is it related to this?" Qin Yun suddenly thought of this matter. This was because his Heavenly Lion's Arms was related to beasts.

"Four. Is that enough?" Xiao Xuanqin asked after receiving the bone talisman that Qin Yun had just completed.

Qin Yun spent five days to produce three. It was much faster than the first one.

"It's not enough yet. I will make two more. We will each have three. This way, we can be a bit more secure." Qin Yun looked at Xiao Xuanqin infusing her energy into talismans and smiled. "Auntie Xiao, if you have nothing else to do in the future, you can stay at the Start Xuan Wu Academy and be my assistant."

"I want to as well! However, it will not be that easy for me to enter the Star Xuan Wu Academy. Furthermore, I am a wanted person." Because she possessed the Soulshake Powder, she had been hunted down by several factions, including the Blue Spirit Star Palace.

"That's easy, just go in anonymously and I'll help you arrange it." Qin Yun had been forging talismans for several days and now, he planned to rest for less than half a day. It just so happened that he wanted to chat about this matter with Xiao Xuanqin.

"I'll go back and discuss it with YueMei. If she doesn't agree, then I have no other choice. After all, I have to take care of her." Xiao Xuanqin couldn't help but laugh: "You know YueMei, if I wasn't by her side, she would cause trouble everywhere."

"I understand." Qin Yun said with a smile.

Another three days passed. Qin Yun had produced a total of six top-grade bone talismans.

As Xiao Xuanqin infused energy into the bone talisman, she said, "Qin Yun, rest well and recover your condition. We are going to kill our way out. If all goes well, perhaps we might be able to annihilate that large magical beast horde."

As she spoke, she also became slightly excited.

If the two of them were able to destroy a large group of magical beasts, no one would believe it.

However, after these few days of pouring energy into the top quality bone talisman, she realized that the talismans had absorbed a lot of energy. Their explosive power must be very strong, which was why she had such confidence.

"If we really can kill two spirit beasts, hehe... No one will believe it." He was lying on a couch, looking up at the ceiling of this circular stone room. He really wanted to go out with Xiao Xuanqin to deal with the horde of magical beasts.

After resting for a day, Qin Yun and Xiao Xuanqin were in peak condition. They left the underground chamber and arrived at the tomb chamber.

Although they did not understand why the corpses had disappeared, they had gained a lot from the tomb : the Mental Resonance Xuan Pen.

Leaving the huge tomb, they arrived at the magnificent palace.

"Qin Yun, close the door immediately after we leave. Do not let those wild boars in." Xiao Xuanqin looked at the beautiful hall, not wishing for it to be damaged.

Qin Yun nodded and said, "It's night outside. When the time comes, we'll open the door and hide in the darkness. They won't be able to discover us that easily."

"We don't need to fight a Spirit Beast head on. It might just be waiting outside, then that would be more dangerous." Xiao Xuanqin nodded and smiled gently. Then, she clasped her fingers tightly with Qin Yun's.

After a few days, she once again held Qin Yun's hand intimately. She felt a little excited. The strange feeling of not being able to say anything unconsciously lingered in her heart once again.

Qin Yun and Xiao Xuanqin came before the door and took out the key to open it.

Clang clang clang …

The door slowly opened with a loud creak.

Qin Yun and Xiao Xuanqin were secretly nervous as well. With such a loud noise, they would definitely alert the group of wild boars.

Sure enough, through the tiny crack in the door, they could hear the wild boar's crazed howls.

After the gap in the door was large enough, Xiao Xuanqin hurriedly pulled Qin Yun out.

The moment Qin Yun left, he used the key to touch the door and shut it.

It was pitch black outside and the cold wind was blowing fiercely. The howls of the wild boar echoed around the canyon, making it look even more eerie and terrifying.

The group of wild boars madly rushed over. Their huge bodies were trampling the ground, causing the ground to slightly tremble.

Xiao Xuanqin's movement ability was not bad and she was also in the Martial Dao Realm, so her running speed was very fast.

She pulled Qin Yun and with a light tap of her feet, a lotus soared into the sky. In a blink of an eye, she had traversed more than a hundred meters from the sky.

The horde of wild boars rammed against the stone door.

The stone door of the Tian Xiao Imperial Tomb was very strong. Once again, it was hit by a spirit rank wild boar without any signs of loosening.

"Qin Yun, I'll go by myself to lure the wild boars away. At that time, the ones running in front will be the two spirit rank boars and all you have to do is follow them and kill the level eight or nine wild boars. In the end, we will deal with two Spirit Beast wild boars together."

This was what Xiao XuanQin had just planned, she was extremely fast and would not be caught by any Spirit Beasts while she was running.

Qin Yun nodded. They were hiding in the darkness, so the wild boar could not sense them.

Xiao Xuanqin released Qin Yun's hand, revealing her own aura before quickly flying into the canyon.

The group of wild boars felt her aura and hurriedly chased after her.

Not long after, all the wild boars madly rushed into the canyon, chasing and trying to kill Xiao XuanQin while howling loudly.

Qin Yun followed behind the group of wild boars as he controlled his spirit essence saber and slashed at the level eight and nine wild boar magical beasts.

He had cultivated three Vajra inner cores and now that his mental strength had gotten stronger, he had mastered the Imperial Spirit Technique to the great perfection stage. He could use his mental strength to control his weapon and launch very strong attacks.

The spirit essence saber continued to slash out, causing waves of blood to splash out. Blood flew everywhere and one wild boar after another fell to the ground.

Xiao XuanQin flew in the air ahead and when she turned her head to see the ghost-like saber flying towards her through killing demon beasts, she could not help but feel terrified. When she saw the huge wild boars fall one by one, she felt even more shocked.


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