Nine Sun God King
Chapter 296
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Nine Sun God King
Author :The Lonely Thief
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Chapter 296

"Qin Yun, the inscription competition organized by the Blue Spirit Saint Palace will be attended by their internal inscriptionist. There are definitely many of them in the foru Blue Spirit Palace. Those old fellows all shouldered the burden of all the inscribing in the Blue Spirit Star Palace. Their standards were all quite high. If you want to get first place, it will be extremely difficult!"

Zhuo Chuan did not think highly of Qin Yun. After all, he was still young.

Qin Yun turned solemn as he asked, "Is the high-ranked inscriptionist of the Divine Inscription Palace going to participate as well?"

"Of course! As long as one could spare some time, one would be able to participate. This is because they all want to see the level of those inscriptions masters from Blue Spirit Star Palace!" Zhuo Chuan said.

Qin Yun also felt that getting first place was not as easy as he had imagined.

"When will it be held?" Qin Yun had originally planned to try refining the Royal Spirit Cannon first.

"It's going to start in a few days. I'll follow you to the Blue Spirit Star Palace now. You have enmity with the Western Palace but you don't need to worry. With me here, they won't dare to touch you!" Zhuo Chuan laughed.

"Let's go now. We need to hurry to the Blue Spirit Star Palace. I can't wait!" Qin Yun said with some excitement. The great Dao Life Mark that he had obtained on his vajra inner core are nearly complete. It meant that his cultivation was already at the peak of the ninth level Martial Body.

He wanted to see how much stronger he was compared to the Saints of Blue Spirit Saint Palace.

Zhuo Chuan led Qin Yun out of the Grand Hall and headed for Blue Spirit Star Palace.

Blue Spirit Star Palace was located in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range. Outside of the Star Palace, from time to time, magical beasts would appear and ambush the disciples of the Blue Spirit Star Palace. If one was unlucky, they would be killed.

Qin Yun and Zhuo Chuan spent two days to arrive at the entrance of Blue Spirit Star Palace. It was already evening and the setting sun looked exceptionally beautiful as it reflected through the blue crystal.

In particular, the crystal blue pagoda in the Blue Spirit Star Palace was the most eye-catching.

Under Zhuo Chuan's lead, Qin Yun was able to enter Blue Spirit Star palace without a hitch. On the way, he explained the two great competitions in detail.

Most people came to participate in the martial arts competition on behalf of their academy. It was said that if one won, not only would they receive the rewards from the Blue Spirit Saint Palace, they would also receive the rewards from the academy.

As for Qin Yun, there was almost no one that he could participate in alone. Only he could.

On the other hand, the Inscription Competition was something that he would participate in himself.

Blue Spirit Star Palace was very big but Zhuo Chuan was very familiar with the interior. He quickly led Qin Yun into Blue Spirit Star Palace and headed for the saint palace.

There were four palaces in the Star Palace, east, south, west and north. The biggest one however is in the middle, the Blue Spirit Saint Palace.

The Blue Spirit Saint Palace was the strongest existence in the entire Star Palace. Disciples were all very outstanding and held a great amount of resources. The great formation of the Star Palace was also under the care of their inscriptionist.

"This Saint Palace is a city within a city but it actually has such a high wall!" Qin Yun stood in front of the gate of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace and looked at the hundred-meter-tall wall. He could not help but sigh. "No wonder the West Palace wanted to dominate the entire Blue Spirit Star Palace. I can tell that this Palace has always displeased them!"

"Normally, it might just be the four palaces fighting openly and secretly but sometimes, they would also join hands and secretly compete with the Sacred Palace! Only the East Palace and the Sacred Palace have a good relationship." Zhuo Chuan said.

As soon as the palace guards saw Zhuo Chuan, they immediately let him in.

The inside of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace was different from the outside. In the center of the palace was a blue tower that appeared dignified and sacred. As for the other palaces and buildings, they were all blue crystals with a faint golden splendor.

As long as one entered, they would be able to immediately feel that the buildings inside were all sacred and different from the outside. Furthermore, the spiritual qi here was richer than outside and the air was much fresher.

"This Saint Palace is really different!" Qin Yun said softly.

"That's right! Actually, the disciples of the four palaces all want to enter the Blue Spirit Saint Palace but the assessment of the palace is quite strict. Except for the Eastern Palace, the Palace Masters of the other three palaces would never allow their own outstanding disciples to enter the Saint Palace." Zhuo Chuan led Qin Yun to the palace beside the blue Tower.

The blue tower was not quite located in the middle of the saint palace but rather near the entrance. Upon entering, one would be able to see the tower's tightly shut doors.

Near the tower, there was a wide fighting stage, as well as several huge palaces. There seemed to be many important buildings that surrounded the tower.

The palace that Zhuo Chuan had brought Qin Yun into was called the Spiritual Martial Palace. Upon entering, they heard a ruckus. There were thirty-two thousand people gathered in groups within the hall.

The interior of the hall was extremely spacious.

There were disciples from four palaces and disciples from three Xuan Academies. They were all chatting casually, so the main hall became very lively.

When Qin Yun and Zhuo Chuan walked in, there were also people who saw them.

There were quite a number of teachers and students from the Star Xuan Wu Academy who quickly recognized Qin Yun.

Qin Yun was dressed in loose black clothes. Although he had a few whiskers on his face, many people had a deep impression of his face. Therefore, they immediately recognized him.

"Isn't that Qin Yun?"

"He and the Great Elder of the Divine Inscription Palace. After he was chased out of the Star Xuan Wu Academy, he went to the Divine Inscription palace. Now that the Great Elder has brought him here, it looks like he's doing quite well in the inscription palace!"

"I heard that Qin Yun has used quite a number of top-grade Body Securing Talismans in order to obtain a Dragon Beast Crystal Egg. We have to be careful when he comes to participate in the martial arts competition!"

"He is a beginner level Inscription Master, so the peak quality Body Securing Talisman definitely wasn't refined by him. It should have been refined for him by Great Elder Zhuo Chuan. Maybe the Great Clan Elder helped him because he provided the Body Securing Mark!"

There were not many people who knew that Qin Yun was a high-ranked Inscription Master. Although the Elders of the Star Xuan Wu Academy knew of it, they did not dare make it public. They did not want others to make fun of them by saying that they had chased away a high-ranked Inscription Master.

"You will be tested here. I will go to the Inscription Palace!" Zhuo Chuan said.

Qin Yun had already signed up and obtained an identity token. Just like everyone else, he waited here for the assessment to begin.

The so-called test was also for the sake of screening and to prevent some unwanted people from sneaking in and stopping them from entering the ring.

"I wonder if Huo Zhong and the others will come!" Qin Yun stood in a corner and heard many people talking about him but he did not feel anything.

Not far away from him, someone said, "I heard that all of the Saints are very strong. Those tests are nothing to them. They will definitely be able to enter the next stage!"

"There are a total of five stages to the martial arts competition. I heard that the final stage is the martial arts competition!"

"What? Then what do you want to do in the first four stages?"

"Carry out all sorts of competitions. In short, it's a great test of a martial artist's strength!"

Qin Yun was secretly surprised. He thought that he would soon enter the martial arts stage.

The noisy hall suddenly became quiet for some reason. Everyone turned to look at the great hall's door and saw a group of young men in golden blue robes walking in, brimming with energy and vigor.

"It's the disciples of the Blue Spirit Saint Palace! Are they all at the ninth level of the Martial Body realm? This is too powerful! "

"They all look very young, not a single one of them is middle-aged!"

"Nonsense, if a middle-aged ninth level martial body realm were to apply, the Blue Spirit Saint Palace would never accept them!"

"There are Martial Dao Realm cultivators among them. They should only be accompanying them to register. I say, with the aura of the 9th level Martial Body realm, how can it be that strong?"

"There are so many young martial artists. This is too scary!"

Qin Yun looked at the group of people and found that Xie Wufeng was inside. He was secretly delighted as he hurriedly walked over.

The moment Xie Wufeng entered, he heard someone say that Qin Yun had come as well. He then looked around and quickly saw Qin Yun walking over.

"Boss Xie, are you here to register as well? Great, maybe I can have a good fight with you!" Qin Yun said with a smile after walking over.

"Brother Yun, I've stepped into the martial dao realm, so I can't participate. I'm here to accompany them to join in on the fun!" Xie Wufeng laughed heartily.

His words caused the three Xuan Martial Academies to be dumbstruck!

Xie Wufeng only had one arm and no martial spirit. He only had two spirit veins and had been dominating the Three Xuan Academy for many years. That was why he was so famous.

Right now, he had stepped into the martial dao realm and was not even thirty years old yet. This was inconceivable.

Everyone felt that his swordsmanship had become even more mysterious!

After a moment of surprise, Qin Yun smiled happily and said, "Boss Wufeng, Your improvement is truly terrifying! How strong is a martial dao level sword cultivator? I really want to see your strongest strength!"

"There will be a chance!" Xie Wufeng smiled faintly and patted Qin Yun on the shoulder.

Normally, he was extremely cold and arrogant. He was like a proud and aloof sword. Only when he saw Qin Yun would he retract his edge.

This was because Qin Yun was a person he respected greatly!

"Brother Yun, I'll accompany them to register first. Wait a moment, I'll take you on a tour around the Blue Spirit Saint Palace. Afterwards, I'll have Third Bro and Second Bro come out. Everyone gather together!" Xie Wufeng said.

"Alright!" Qin Yun nodded.

Xie Wufeng quickly followed his fellow sect members to the registration counter.

They were obviously trying to tell everyone that the first place winner this time was from their Blue Spirit Saint Palace.

In addition, the Blue Spirit Saint Palace was also showing off their strength to the other four palaces.

Qin Yun believed that the Blue Spirit Saint Palace might have sensed that the West Palace was making a move from the shadows. Therefore, they used this opportunity to knock on the West Palace's door so they would not overdo it.

"Qin Yun!" A cold voice came from not too far away but the voice was surprisingly clear.

Qin Yun was no stranger to this voice. It was Xue Ziye's!

Xue Ziye was a very strange woman. She was able to completely conceal her emotions, even to the point of not revealing them to her voice. Thus, she always seemed to be indifferent and cold.

Xue Ziye also came to participate. She was dressed in her usual purple attire and her appearance had not changed but the aura on her body had become much stronger, causing her to appear even more aloof and cold.

She never took the initiative to converse with men but now, she was calling out Qin Yun's name from afar.

"Ziye!" Qin Yun said with a smile, "You came too. If you meet me, you won't have a chance of winning!"

"Not necessarily!" Xue Ziye faintly said: "I am now at the ninth level Martial Body realm. If you are not able to use spirit talismans and spirit artifacts during a martial competition, you may not be able to win!"


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