Nine Sun God King
Chapter 290
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 290

The feeling of Mo Mo couldn't be wrong. Qin Yun also believed that the Demonic Dragon Lion was transferring the magical beast crystal eggs to a better place to hatch.

"Old Tan, the magical beast eggs may have been moved by the Demonic Dragon Lion horde!" Qin Yun said, "How about we chase after them and check it out. When the time comes, our goal will only be the dragon beast crystal eggs. There's no need to kill the beasts."

A magical beast horde, if they had many magical beast crystal eggs, then the most precious thing would be those eggs. As long as he could obtain the crystal eggs and retreat, the attack would be considered a success.

Old Tan and Old Zhou looked at each other and nodded.

Of course, they were also tempted by the dragon lions. If this had happened before, they would only have been imagining things.

But now, they had many top quality Body Securing Talismans, which meant that they could successfully attack and take away the dragon beast crystal eggs!

As long as they could acquire a Dragon beast crystal egg, they would have a huge profit.

Old Tan said, "Alright, let's go and take a look! The Demonic Dragon Lion is extremely vigilant, being able to detect enemies from far away. But don't worry, Elder Zhou's martial spirit is very special. The energy that he releases can hide his presence, allowing us to be within a hundred meters of the magical beasts!"

They were a hundred meters away from the magical beasts. They were very close. With the speed of a martial artist, they could travel over a hundred meters in a second. They had enough time to launch a surprise attack!

"Let's follow them first and plan when we see the magical beast horde!" Old Tan said somewhat excitedly, "If we can succeed, it will be our great harvest!"

"Let's go!" Elder Zhou couldn't wait any longer. Laughing loudly, he followed the scent and hurried over.

It was also because they had Qin Yun's Body Securing Talismans that they had the confidence to succeed. Otherwise, they would not even think about it.

Elder Zhou walked in front while Qin Yun and company followed behind him. They maintained a distance of a hundred meters from him.

They followed the aura of the Dragon Lion for a full day before finally seeing a group of magical beasts walking on the ruins towards them.

In the depths of the first district, many houses had been razed to the ground, leaving behind only rubble and in some areas, huge pits. In this flat area, he could see very far.

"Six Spirit Magical Beasts!" Old Man Zhou used the remnants of his aura to place a grave expression on his face, "This will not be easy to deal with!"

Old Tan paced back and forth a few steps, then said, "A Yun, you're just like before, float in the air, use the Royal Spirit Cannon, you attack the spirit beasts!"

"There are still 30 shells left. Don't keep them, use them all!" Old Tan took out another thirty shells.

Qin Yun nodded seriously as he kept the cannonballs into his storage space.

Old Tan continued, "Tuesday, you will have no problem dealing with the other eight or nine stage dragons, right? When used together with the Body Securing Talisman, once it is used on a Dragon Lion, it will release all of it's strength and attract a portion of the Dragon Lions!"

"On the other hand, Zhou Da, Elder Zhou and I will be fighting against three spirit beasts!"

"The Dragon Lion packs have a total of six spirit magical beasts. If they have a magical beast crystal egg, at least two spirit magical beasts will be guarding the crystal egg. Ah Yun, your target is the magical beasts guarding the crystal eggs!"

"In that case, I should be more careful when using the Royal Spirit Cannon!" Qin Yun said, "I don't want to shatter the demon beast crystal egg!"

"The pride of the Dragon Lions, many of the seventh and eighth stage beasts are carrying large amounts of human corpses. That's their stored food! I wonder where they hid the demon beast crystal egg!" Old Man Zhou was a bit worried. "There must be a beast crystal egg in such a large magical beast horde. There's no need to doubt that."

"Do we strike during the day?" Qin Yun asked. He felt that if he could use Shadow Force at night, it would allow him to hide even better.

"Attack during the day! In the dark of the night, the Draconic Lion's entire body is pitch black. It can release a kind of black mist and conceal it's presence. It's not good for attacking." Elder Zhou said.

"Everyone, please do not be stingy with your top quality Body Securing Talismans, protecting your lives is more important! At the most crucial moment, you must throw it out and lock onto the Dragon Lions!" Qin Yun warned repeatedly, "I'll cover you from afar. I'll rush over depending on the situation to retrieve the magical beast crystal egg!"

He had mastered the Imperial Spirit Technique and was able to control things through the air, so picking up a magical beast crystal egg was the best choice.

"Alright, it's a deal! This time, we will definitely be successful!" Old Tan said, full of confidence.

Old Man Zhou smiled. "Let's go, I'll cover your way. Ah Yun, you can see from the situation that if you don't need to fly in the air, then don't fly in the air. It's easy for you to become the target when you are flying!"

He released an energy that concealed his aura, enveloping Qin Yun and company as he approached the horde of magical beasts.

"There are a lot of people. Motherfucker! There are many teams at a distance, eyeing this group of Dragon Beasts." After Old Man Zhou sensed the aura of many people, he cursed in a low voice.

"It's fine, they don't dare to attack. If they wanted to attack, they would have already done so. They wouldn't have been watching from afar!" Old Tan was rather calm.

Over 2000 meters away, many people were floating over a hundred meters high, looking at the majestic group of Dragon Lions.

The Draconic Lions weren't small in size. The smallest was at least twenty meters long and their backs were filled with human corpses. The largest one was at least a few dozen meters long, like a small moving hill.

Hou Xingfeng sighed, "The strength of a Dragon Lion is one of the top magical beasts. No one dares to attack it rashly."

The Blue Spirit Star Palace team was also here.

Many teams were gathered here and they had discussed this before. They were going to attack together.

He was also worried that the gain would not make up for the losses they would suffer because they had teamed up with too many people. In total, there were several hundred people. Even if they took down those lions, the profits wouldn't be much after all.

Moreover, the name of the Dragon Lion was widespread. If several hundred people attacked, half of them might even die.

If there were too few people and they didn't have enough manpower, they might be annihilated.

Thus, many teams could only watch from afar, not daring to attack.

The Demonic Dragon Lions knew that there were humans in the distance but they weren't afraid at all. They also knew that they were very strong, so no one dared to attack them.

This group of people suddenly realized that there were a few moving dots that were gradually closing in on the group of Demonic Dragon Lions!

The crowd that was watching from afar immediately burst into an uproar!

Among this group of people, there were some teams that were all at the Martial Dao Realm. Their team numbers were all over a hundred but none of them dared to approach the Demonic Dragon Lion horde.

And now, they saw a few people approaching the Dragon Lion at the risk of their lives!

"Where are these guys from? Are they crazy? "

"Even if they are all in the Martial Dao Realm, they are just sending themselves to their deaths!"

"Are they worried that the lions will be hungry and attack us to make us foods?"

"Hurry up and use your spirit artifacts to look. Which ones are they? For someone to have this kind of courage, he should be quite famous, right?"

There was a type of spirit artifact that was like a bamboo cylinder and could clearly see things tens of thousands of meters away.

Very soon, someone exclaimed, "It's Old Tan, Cannon King Old Tan but the Royal Spirit Cannon isn't in his hands. It's in the hands of a young man!"

"Did he give such a powerful Cannon to a little kid or was his brain kicked by a donkey?"

"It really is Old Tan's group. All four of them are at the Martial Dao Realm. On the other hand, that little brat, his origin is unknown! "

After using a spirit artifact to look at Qin Yun's face, Hou Xingfeng shouted in shock, "It's Qin Yun! The one holding the Royal Spirit Cannon is Qin Yun!"

Lan Fengjin was also watching and scolding in a low voice, "This damn brat, he actually went crazy along with those guys! I expected him to be safe with that team before but this group is asking for death! "

Yang Shiyue took the spirit artifact. When she saw that it was Qin Yun, she was alarmed. "It's really Qin Yun! What are they thinking? Don't tell me they don't know the power of the Dragon Lions?"

Xie Wufeng frowned and said: "Even though it seems a little impulsive when Brother Yun does things, he knows how to behave himself! Do you see that? Although they were so close to the Dragon Lions, they were not discovered by the Dragon Lions."

Xiao Yuelan also used her spirit artifact to look at Qin Yun and company as she whispered, "Their target is the magical beast crystal eggs! The beast eggs of the Dragon Lion are extremely precious!"

Xiao Yanglong snorted coldly, "They also need the strength to get their hands on it. Aren't you guys going to help? Are you going to watch that little thing die there?"

"They definitely have a thorough plan, we would only ruin their plans!" Xiao YueLan snorted: "Just watch, they might succeed!"

Lan Fengjin did not say anything else because she knew that Qin Yun's Body Securing Talisman was extremely powerful. If there were enough Body Securing Talismans, there was a real possibility of success!

An old man not far away sighed, "What a pity that such a good spirit weapon like the Royal Spirit Cannon is about to be destroyed by a Dragon Lion horde! How could Cannon King Old Tan be so reckless? He's usually a very cautious person!"

"Isn't that so? This sort of thing was actually given to a little kid! Sigh, now they are finished!"

"This isn't bad either. We can see for ourselves the power of the lions!"

"Hey hey, Tan and the others' deaths are worth it. Let's see how the lions attack!"


Many experts that were watching from afar were discussing amongst themselves.

Xiao Yanglong sneered, "Did you see that? Most people think that Qin Yun and company are doomed. All of you, quickly go save Qin Yun!"

"You are only instigating us to go over and destroy Qin Yun's plans!" Lan Fengjin sneered, "Xiao Yanglong, shut your stinky mouth and just quietly watch!"

Xiao Yanglong only laughed. He was very happy because he could see Qin Yun die with his own eyes. Furthermore, Yang Shiyue and Xiao Yuelan wanted to see Qin Yun's tragic death.

He suddenly felt that today was the happiest day in many years.

Because the beast oil had been burnt, his disciple had died and their plan had been ruined, Xiao Yanglong had been in a bad mood these past few days, but now he was feeling much better.

Qin Yun did not know that Xiao Yuelan and company were watching from afar.

Elder Zhou released a ball of energy that concealed his aura, enveloping Qin Yun within. He said, "A Yun, this ball of energy can last for a period of time. Whether we succeed will depend on you!"

Qin Yun, with the Royal Spirit Cannon in his hand, had a difficult mission and was the key to success or failure. This placed a great amount of pressure on him.

"Don't worry, we will definitely succeed this time! Remember, don't be reluctant to part with those Body Securing Talismans. I'll refine it for you guys after we're done!" Qin Yun said confidently.


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