Nine Sun God King
Chapter 267
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 267

Pan DaWei took out a black leather bag. It wasn't very big but it flickered with a faint white light. With a glance, one could tell that it wasn't a simple item.

"This is a beast bag. It's mainly used to store magical fairies or beasts! If you were to buy the fairy, you would also be able to obtain the beast bag." Pan Dawei took out a transparent crystal box from the beast bag and placed it on a table.

Within the transparent crystal box, there was a small person the size of a palm. His entire body was surrounded by a faint sparkling luster and he had a pair of extremely beautiful transparent wings that looked like those of a butterfly.

The little person had long, pointed ears, dark green eyes, light blue hair and a small, exquisite body that was wrapped in grass.

This palm-sized magical fairy was a very small and beautiful little girl. She was curled up at the corner of the crystal chest while shivering.

"Did everyone see that? These are fairies!" Pan Dawei said: "I don't need to explain the specific role of this species! The starting price is one hundred million Xuan Points, increase your bid as you wish."

Lan Fengjin sighed, "What a pitiful little thing!"

Qin Yun nodded. "Yea, this sort of little thing is really lovable. I must bid for it!"

Lan Fengjin looked at Qin Yun with shock. "Are you joking? Aren't you here to join in on the fun?"

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Just watch!"

"One billion!" Xiao Yanglong shouted.

The entire plaza was in an uproar, the moment Xiao Yanglong opened his mouth, he had yelled out such a high price!

"1 billion and 100 million!" someone shouted. It was a middle-aged man.

Lan Fengjin said in a low voice, "This person belongs to Nangong!"

"1 billion and 150 million!" A slightly plump middle-aged man shouted with a somewhat anxious expression.

Qin Yun whispered, "Where is this guy from? What palace is it?"

Lan Fengjin laughed, "He's from the East Palace! And they are also the poorest one, it is very rare for them to gather these Xuan Points and looking at Xiao Yanglong's attitude, they won't be able to take him down!"

"1.2 billion!" A blue robed youth stood up, raised a fan and shouted.

"He's from the Northern Palace!" Lan Fengjin said softly to Qin Yun.

All four palaces of Blue Spirit Star Palace had arrived!

Originally, Tian Xuan Martial School and Lin Xuan Wu Academy also sent people over but they couldn't keep up with them at this moment. Their Xuan points were limited!

"1 billion and 250 million!" Xiao Yanglong's expression changed as he shouted.

"1.3 billion!" The youth from the Northern Palace shouted.

Nangong's middle-aged man and the fat man from the Eastern Palace were no longer able to pick them up. Both of them had helpless expressions on their faces.

The onlookers were all shocked; in a short while, it had jumped to 1.3 billion Xuan Points!

It was impossible for many people to even dream of obtaining so many Xuan Points. It was really hard for them to imagine how they could obtain so many Xuan Points!

Because Xiao Yanglong was of the Martial Dao Realm, things that could be exchanged with Xuan Points were not of much help to him. He did not lack any skills or techniques, he only lacked totem tattoo. If he wanted to become a terrifying Martial Dao Realm expert, he had to master totem tattoos and their inheritance.

"1.35 billion!" Sweat trickled down his forehead because he was risking everything on this one throw. If he couldn't obtain this fairy, then it would be difficult for him to have a breakthrough in the future.

Those that came to bid were not fools.

They all knew that there was something wrong with this fairy.

However, they also knew that the Star Xuan Wu Academy would not dare to overdo it. They would take out the extremely problematic fairies and auction them off. Thus, they all believed that this fairy was rather valuable despite some problems.

"1.36 billion!" After the young man from the Northern Palace shouted, he sat down and closed his eyes, as though this was his limit.

Xiao Yanglong gritted his teeth and shouted, "1.39 billion!"

The youth from the Northern Palace opened his eyes and let out a long sigh. He had given up.

Everyone let out a sigh. In the end, the one who succeeded was really Xiao Yanglong!

"1.39 billion going once!"

"1.39 billion going twice!"

After Pan Dawwei shouted until here, Xiao Yanglong also let out a long sigh, his face filled with a pleased smile.

"1.4 billion!" Qin Yun suddenly shouted.


From the thousands of people in the Martial Arts Practice Field, a series of exclamations sounded out!

The final bid turned out to be Qin Yun, with a bid of 1.4 billion Xuan points!

"Qin Yun, don't cause trouble!" Xiao Yang Long shouted in anger.

Lan Fengjin, who was sitting beside Qin Yun, was also stunned. She knew that Qin Yun would never act rashly. Furthermore, he had a faint smile on his face. This showed how confident he was.

"When did I cause trouble?" Qin Yun stood up and looked at Xiao Yanglong with a smile.

"You only have six or seven hundred million Xuan Points at the most. Where did you get 1.4 billion Xuan Points? Aren't you making trouble! Hurry and chase him out!" Xiao Yanglong was very sure that Qin Yun did not have many Xuan Points as he shouted at the few elders present.

Pan Dawei said, "Qin Yun, take out your Xuan point crystal card and let everyone see how many Xuan points you have. If you cause trouble here, you will be fined two hundred million Xuan points."

Qin Yun took out his Xuan Point Crystal Card calmly. After lighting it, he showed that it was worth 1.43 billion.

Seeing the Xuan Point displayed, everyone present was shocked into silence!

The number of Xuan Points Qin Yun possessed was not just 1.4 billion. It was more than 1.4 billion!

Xiao YangLong was also shocked to the point that his eyes were wide open and he was rendered speechless.

Everyone knew that Xuan Points could not be faked because those in charge of trading Xuan Points had to go through steps like a blood oath. If they cheated, the consequences of trading Xuan Points would be very serious and they would very likely die from the backlash of the blood oath.

If he wanted to obtain a large number of Xuan Points quickly, he would have to exchange them with magical beast crystal eggs.

As for Qin Yun, he was able to obtain more than ten magical beast crystal eggs by himself. This was too incredible.

Even a beast hunting squad formed by a martial dao realm cultivator might not be able to obtain that many magical beast crystal eggs in a short period of time.

Xiao YangLong clenched his fists, left the seating area and left the Star Xuan Wu Academy in a rage.

Finally, Qin Yun obtained the pitiful fairy.

Qin Yun went up onto the stage to make the transaction. He took the beast bag from Pan Dawei and placed the fairy inside. After obtaining the fairy, he smiled as he walked to Lan Fengjin's side and left the Martial Arts Practice Grounds with her.

Lan Fengjin snorted, "You little rascal, when did you get so many beast crystal eggs? You really bought the problematic fairy. I really didn't expect it!"

"Sister Lan, this fairy really has a big problem. It only likes to eat beast crystal eggs and isn't interested in magic cores, so it was taken out by the Star Xuan Wu Academy to auction. The Star Xuan Wu Academy can't afford to raise this little guy." Qin Yun said with a smile.

"So you already knew that... Well, it seems like you're the only one who can afford it!" Lan Fengjin curled her lips and said, "If you have time, come and visit the Blue Spirit Star Palace. Be familiar with the environment inside because you will have to enter sooner or later."

"I know! Sister Lan, do you want to go to my tree hollow? " Qin Yun chuckled.

"No, I was just passing by and stopped by to see you. I am a Saint in Blue Spirit Saint Palace, I have to go around killing magical beasts. I'm very busy, see you later!" After Lan Fengjin finished speaking, she hurriedly walked towards the door.

Qin Yun hurriedly ran back to the hole on the Starsun Treasure Tree. He wanted to see what the fairy was capable of.

After returning to the tree cave, he took out the transparent crystal box from the beast bag and moved closer to the fairy to carefully examine it.

Only the delicate little girl the size of a palm hugged her knees, burying her head in her legs. She was trembling in fear.

"Kid, my name is Qin Yun! What about you?" Qin Yun asked gently.

From the outside, the fairy looked like a female. It had beautiful light blue hair and sharp, white, tender ears. Upon hearing Qin Yun's voice, it quivered slightly.

The Little fairy raised it's head and blinked it's bright green eyes. The pair of translucent wings shrouded in light could not help but flutter as it looked at Qin Yun with curiosity.

"My name is Mo Mo!" The Little Fairy's voice was very sweet and pleasant to hear.

"Little Mo Mo, are you hungry?" Qin Yun asked with a smile. He was more worried about this matter because this demon spirit was a swindler that only ate very expensive beast crystal eggs.

Foam gently nodded his small head and said in a low voice, "I'm so hungry!"

Previously, Qin Yun had thought that the fairy was curling in a corner and trembling because of fear. From the looks of it, it was most likely because of hunger.

"I heard that you're a swindler who only eats magical beast crystal eggs, right? Why do the other fairies eat the magic cores while you don't?" Qin Yun found it extremely strange.

"Because... Because those magic cores contain too little energy, I'm not full yet and my stomach hurts. Only magical beast crystal eggs can be tasty and it's easy to eat them to my fill, so there's no stomachache." Little Mo said tenderly as she looked pitifully at Qin Yun. From the looks of it, she was starving.

"But I don't have a beast crystal egg right now. I do have a spirit beast magic core, it has quite a bit of energy. Do you want to eat it?" Qin Yun asked.

"Eat! Eat!" Mo Mo quickly stood up, her dark green eyes emitting a faint glow.

Qin Yun closed the door and opened the crystal box. He said, "Don't run. I bought you by selling everything I had."

He took out a magic core from a spirit beast and placed it on the table.

"I won't run... If I run away, I'll definitely starve to death." she excitedly flapped wings as she flew out of the crystal box and landed on the magic core.

Her two small hands emitted a pale white light, then penetrated deep into the magic core, grabbing something that looked like white snow and putting it into her mouth. She ate it very sweetly.

Qin Yun was alarmed as he watched. The magic core was very strong and even he found it difficult to break through. However, the palm-sized person in front of him used a unique power to easily place a small pair of hands into the core.

"Didn't you only eat beast crystal eggs? Now that you've eaten the magic core of spirit beasts, from now you can eat them with ease!" Qin Yun said with a smile.

"This is the magic core of a spirit beast. It's barely fit to eat." A happy smile appeared on foam's face, "Do you want to eat with me?"

"I'll try!" Qin Yun stretched out a finger and took the 'snowflake' that the fairy had placed before putting it into his mouth.

"It doesn't seem to be of much use!"

Even after he ate it, he did not feel any change.

"Maybe it's because you're a human that you can't digest this energy directly." Mo Mo said very sweetly.

A moment later, this little thing ate all of the magic cores.

When the fairy was full, it had the strength to fly around the room.

Previously, when Qin Yun saw her cowering in the corner of the crystal box, he thought that she was very shy and timid. He never expected her to be so mischievous. Now, she was standing on top of his head while grabbing his hair.


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