Nine Sun God King
Chapter 271
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 271

Qin Yun was filled with curiosity towards Xie Qirou but he also knew that the secrets she was hiding must be related to a wide range of things. If he didn't have enough power, he wouldn't be able to participate.

"In less than a year, I will have my final battle with Xiao Yanglong." Qin Yun continued to walk as he looked at the Myriad Star Lake with a heavy heart.

The fairy in his storage space happily ate a spirit beast core. Beside her were two spirit beast cores.

She was pleasantly surprised by how quickly Qin Yun had obtained three spirit beast cores. She was very happy to think of the following thirty days without starving herself to death.

After flying out of the Myriad Star Lake, Qin Yun headed straight for the spirit mountain.

Without Lan Fengjin to accompany him, he did not dare to run around during the day. Most of the time, he would use his Shadow Force to travel during the night.

What surprised him the most was that the fairy in his storage space could actually sense the spirit beasts outside.

As long as a magical beast was nearby, she would issue a warning. This allowed Qin Yun to dodge.

He could only travel at night. It took Qin Yun a few days to reach the top of the spirit mountain.

Qin Yun was floating atop the clouds. He looked at the Grand Hall of the Divine Inscription Palace where the light of the stars and moon shone and could tell that he was lost in thought. Although this was not his first time here, he was still shocked.

The great hall that stood at the peak of the mysterious Spirit Mountain was solemn and imposing. From afar, he could feel an invisible pressure attacking him.

Even flying magical beasts didn't dare to draw near.

Qin Yun flew over and came to an entrance to the barrier. Entering the barrier, he walked along the wide terraced streets beside the spirit mountain and climbed to the peak.

He was dressed in black and wore a conical hat. It was not easy to recognize him.

After entering the main hall of the Divine Inscription Palace, he relied on his high level Inscription Master badge to enter a special corridor. There was a staircase that led upstairs to a luxurious suite. That was all prepared for the high level Inscriptionists.

Qin Yun entered his luxurious suite and came to a large French window. He placed the fairy on the window.

After the fairy came out, she looked at the distant sea of clouds shrouded in the light of the moon and could not help but exclaim, "So beautiful. What kind of place is this?"

"Grand Hall of the Divine Inscription Palace, a special place for taking in Inscriptionists." Qin Yun said with a smile, "I'm very safe here."

"Brother Yun, I have a special ability. I can see the hidden inscriptions and I know the uses of the inscriptions. You are an Inscription Master, I can help you a lot!" Standing on Qin Yun's shoulder, she whispered happily into his ear.

Qin Yun jolted. It was simply a heaven-defying ability for a magical demon to be able to see the hidden inscriptions.

"Mo Mo, so you also know the Dao of Inscription?" he asked quickly.

"I don't really understand. However, I can record down the inscriptions and show them to you. It's just's just that it will consume a lot of energy and it will make me hungry." Mo Mo whispered as she touched her stomach.

"It's fine!" Qin Yun placed her in his palm and said with a smile, "Just by being able to see the Dark lines would allow me to grasp many powerful inscriptions. It would be of great help to me, so it doesn't matter how much you eat."

Mo Mo smiled sweetly, "I'm also very happy that I can help Big Brother Yun!"

Qin Yun suddenly thought of something and took out a stone board. There was a complete set of royal grade spirit marks engraved on it.

This was given to him by Lan Fengjin. She had even asked him to help her refine a top grade spirit talisman.

He placed the stone tablet on the table and asked, "Mo Mo, can you see what kind of strange inscription this is? What kind of abilities do they have?"

The fairy flew to the side of the stone slab and fell onto it. She closed her eyes and a faint white light seeped out of her body. Like mist, the white light quickly enveloped the Royal Grade spirit marks on the stone slab.

Not long after, Mo Mo opened her eyes and said, "These marks are royal grade spirit marks. They are called Life Spirit Marks and can increase one's lifespan! However, only people under the age of five hundred can use it to increase their lifespan."

"How much can it increase?" The corners of Qin Yun's eyebrows twitched as he felt extremely shocked in his heart.

"A dozen or so years. The main issue is whether the Inscription Master can unleash the power of the Spirit Marks. These Spirit Marks have a great use. After all, they are able to go against the heavens and forcefully prolong one's life." The fairy seemed to have been shocked by the power of this spirit mark.

Qin Yun finally understood the use of the Royal Grade Spirit mark that Lan Fengjin had given him. He just couldn't understand why Lan Fengjin would hide this from him.

"It's not easy for me to use this kind of spirit mark to make talismans, so the materials I need must be very special." Qin Yun said as he kept the stone tablets.

Lan Fengjin had asked him to make this talisman previously, so she had provided a special kind of talisman paper. That type of talisman paper was very special and he didn't know what it was made of.

Mo Mo laughed, "Brother Yun, you still have a long way to go, you're not in a hurry to refine this kind of talisman right?"

Qin Yun said, "Of course I'm not in a rush to use such talismans. However, if I can refine it, it will allow me to obtain a large amount of resources. I can use these talismans to exchange for a magical beast crystal egg or something like that."

When she heard about the magical beast crystal egg, her eyes immediately lit up but she was only thinking about it.

"I haven't eaten a magical beast crystal egg in a long time. When I was at the Star Xuan Wu Academy, they kept feeding me Class 8 and 9 Magical Beast Cores, which made my stomach ache for a very long time." As Mo Mo brought up the past, her small face was filled with fear. Her dark green eyes were also filled with sorrow.

Qin Yun gently ruffled her hair and said with a smile, "Mo Mo, you need not suffer like that when you are with me! I promise I won't let you have a stomachache."

"Mn, I believe Big Brother Yun!" Mo Mo nodded and smiled sweetly, then happily flew around the room.

Qin Yun looked at the materials he had stored and said, "Mo Mo, I'm preparing to forge a puppet beast. I wonder how long it will take. However, you don't have to worry. I will prepare enough Spirit Beast Cores for you."

Mo Mo felt extremely at ease with Qin Yun. Ever since she had gotten together with Qin Yun, she had never felt hungry.

Qin Yun first forged three Body Securing talismans before trading them with the counter. There weren't many Spirit Beast Cores here, so he could only use one of the high grade Body Securing Talisman to exchange for two Spirit Beast Cores.

Right now, there were still four spirit beast cores left for Mo Mo to eat, enough for forty days.

"Forty days should be sufficient for me to forge a puppet beast, right?" Qin Yun felt that was about it. When he met Zhuo Chuan, he would ask for his help.

He returned to his own suite and entered the secret room. He took out many spirit beast bones and royal grade spirit iron, wanting to refine a large amount of royal grade bone steel.

"A puppet beast made of Royal Grade Bone Steel should be able to withstand an attack from a Spirit Beast. It shouldn't be a problem to fight against a Class 9 Magical Beast."

Qin Yun placed a large amount of spirit beast bones into the furnace. After burning it for a period of time, he took it out and placed it on the table for forging.

Refining a large amount of Royal Grade Bone Steel was a very long process. Qin Yun had to work for fifteen days before he was able to forge enough Bone Steel.

The Royal Grade Bone Steel that he had refined were all blue in color and weighed more than a thousand pounds. This ten thousand jin Royal Grade Bone Steel had been molded into a blue lion.

The lion wasn't very big, only about two to three meters long. It was far smaller than the Silver Lion from before. Although it wasn't big, it didn't mean it wasn't strong.

Qin Yun felt that if the refinement was slightly smaller, it would also become more flexible. Furthermore, he would be able to save a lot of Royal Grade Bone Steel.

The interior of the Blue Lion was empty. The main thing was that the Blue Lion had all kinds of pearls that contained special abilities. For example, the Energy Storage Bead that stored energy, the Thunder Fire Bead that exploded with thunder and fire energy or the Qi Gathering Bead that gathered qi etc.

The most important part of a puppet beast was the carving of a totem inscription. This was also the most time-consuming part.

"Are you going to inscribe a totem inscription?" Mo Mo had accompanied Qin Yun and chatted with him. She did not feel bored and also knew about the forging process of the puppet beast.

"Yes, this is a very difficult stage." Qin Yun had a serious expression as he held the mental resonance xuan pen tightly.

He looked at the xuan and asked, "Mo Mo, have you heard of the Inscription Spirit?"

Pan DaWei had said before that the fairies who could sense the Inscription Spirit were capable of finding the Inscription Spirit. If they had a fairy, it was possible to find the Inscription Spirit.

After he got the fairy, too many things happened that made him forget to ask.

Mo Mo hurriedly nodded her head, "Of course I've heard of it. That's a soul body formed from inscription and it's extremely rare. It's said that every ten thousand years, a Inscription can form a soul."

"Have you ever heard of the beast king spirit?" Qin Yun asked again.

"A beast king!" Mo Mo cried out in shock, "That is a very strong inscription spirit! As long as you can obtain this kind of inscription spirit, when inscribing the beast totem, you will be able to achieve twice the results with half the effort."

Qin Yun hurriedly handed the Xuan Pen in his hand to Mo Mo and said, "When I obtained this, there was a inscription spirit called the Beast King that fused into the Xuan Pen. Help me see if there really is an inscription spirit inside!"

As she closed her eyes to sense it, her light blue hair gradually started emitting a blue light...

Moments later, she suddenly opened her eyes. Her dark green eyes were filled with shock.

"Seriously... It's really the beast king, Brother Yun, there really is an inscription spirit inside, a beast king at that!" Mo Mo was shocked. "How did you get it?"

"This inscription spirit, it really is something good!" Qin Yun was pleasantly surprised. He hurriedly asked, "How do I use it?"

"Generally speaking, the Inscription spirit can only be used after it has been fused by someone. But now, this Beast king Inscription spirit has fused into this I don't know." Mo Mo looked at the Xuan Pen and frowned as she spoke.

"Maybe I can just use it to carve totem marks. I'll give it a try." Qin Yun held the Xuan Pen and infused the power of his blood soul into it. He began inscribing the Heavenly Lion totem mark.

He had forged a Silver Lion Puppet before and he had also used the Heavenly Lion totem marks before, so he had some experience with them. Now that it was inscribed on top of the Royal grade Bone Steel, the difficulty was much greater than last time.

Right now, he had the cultivation of the 9th level Martial Body realm. Furthermore, he also had the Xuan Pen. Thus, it became a lot easier.

He began to inscribe Heavenly Lion totem mark. He felt a bit of difficulty but it was still within his endurance. However, it would be very difficult for him to completely inscribed his own totem mark.

"Is the Inscription Spirit not working?" Qin Yun was puzzled and could only continue inscribing to see if there were any changes.


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