Nine Sun God King
Chapter 291
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 291

Old Tan and the others all knew how lucky it was to have an overpowered Inscription Master in their squad. It would make them feel better when they threw their talismans.

One had to know that the other teams used this sort of top quality talisman with tears in their eyes. It was as painful as cutting flesh when they threw it out.

Qin Yun slowly followed behind the group of Demonic Dragon Lions and maintained the range of the Royal Spirit Cannon. At the same time, he observed the Demonic Dragon Lions.

The Dragon Lions had a dragon head, dragon claws and a body covered in black dragon scales. The largest one was around forty to fifty meters long, while the youngest one was around a dozen or so meters long. Compared to the other magical beasts, they were enormous.

He had no idea how the dragon lions fought but he felt that a magical beast of this size would be impossibly agile.

"The defense of the Dragon Lion is very strong. They shouldn't be afraid of fighting! In other words, when they are fighting, their bodies cannot move fast, they can only move part of their body!" Qin Yun looked at the Dragon Lion's tail and took a deep breath. He thought to himself, "The Dragon Lion's tail should be very flexible. This is one of their attacking methods!"

The Demonic Dragon Lion's tail wasn't that stiff. Rather, it was as soft as a whip. Furthermore, there were many sharp thorns on it's tail. If he were hit by the tail, his body would most likely be ripped apart.

"Old Tan and the others are very experienced. They should be able to tell the danger from the dragon's tail!" Qin Yun allowed himself to breathe evenly and relax his body.

The spectators from afar were all seriously watching the show as well. Even though it wasn't them who were attacking the dragon lions, they were nervous beyond belief.

Old Tan and the others followed closely behind.

When they were a hundred meters away from the Dragon Lion, they would dash forward!


The hundreds of lions sensed Old Tan and the others' auras and at the same time let out heaven-shaking roars!

That dragon like roar shocked everyone watching from afar. Even though they were thousands of meters apart, they were still terrified by this kind of imposing aura.

As for Old Tan and the others who were closest to the Dragon Lion, there was no need to even mention that!

As the group of Demonic Dragon Lions roared, they were filled with incomparable terror. However, they had come this far, so they had no choice but to bite the bullet and fight. They also believed in themselves, in the strength of their teammates!

Qin Yun was the first to attack. He poured five artillery shells into the Royal Imperial Cannon and aimed at the head of the forty-meter-long Dragon Lion!


A series of artillery shells struck the head of the Dragon Lion, emitting a few bursts of light. The resulting explosion was not inferior to the roar of the Hundred Beasts!

It had to be said that the Demonic Dragon Lion had the blood of a dragon and was much stronger than an ordinary magical beast!

Qin Yun shot out five artillery shells in one go. He could only cause a spray of blood to splash out from the Demonic Dragon Lion's head but it did not explode.

"This young man, he hit too accurately! He has good control over the Royal Spirit Cannon!"

"One of the Demonic Dragon Lion's eyeballs was blown off!"

"I underestimated this kid just now!"

"If Old Tan let this kid control the Royal Spirit Cannon, they would be able to spare the manpower to attack. So that's how it is, so that's how it is!"

The crowd watching from afar exclaimed when they saw Qin Yun fire the cannon.

As soon as Old Tan and the others arrived, four of the Dragon Lions, each forty meters long, rushed towards them.

"Disperse!" Old Tan shouted.

Old Tan, Old Man Zhou and Zhou Da were running in three different directions.

The other Dragon Lions, along with more than a hundred rank 9 Dragon Lions, charged towards Tuesday!

There were also two spirit beasts and many seventh or eighth stage Dragon Lions.

This group of Demonic Dragon Lions also had their own tactics!

Tuesday, when faced with so many Draconic Lions, he was not afraid at all. That was because there was still Qin Yun in the distance!

Qin Yun filled in the five artillery shells and shot them at the gigantic Dragon Lion that was charging at Tuesday!


Qin Yun's shot landed once again in the eyes of the Dragon Lion, shattering one of it's eyeballs.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The group of Dragon Lions also crazily roared, increasing their momentum!

Tuesday, he tossed out a Body Securing Talisman, locking down the large Dragon Lion and the other smaller ones. The talismans covered an area of tens of meters but it only covered a single large Dragon and a few smaller ones.

Therefore, he could only throw two more!

After the large dragon was locked down, he killed the smaller ones first!

And at that moment, Qin Yun fired another shot. It was another five artillery shells that exploded the eyes of the Large Dragon Lion!

This caused the Dragon Lion to let out an earth-shaking roar!

Old Tan and the other two were more relaxed because the speed of the Demonic Dragon Lion was not fast. It could not catch up to the powerful movement skills of martial artists. The Demonic Dragon Lion was able to spit out purple lightning. It also had to pay attention to dodging or else it would be injured!

Qin Yun quickly reloaded with artillery shells as he constantly struck at the large Dragon Lion that was attacking Tuesday. After twenty rounds, the lion's head finally shattered as it's massive body collapsed to the ground!

Tuesday had already used five Body Securing Talismans, so there were only three left!

As for Qin Yun, he continued striking the Large Dragon Lion that was attacking the team!

Thousands of meters away, many people were amazed by what they saw.

"They used the Body Securing Talisman, a very high level Body Securing Talisman! Where did this Body Securing Talisman come from, being able to stun for a few seconds?"

"No wonder they dare to attack the Dragon Lion horde! They have a large number of top-grade Body Securing Talismans!"

"Their target is the demon beast crystal egg! And it's very possible that they'll be able to get it!"

"Aiya, we really made a mistake!"

"Then the Body Securing Talisman is too easy to use!"

Where did Old Tan and the others get the Body Securing Talisman? It was given by Qin Yun!

Lan Fengjin and company could guess that Qin Yun had used this kind of Body Securing Talisman before in the trials outside Blue Spirit Star Palace.

"That kid, Qin Yun, is able to forge a top-grade Body Securing Talisman? An elder of the Star Xuan Wu Academy actually kicked him out. What a group of idiots!" Hou Xingfeng could not help but curse. He was once the Vice Principal of the Star Xuan Wu Academy, so he knew very well what it meant for Qin Yun to be able to forge top grade spirit talismans.

Xiao Yuelan sneered repeatedly as she looked at Xiao Yanglong. "Now, you know that Qin Yun and company were not going to send themselves to death, right? If we could get him to join our team, with his Body Securing Talisman, it would be much easier for us to capture more spirit beasts!"

Xiao Yanglong was expressionless as he clenched his fists tightly, feeling extremely jealous in his heart.

Qin Yun was not even twenty years old and was already a inscription master capable of forging top-grade spirit talismans. His status far exceeded that of a martial dao practitioner!

The Blue Spirit Star Palace leader said with a sigh, "Qin Yun is truly a rare inscription genius!"

"Look, the biggest Dragon Lion is attacking!" Suddenly, someone shouted.

Qin Yun used the Royal Spirit Cannon to continuously strike at the largest Dragon Lion. He had finished firing all the cannonballs but he could not kill it. He had only smashed a small part of the lion's head.

It wasn't that the royal spirit cannons wasn't strong enough but that the Demonic Dragon Lions' bodies were too tough. Their scales were strong, their flesh was tough and their bones were tough beyond compare.

Tuesday had killed quite a few of the small dragon lions. As long as there was no threat from the lions, he didn't need to use the Body Securing Talismans!

"I have finished firing my cannonball, so I can only head over. I have to end this quickly and take away the magical beast crystal egg. If this drags on, our Body Securing Talismans will run out!" Qin Yun used Fire Cloud Steps and after about ten seconds, he arrived behind Tuesday.

"Tuesday, here are five Body Securing Talismans, take them!" Qin Yun handed the Body Securing Talisman to Tuesday. "We'll be able to stall the large dragon lions for a while!"

The Large Dragon Lion had the highest level of perception and the greatest threat, it charged towards Tuesday!

"That kid, he doesn't have any more cannonballs! They are actually charging towards a herd of beasts, are they looking to die?"

"He even gave five Body Securing Talismans to that middle-aged man. Just where did this little brat come from? It seems like there are a lot of Body Securing Talismans!"

"I have never heard of such a little kid in the Cannon King Old Tan's team!"

Everyone was secretly suspicious. Qin Yun had many Body Securing Talismans in his hands!

Tuesday, running and luring away the large dragon lion. This way, the large Dragon Lion would not be able to return in time. As for Qin Yun, he only had one large Dragon Lion to face!

Of course, Qin Yun still had to face many seventh or eighth stage Dragon Demon Lions. He took out his spirit essence saber and used imperial Spirit technique to slash down.

The level seven or eight Draconic Lions carried the bodies of many humans on their backs. These corpses could be kept in place for a long time while sticking to their backs.

These Draconic Lions were not very flexible when it came to attacking Qin Yun.

"Where is the demon beast crystal egg? There's only one large Dragon Lion left in the herd!" The spectators from afar were filled with bewilderment.

"This kid successfully entered the beast horde! I wonder if he will be able to find the beast crystal egg!"

"Don't this horde have a magical beast crystal egg?"

"There must be. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been two Draconic Lions left to guard!"

Everyone was also very anxious as they searched for the magical beast crystal egg through their spirit artifacts.

Qin Yun was very close to the large Dragon Lion. Furthermore, he had hundreds of low level Dragon Lions beside him! Xiao Yuelan and the others were extremely nervous and worried for Qin Yun.

After Qin Yun entered the horde, he was able to nimbly avoid the large dragon lion that carried a large number of human corpses on it's back.

"Mo Mo, where is the beast crystal egg? I can't see!" He hurriedly sent a sound transmission to the fairy in his storage space, then stealthily released her.

The fairy was hidden under Qin Yun's clothes as she looked outside through the gaps. She said, "It's under the belly of the large Dragon Lion. Observe it carefully!"

When Qin Yun saw the large dragon lion charging at him, he hurriedly threw out a Body Securing Talisman to stop it!

"I see it. So it was hidden like this!" He stored the fairy in his storage space and controlled his spirit essence saber to fly towards the large dragon lion.

The saber flew over and struck at the belly of the Dragon Lion. There was some black mucus on the belly of the Dragon Lion that was like scales!

Qin Yun controlled the saber to fly over and carefully hacked apart the clump of mucus. Immediately, golden light flashed from within!

The beast crystal egg was exposed and it was golden!


Everyone cried out in alarm. That was a magical dragon beast crystal egg! Many people were extremely excited and wanted to rush over but none of them dared to do so. Because once they go, they would be facing the furious large Dragon Lion!

Qin Yun threw another Talisman at the great dragon lion!

Afterwards, he used the Imperial Spirit Technique, using his powerful mental force to lock onto the magical beast crystal eggs and tear them off the mucus!

There were a total of ten magical beast crystal eggs and that was more than enough!


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