Nine Sun God King
Chapter 292
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 292

Qin Yun still had some distance to go between him and the great dragon lion. However, when he used the Imperial Spirit Technique, he didn't even need to go near it to acquire the ten magical beast crystal eggs.

The spectators in the distance saw the ten golden magic crystal eggs fly towards Qin Yun.

The few large magical dragon lions roared at the same time because the magical beast crystal eggs were taken!

This group of Draconic Lion's had never expected Qin Yun to have such a method!

"Retreat!" Old Tan roared.

Qin Yun threw out two Body Securing Talismans to freeze the Dragon Lions beside him. He used his internal energy to execute the Flame Cloud Steps and used the movement technique to a superb level.

As he stepped out with the Flame Cloud Steps, his entire body seemed to be enveloped in a fiery cloud as his imposing manner danced about!

With a whoosh, his body shot out from the ground. In the blink of an eye, he had shot out nearly two hundred meters like a shooting star. It was magnificent and astonishing!

"Flame Cloud Steps, Perfection Stage, Meteor Steps!" Yang Shiyue exclaimed: "He can actually cultivate the Flame Cloud Steps to perfection!"

Many people heard her exclamation and could not help but burst into an uproar!

Such a superb movement technique was actually this terrifying. In an instant, he was able to travel over two hundred meters!

"Brother Yun is too amazing. He is only at the ninth level Martial Body realm and his Flame Cloud Step is only a high level martial art!" Xie Wufeng exclaimed and laughed.

"This fellow has a heart of martial arts. His comprehension of martial arts is as smooth as drinking water. It really makes one envious and jealous!" Hou Xingfeng sighed.

Qin Yun seldom used meteor steps. It is also because he was in the middle of a horde of Demonic Dragon Lions that he had no choice but to use it to escape.

He only took two steps and flew three hundred meters away, sucking out most of the energy from his three inner cores.

Old Tan and the others also began to use the Body Securing Talisman to stop the lions and retreat.

Soon, they were running in the same direction. The other lions didn't have enough time to catch up because if they did, the rest of the lions would be wiped out.

As they watched Old Tan and company disappear into the distance, those watching exclaimed in wonder!

The group successfully made a surprise attack on the Demonic Dragon Lion horde. They had obtained ten of it's magical beast crystal eggs and even managed to escape unscathed. Not a single one of them had been injured.

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed it!

Thinking back to all that had just happened, everyone was filled with emotions!

"That little devil was extremely useful. I really underestimated him before!"

"Yes! This little guy's usage of Mental Energy is extremely high. If I'm not wrong, that should be Old Du's Imperial Spirit Technique! It seems like only old fogey Du has mastered it extremely well!"

"No, other than old fogey, there is another person who has learned very well. That person is Qin Yun!"

The mention of Qin Yun caused many people to be stunned!

"Qin Yun is old fogey Du's student. He was chased out of the academy not long ago! It's not strange for him to be here now!"

"Look, there are more than ten people over there. They are from Blue Spirit Star Palace. They seem to recognize Qin Yun!"

"It's really that little demon, Qin Yun! I thought he was just a overly praised crown prince but who would have thought he would be so capable!"

None of them were unfamiliar with Qin Yun. After all, he was the crown prince of the Tian Qin Empire. Furthermore, he had done many great things, so his actions had already deeply affected people.

An indescribable rage surged up from Xiao Yanglong's heart. He gnashed his teeth in anger and clenched his fists!

Qin Yun and company ran continuously for more than half a day. Only when the sky turned dark did they burrow into a basement. They hid there to rest.

They didn't speak a word along the way and continued to run. On one hand, they were worried that the lions would catch up with them and on the other hand, they were worried that the others teams would follow them from the shadows.

Ten Demonic Dragon Lion eggs was enough for many people to take risks, especially in such a chaotic place like this!

Qin Yun took out ten dragon beast crystal eggs and said with a smile, "Two for each of us!"

There were five of them, two for each of them.

"I only want one, the other one is for you!" Old Tan said, "You have contributed the most. Without your large amount of Body Securing Talismans, we wouldn't be able to obtain the magical beast eggs of the Dragon Lions without your help."

"But I can't succeed without you. We are a small team and the teamwork is very important. This was because in the previous battle, everyone had risked their lives." Qin Yun replied.

Elder Zhou said, "A Yun, I also want one. You don't have to be so polite with us! We have both stepped into the Martial Dao and you are only at the 9th level Martial Body realm. You need these resources even more than us!"

Following that, Zhou Da and Tuesday also successively said that they only wanted one.

Old Tan smiled and said, "A Yun, you're an Inscription Master, you'll definitely need more resources in the future. Just take it as us helping you to develop the Dao of Inscriptions in a good way. If you become a stronger Inscription Master in the future, don't forget about us!"

"Definitely not!" Qin Yun smiled. "Then, I won't reject your good intentions. You are all my friends. If I need help in the future, I will definitely not reject!"

Old Tan and the others all felt that it was a worthwhile transaction for a loyal and devoted Inscription Master to owe them a favor.

Finally, Qin Yun obtained six magical Beast Crystal eggs of the Dragon Lion!

"Let's rest first and continue our journey to the Dragon City! Ah Yun, now that you have the dragon beast egg, you can definitely get that witch doctor to make you a medicine for you!" Old Tan laughed.

"Old Tan, lend me your Royal Spirit Cannon. I want to study it properly!" Qin Yun took out the Royal Spirit Cannon and said with a smile, "This fellow has also played a big role!"

"Sigh, it's just that the cannonballs aren't strong. If I can refine a powerful cannonball, I might be able to kill a large Dragon Lion with just a few cannonballs!" Old Tan regretfully said, "You can take it to study it. I hope you can understand the Royal Spirit Cannon better and let me use it even better!"

The cannon was only something that Old Tan inherited from a senior. He wasn't an Inscription Master and didn't know how to refine. His understanding of the Royal Spirit Cannon was limited and he always felt that he was unable to display the full power of the Royal Spirit Cannon.

Old Man Zhou said, "The Royal Spirit Cannon originally had shell blueprints but they are lost. That's why Old Tan's artillery shells are all weaker!"

Such a weak cannon ball could deal with many spirit beasts!

Qin Yun took the Royal Spirit Cannon into a storage room in the basement and closed the stone door.

"Little Fairy beauty!" Qin Yun released the fairy and said with a smile, "Can you remember all the inscriptions on it?"

Mo Mo looked at the Spirit Cannon and crawled around inside the cannon barrel. She seemed to be having a lot of fun.

"No problem... However, the inscriptions in this thing belong to the Xuan Tier. I might need to consume a lot of energy!" Mo Mo said.

They are Xuan Tier inscriptions! Qin Yun was alarmed!

This meant that the Royal Spirit Cannon could have been refined into a Xuan Artifact but because of it's lack in various aspects, it could only be refined into a Royal Grade spirit artifact!

"Alright, quickly write it down!" Qin Yun said excitedly.

Mo Mo nodded and floated into the air. Two rays of green light shot out from her dark green eyes, enveloping the entire Spirit Cannon!

"Is that enough?" Qin Yun asked in surprise.

"Brother Yun, take out a magical beast crystal egg and place it under me!" Mo Mo whispered.

Qin Yun took out a magical beast crystal egg and placed it beneath her.

The fairy landed on the magical beast crystal egg and absorbed it's energy, quickly replenishing consumed energy. Her body was very small, only the size of a palm but the magical beast crystal egg was more than a meter tall. She stood on top of the crystal egg, as if she was standing on top of a hill.

"How long will it take?" Qin Yun asked.

"A few hours!" Mo Mo kept staring at the Royal Spirit Cannon on the ground. Her eyes were unblinking and she looked quite tired.

Qin Yun patiently waited.

An hour later, the magical beast crystal egg had also turned to stone, devoid of any energy.

Qin Yun hurriedly took another one out and switched it. He was somewhat worried that the magical beast crystal eggs were not enough for Mo Mo and all of them might be used.

Mo Mo had originally thought that it would be easier for her to succeed if it was just a spirit inscription. She never thought that the inscriptions on the Royal Spirit Cannon would all be at the Xuan Tier!

Qin Yun had previously believed that the inscriptions on the Royal Spirit Cannon were only royal grade spirit inscriptions. If not for Mo Mo, he would not have known that these were extremely rare Xuan inscription.

Several hours passed in the blink of an eye and finally, Mo Mo had successfully memorized all the inscriptions in the Royal Spirit Cannon.

As long as she was willing, she could release the recorded Xuan Inscriptions from her eyes and present them as threads of light in the darkness.

The amount of magical beast crystal eggs used for Mo Mo's consumption was also terrifying. In total, seven magical beast crystal eggs had been used. Only one remained!

Qin Yun was already mentally prepared so he felt that it did not matter. Mo Mo did not use the six dragon beast crystal eggs. It was already quite good.

"Mo Mo, it's been hard on you!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "I'll study the inscriptions of the Royal Spirit Cannon when I have time!"

"It wasn't hard work but I used up a lot of magical beast crystal eggs!" Mo Mo smiled sweetly, "Brother Yun, there's still one more magical beast crystal egg. This is enough for me to eat for one month!"

Qin Yun took the Royal Spirit Cannon and said, "I still have six dragon magical beast crystal eggs for you to eat!"

"That won't do! A dragon beast crystal egg is of great help to Brother Yun. I would rather eat a Class 8 Monster core that gives stomachache than a dragon beast crystal egg!" Mo Mo said resolutely.

Qin Yun said with a pleased smile, "My little darling, don't worry. Brother Yun will not make your stomach ache! If I can't get a magical beast crystal egg but I still can get a spirit beast core."

After following Qin Yun for a period of time, Mo Mo knew of Qin Yun's strength. He had managed to obtain so many magical beast crystal eggs in a short amount of time. Therefore, she was not worried about the issue of replenishing her energy.

Qin Yun and Old Tan rested for an entire day before they continued their journey.

On the way, Qin Yun returned the Royal Spirit Cannon to Old Tan. Furthermore, he told him that the inscriptions on the cannon were all Xuan tier!

Old Tan was shocked and excited when he found out that his Royal Spirit Cannon had the potential to become a Xuan Artifact. He really hoped that Qin Yun could quickly mature and help him upgrade the Royal Spirit Cannon into a Xuan Artifact.

"If everything goes well, after five or six days we'll reach the Dragon City!" He also wanted to get there as soon as possible.


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